Stalls To Eat And Shop From This Flea Market In Simei

16 Stalls To Eat And Shop From This Flea Market In Simei


Qistina Bumidin •  Jan 08, 2022

2022 has arrived, but our stress levels are still the same. From workloads, to the endless form of variants out there (Mr Corona, please chill a bit ?), there’s simply so much to take in. This weekend, take a little breather at Sunday Social Market and have a wholesome day of food, shopping and music! We’re listing down which ones you have to look out for, so if you’re excited, read on! ?P.S. You’ll also be supporting local businesses as well!For all things wellness, you can check out our other articles:

What To Eat And Shop At Sunday Social Market

Credit: @sundaysocialmarket for InstagramSunday Social Market is a passion project between DJ Zig Zach and Jade Amar, which combines two of their loves; music and fashion. They wanted to create a hangout spot for people to listen to music, eat delicious food, and shop local, talented brands! ?This year, Sunday Social Market’s theme is to showcase brands that provide conscious and wellness living! Located at Sing See Soon Lifestyle this time, an experiential garden in Simei, this market is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here are 16 places you should check out! ? 

For Plant Lovers

1. Sing See Soon Lifestyle

Credit: @singseesoon.lifestyle for InstagramYes they sell plants too! This is truly a haven for plant parents to scour more of these beautiful green babies to grow your little family at home. ? Here’s a little promotion which you might like. Selected ceramic pots are going for as low as $5, $10, $15 & $20! You’ll even get free flowers if you spend a minimum amount. Check out here for more information. Website | Instagram

For Fitness Enthusiasts

Credit: @myeactive for Instagram2. MYËAble to handle your tough workout sessions? Yes. Eco-friendly? Yes. Comfortable and super cute? Three yeses from us! ? MYË (pronounced me-uh) creates sustainable activewear from recycled plastic bottles! Their products are produced in small batches to minimize waste, so it’s not only unique but it contributes to saving the planet as well. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you definitely have to try this out! Well, don’t worry if you’re not: these cute outfits are PERFECT for anywhere. ?Website | Instagram

For Those Who Love (Or Trying) To Eat Healthy

3. Selva Foods

Credit: @selvafoods for InstagramWe all heard of acai before, and we simply can’t get enough of it! Selva Foods sells organic acai and superfoods, which is the perfect go-to food post-workout, or just simply a healthy meal whenever you’re hungry. ? One interesting thing you must try is their Acai pops! It looks like Magnum ice-cream bars though, and it’s healthier; what a bonus. If you order three Acai pops, you get a free eco-friendly shopping bag! It’s light, sturdy, stylish and super convenient when you’re buying all your purchases at Sunday Social Market. There’s only 10 pieces though, so head down early to buy those yummy Acai pops! ?Halal status: Their acai bowls and pops are halal and all of their other products are all plant based/vegan. Do consume at your own discretion. Website | Facebook | Instagram4. ZENKO Superfoods
Credit: @zenkosuperfoods for InstagramWe all love to snack, but sometimes in our haste to quickly fill up our tummies, or perhaps we might just be passing time (we’re guilty! ?), it might not be so healthy for us! In comes ZENKO Superfoods, which sells conscious, nutritious, and most-importantly tasty snacks. Their most popular must-try snack is the water-lily pops which are low in calories and energy-boosting! These light and crunchy snacks come in four flavours: Peri Peri, Himalayan Pink Salt, Cinnamon Caramel and Coconut. Now, you wouldn’t feel too guilty about snacking when munching down on these pops. ?Halal status: Not halal-certified, but their products are all vegetarian & vegan-friendly. Do consume at your own discretion.Website | Facebook | Instagram5. Easy Peasy Snacks
Credit: @snackseasypeasy for InstagramMake your breakfast meals a little more healthy with Easy Peasy Snacks’ range of oats and granola! These foods are baked fresh using fine ingredients, with no artificial additives or refined sugar, which is a great start to living healthier lifestyles. The best part? They look so delicious, we think breakfasts are going to be our favourite meal of the day. ?Halal status: Vegan-friendly. Do consume at your own discretion.Website | Instagram6. What The Falafel
Credit: @whatthefalafel_sg for InstagramWhat’s a flea market if there isn’t any food? What The Falafel sells delicious vegetarian Middle Eastern food, which is equally delicious and healthy! Take a break from all the shopping (we see your eco-friendly bag is getting filled to the brim there), and savour these mouthwatering falafels, hummus, and more!Halal status: Only offers vegetarian- and vegan- friendly options. Consume at your own discretion. Instagram

For Eco-Conscious Food Shoppers

7. Better Milk

Credit: @thebettermilksg for InstagramGo nuts for better milk with local brand Better Milk! ? They serve artisanal plant-based milk which is super tasty and nutritious! Doing good for the environment while consuming healthy, tasty goods? We love it!  You can also return your bottles or jars to them to get a refund or a discount in your next purchase. Even more reason to head down and experience it! Halal status: Vegetarian- & vegan-friendly. Do consume at your own discretion.Website | Instagram8. Urban Origins
Credit: @urbanorigins.sg for InstagramTo effectively buffer from supply disruptions, Singapore aims to produce 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030, but where can we find local producers in our little red dot! Urban Origins filled in the gap and now provide fresh local produce (you’re getting it on the same day it was harvested from local farms!) and sustainably sourced food. Why not do your part for the environment and also for our own local producers, and change your grocery shopping habits here? ?Halal status: They have both halal-certified products and products that are vegetarian or vegan friendly. Do consume at your own discretion.Website | Facebook | Instagram9. The SOS Kitchen
Credit: @thesoskitchen for InstagramFans of all things spicy, The SOS Kitchen is here for your emergency spicy sauce needs. Started by a mother-son duo, this small business is going big with their uber-spicy sauces! From North Africa's Harissa Chilli paste to Thailand’s Tom Yum Paste, and quirky titles such as Circuit Breaker (Habanero and Pepper), it’s gonna be a fiery rollercoaster ride. This is certainly NOT for the faint of heart, consider yourself warned! ?Halal status: Their manufacturer is halal certified, and they do not use any animal products.  Do consume at your own discretion.Website | Instagram

For Those Who Stand By Herbal Remedies

10. Jamu By Dana Sofia

Credit: @jamubydanasafia for InstagramIn the midst of the pandemic, it’s really important to keep healthy! Jamu by Dana Safia makes the traditional Javanese herbal drink, which is known to boost one’s immune system and maintain good health. The founder, Dana Safia, behind this wellness stall will be there as well, so you can ask her more questions about jamu too!Halal status: Jamu is made from plants, thus it's vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. Do consume at your own discretion. Website | Instagram11. Moom Health
Credit: @moomhealth for InstagramThere are so many supplements out there which proclaim many benefits, but they might only suit certain people. In comes Moom Health, which aims to transform women’s health from a one-size-fits-all to a more tailor-made approach. Started by two sisters, they work hand-in-hand with a panel of medical professionals, nutritionists, Ayurvedic specialists and more and created personalised daily vitamin packs suitable for each modern Asian woman, as their tagline promises! If you’re looking for some supplements to better support your lifestyle, ladies, head down and have a look at what they offer. ?Halal status: All of their products are halal-certified and veganWebsite | Instagram

For The Planners (And Last-Minute Goal-Setters)

12. Self-Made Sunday Planner

Credit: @selfmadesundayplanner for Instagram2022 might have started, but it’s still never too late to make some resolutions! Self-Made Sunday Planner is a unique 2-in-1 Daily Agenda & Life Planner that’s inspirational for personal progress and practical for everyday work. ✍ For every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds will go to International Justice Mission (IJM), which will fund rescue operations saving cyber-trafficked girls in the Philippines. Website | Facebook | Instagram

For The Fashionista In You

13. Iliana Arrazola Jewelry

Credit: @ilianaarrazola for InstagramAdd on these handmade, unique jewelry from Iliana Arrazola Jewelry into your collection! All of her jewelry is made with a blend of some of the finest materials such as 925 Silver, 14k gold, and semi-precious stone jewels. And of course, it’s sustainable too! You can still do good while looking good you know? ?Website | Facebook | Instagram14. Vine And Branches Label
Credit: @vineandbrancheslabel for Instagram Nature-inspired patterns are definitely Vine And Branches Label’s forte (it’s literally in the title!). From floral prints to basic tops, they’ve got it all! Warning though; they all look so pretty, you might have to spare a little more cash and buy them ALL! ? Website | Instagram15. Viktor and Sasha
Credit: @viktorandsasha_kidswear for InstagramShopping for kids is definitely made easier for parents now with Viktor and Sasha’s children’ clothes stall! They specialise in selling pre-loved, high-end brands for children from babies to 14 years old! Not only are you starting your kids to be more eco-conscious, but they are also going to look SO stylish. ?Website | Facebook | Instagram16. Palem
Credit: @palem for InstagramEven in the midst of all this rain now, we’re still a pretty humid country, and what better way to dress for our endless summer days than Palem? Wow, we really hope you’re bringing enough cash, because it seems a little hard to resist these amazing clothes! ?Website | InstagramTell us how was your experience here. We hope this list could help focus on what you’re looking for. Happy shopping! Remember to mark down these important information below!Date: Sunday 9th January Address: 5 Simei Lane Time: 11am - 6pmFacebook | Instagram