Banwol Island: You Need To See This Insta-Worthy Purple Island In South Korea


Cheng Sim •  Jul 09, 2020

[Updated 22 March 2021]

There's something absolutely captivating about South Korea. Besides being the ultimate honeymoon destination, it also has amazing halal Korean food, cool shopping spots, and other exciting things to do for free! If you're planning to explore a different side of this country, we're excited to share about this must-see Instagrammable island in South Korea.

Say hello to Banwol Island, also known as half-moon island! Situated in Sinan-gun, a beautiful county in South Jeolla province, this charming island is definitely a sight to behold.

In August 2019, the South Jeolla provincial government and Sinan County planned to transform two neighbouring islands, Banwol Island and Parkji Island into purple islands complete with beautiful flowers and crops in matching colours! These islands are connected via a bridge, which makes a great opportunity for visitors to appreciate the scenic seascape too.

The county had planted 40,000 lavender around the island as well as white cedar, empress trees and other purple flowers for this transformation. Overall, the village on Banwol Island certainly lives up to its aesthetics. Take a walk to spot residential homes, bridges, streets, food trucks, sidewalks all painted in purple!

If you're interested to explore more parts of the island, you can rent a bicycle for KRW5,000 per person or spend a night in a local homestay for approximately KRW50,000 per night.

If you're making a trip from Seoul, travel blogger Gale Nungira shares how to get to Banwol Island!

  • Take the train from Incheon Airport Terminal 1 to Seoul station
  • Hop on the Korean Train Express (KTX) high-speed train to Mokpo station
  • Board a bus from Mokpo station to Anjwa-Myeon intersection
  • Lastly, take the Anjwa Village Bus to the Purple Bridge

The admission fee to Banwol Island is KRW3,000 for adults, KRW2,000 for teenagers, and KRW1,000 for kids.

There's always something new to expect in South Korea, and you should definitely put this Instagrammable purple island into your must-visit attractions! Inspire your next trip further with our recommended reads below.