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23 Stalls You Must Check Out At Laloolalang's Bazaar This Ramadan 2022


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 10, 2022


[UPDATED 7th April 2022] Laloolalang was started by local actress Huda Ali, and has gained popularity for bringing in a range of vendors offering everything you need for Ramadan and Hari Raya, from scrumptious snacks to raya essentials! They also hold special performances featuring local talents! They usually have a different theme every year. This year, the event is titled 'Walk Thru Souk 2022'. Here's a full list of vendors available! The bazaar is divided into three different zones and we've added their location to help you choose which zone you would like to go to!

Laloolang's Full List Of Vendors Ramadan 2022

Zone A

1. The Fig Shop
Credit: @thefigsshop for Instagram Unlike what their name tells you, they aren't selling figs! They do, however, serve up a delicious spread of fried chicken wings with a variety of flavours such as tandoori, sambal, salted egg, prawn paste and Thai chilli! It's also the first stall in Zone A so you can purchase either 4, 8, 12 or 24 wings with a side of crispy twister fries on a plastic plate and munch them down while you walk down the bazaar 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
2. The Leaf Co
Credit: @theeleafco for Instagram Don't be upsetti and eat your spaghetti! That's what you're promised here at The Leaf Co when you dig into a delicious plate of pasta! 🤤 You can DIY your pasta too! Choose your choice of pasta, your base and sauces and your favourite meats! If you're in need of a filling iftar, you know where to go 😌 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
3. Vato Dendeng
Credit: @vatodendeng for Instagram It's all meaty business here at Vato Dendeng! Deliciously glazed beef dendeng, burgers and other Mexican-inspired fares such as taquitos are all waiting for you to dig in 🤩
Credit: @vatodendeng for Instagram After an entire day of fasting, a hearty meal like this will definitely be something you'll look forward to! Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram
4. Arabica Kebab
Credit: @alarabiyyahkebab for Instagram Is it really called a bazaar if there isn't any kebab? Expect all your favourites from Arabica Kebab such as chicken kebab, mandi rice and more! Aren't you excited to try it right now?! Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram
5. JohnJee
Credit: @johnjeesg for Instagram Warm, toasted bread with generous servings of meats drenched with different sauces; that's right, we're talking about JohnJee's Roti John! 😍 With a side of fries, you'll be polishing off your plate CLEAN! Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
6. Satay Abg Botak
Credit: @satayabgbotak for Instagram The way to a Singaporean’s heart is through food, and one classic dish we definitely all drool over is these juicy, tender, barbecued skewered meat called satay 🤤 And who better than Satay Abg Botak? They even serve up some delicious BBQ wings; it's going to get greasy and messy, but that only means it's super tasty! 😉 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram

Zone B

7. Chulop! By The Syarifs
Crispy on the outside, so soft on the inside. Chulop! is definitely our favourite place to get our churros cravings satisfied. Not only do they make amazing churros dusted with cinnamon sugar, but we’re also in love with their dips! We’re talking about their oh-so-delicious Mexican chocolate and Spanish caramel dip.
Credit: @rawr.hi for Instagram They also serve equally decadent delights such as milkshakes, smores churros, churros sandwiches, and added different flavours of churros and dips too! We hope this will be available at the bazaar too 😍 We're not drooling, you are 🤤 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram
8. Boms & Buns
Credit: @followmytumtum for InstagramBoms & Buns is another venture started by Singaporean celebrity couple Syarif Sleeq and Malaque Mahdaly, who's also behind our favourite churros place, Chulop! By The Syarifs! Their choux buns and cinnamon rolls are simply heavenly 🥰 There's so many flavours for you to choose from, and they're deliciously sweet too, making it perfect for your post-buka snack 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram
9. The House of Lemang
Credit: @hijabfoodie for Instagram A popular fixture in Ramadan bazaars at Kampong Gelam, their food truly screams nostalgia and comfort in the most delicious way. From their sticky, chewy lemang, to the fiery rendang and the savoury serunding, it's a meal that truly hits the spot! 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram
10. Bang Bang Kuali
Credit: @thesecretgardenbyzeekri for Instagram Remember The Secret Garden By Zeekri? They have opened a stall, especially for Laloolang's Walk Thru Souk 2022, and are serving up all things comfort: Butterbeer, Fried Rice/Mee & Roti John.
Credit: @thesecretgardenbyzeekri for Instagram If you're already a fan of Zeekri's food, you can definitely expect to love their special menu here! 😍 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
11. Kinglicious Popiah
Credit: @king_popiahlicious for Instagram Seafood popiah anyone? Kinglicious Popiah has got it covered for you! There's a variety of toppings from classic ones such as prawns to even salmon! A definite must-try when you head to the bazaar! 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
12. Burrock X Terang Bulan
Credit: @nurakmaralmahdi for Instagram Dig in with some authentic Indonesian food for iftar! From dishes such as martabak manis, pisang keju and ayam geprek, you'll be spoilt for choice! 😱 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
13. MILK
Credit: @milk.singapore for Instagram When it comes to sipping on a cool drink during iftar, there's nothing we love more than a nice cup of bubble tea! Whether you're a die-hard fan of the original milk tea with brown sugar and pearls or interested in trying something new, it's time to turn your attention to MILK - one of the first Muslim-owned bubble tea stores in Kampong Gelam! 😍 What sets MILK apart from most other chains is that they offer a variety of unique bubble tea flavours! From Matcha Mascarpone and Grape Cream Cheese to Ice Kachang Tea, this is perfect for anyone who's feeling adventurous or would like to switch things up from their regular bubble tea. Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram

Zone C

14. Broti
Credit: @obcpearl for Instagram Is it truly a Ramadan bazaar if there isn't Broti? The signature Thai Milk tea and other refreshing beverages such as Taro Milk Tea, Gula Melaka Milk Tea, Charcoal Matcha Ice Tea and more are truly a delight after a whole day of fasting (especially so in their iconic 1-litre cups! 😋) Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram
15. Siam Seafood Bucket
Credit: @etrangle on Instagram  Seafood buckets are the best meal to eat with your family or friends, now that large iftar gatherings are back! With their spicy sauces completely covering every seafood on the plate, it's hard to resist a single a bite! You can try still try authentic Thai seafood buckets here in Singapore with Muslim-owned Siam Seafood Bucket! The pictures are superbly tantalising, right? 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
16. Markozar
Credit: Markozar Can't get enough of martabak manis? Here's a store specialised in it: Markozar! Choose from a variety of favourites such as cheese, chocolate and more! They also have fried doughnuts and goreng pisang as well! Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
Credit: @charmate.leung for InstagramKREAM is coming in hot with their delicious hotdog buns! They call their coney dogs the best in Singapore, and you can be the judge of that for yourself once the bazaar starts! Started by local celebrity Ikah Jamil, their coney dogs have gained a strong following for their unique, loaded coney dogs. Some of the flavours you can try include the umamilicious Mentaiko Coney Dog and rich, subtly spicy Flaming Rendang Cheese Coney Dog. They also offer drinks and Swedish meatballs, so get your bellies ready for a night of feasting! 🤩 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram
18. Meat My Meat
Credit: @nuttycrav3s for Instagram Be warned; their meals are all an overload of cheese, spices and more! From Philly cheesesteaks to chill cheese sandwiches and spicy Korean drumlets, it's going to be one hearty iftar for you! 🤤 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
19. The Original Pisang Keju
Credit: @ms.adlina for Instagram The Original Pisang Keju serves 6 unique flavours of sweet and crunchy banana fritters with melting cheese on top! If you can't get enough of these savoury, cheesy goodness, you'll be glad to find there's one more place for you to check out! 😍 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram
20. Yakoolzuna
Credit: @yakoolzuna for Instagram Many of us might have grown up, but we simply can't give up our favourite drinks: Yakult! Yakoolzuna puts a local twist on your favourite drink such as Ondeh-Ondeh, Gula Melaka and more! It's a perfect thirst quencher after a day of fasting 🥰 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
21. Kayu Manis
Credit: @kayumanis_473 for Instagram Here's another place where you can get all your cravings fixed under one roof: Ayam penyet, Satay, Western food and more! We're already so hungry now 🥺 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
22. Adoughtive
Credit: @purrrina_ for Instagram Looking for a sweet treat? Adoughtive has got you covered with edible cookie dough! The queues are really long, so make sure you head early to get your sugary cravings fixed! 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram
23. T Bob's Corner Steakhouse
Credit: @girlmakan for Instagram This halal steakhouse is known for its BBQ Lamb and Beef Ribs, Angus Tomahawk, steaks and more! If you love a hearty meal, T Bob's Corner Steakhouse's juicy, tender meats will definitely be a place you have to check out. Imagine this plate right in front of you! It will truly be a delight to your tastebuds 🤤 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram We already can't wait to head down to the first physical Ramadan bazaar in two years, and these pictures are already so tempting! Laloolalang, here we come 🥳 LaloolalangWebsite | Facebook | Instagram