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10 Reasons Why Korea Is The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination


Amira Rahmat •  Mar 27, 2017


Honeymooners often want something more than just staying at the seaside - they want to seek something more unique and memorable together as a married couple. And while Maldives, Bali and Santorini may top the list, we believe there’s no better time than your honeymoon to travel somewhere different! What makes Korea an amazing underrated honeymoon destination is that newly married lovebirds can enjoy the full package: explore idyllic scenic mountains, swim under tiered waterfalls, white-sand beaches, learn the extensive cultural heritage, embark on hike trails AND shop till they drop?
Credit: giphy Here are ten reasons why Korea should be at the top of your list. You and your spouse will be packing your bags right away after saying ‘I do’!
1. Explore Korea’s beautiful nature with your partner - Jeju
Jeju Island is a popular hot spot for the native newlyweds. This comes as no surprise given the picturesque coastal lines, lots of dramatic mountainous landscapes and endless action-packed itineraries to pick from.
Credit: MIN_Photo on Flickr You and your loved one can even discover one of the world’s biggest lava volcanic trail! A UNESCO Geopark - the Manjanggul cave is truly an experience for couples who love nature.
Credit: @letmeadam on Instagram Nicknamed the “Hawaii of South Korea”, plenty of hotels at Jeju are tailored towards providing the perfect honeymoon. Stay near the beach and laze away your romantic days on a hammock with your love, or get into the clear water for exciting underwater adventures and see everything that Jeju has to offer - under the sea?
Credit: @harizazman on Instagram We've got you covered for your Jeju trip with the only Muslim-friendly guide you need to explore Jeju!
2. Plenty of romantic spots for you and your other half - Nami Island
Nami Island is the date spot outside of Seoul that will capture both yours and your partner’s heart.  Couples will be greeted by small animals when touring the island. You also have the option of renting bicycles and exploring the island together while enjoying the splendid views.
Credit: Sheikh Izham on Flickr Lovebirds cannot miss the Forest of Sweethearts. Plenty of famous Korean dramas were filmed here!  
Credit: Richard Lee on Flickr Couples looking for a thrilling adventure can even zipline their way to their spouse’s heart! Ooops, we mean zipline to Nami ?
Credit: @hanisahzaidan on Instagram The crowd and popularity of this island has increased so much that it gained its cultural independence - with its own flag and stamps!
3. Go on a fairytale excursion at Korea’s exhilarating theme park
To experience an unforgettable honeymoon, grab some tickets and head over to your favourite theme park! Korea has many theme parks for you to choose from☺️
Credit: @hsinsinss on Instagram Let your imagination set sail at Disneyland as you and your other half explore the world-class parks and be king and queen for the day.
Credit: @dy_nnnn on Instagram Choose from Everland Amusement Park, Lotte World, and Pocheon Herb Island. At Pocheon Herb Island, you can your lover and even take a boat ride in a gondola!
Credit: @aron_moon on Instagram As the saying goes, a couple which has fun together stays together ?
4. Vibrant Metropolis and shopping heaven - Seoul
The capital city of South Korea, Seoul is so lively that you have to visit it during your honeymoon.
Credit: @jo3y80 on Instagram You would have an plenty of opportunities to shop, from designer malls to traditional craft markets to bargain thrift outlets – you’ll find it all in Seoul. Shop for honeymoon keepsakes at Insa-dong and Namdaemun Market!
Credit: @guilprieur on Instagram
5. Enjoy the amazing weather with your lover
South Korea has four different seasons so if you want to experience the best weather conditions, plan your honeymoon early spring to summer (March through May) or the autumn season (Sep through November). It is right here that you can experience the most beautiful cherry blossoms ?
The different monuments in Korea, when visited in different seasons, really bring out the best of them!
6. Location, location location - Getting to Korea has never been so easy
Getting around Korea is simple due to its highly interconnected public transportation system. What's that you say? You prefer trains? Bus? Air? South Korea has it all! You will have minimal fuss and trouble heading from one city to another☺️
Credit: Tony Tsang on Flickr
7. Savour delightful delicacies with your loved one
Enjoy your best gastronomic moments together here in Korea. Their restaurants serve local cuisines which are said to be one of the most delicious and exotic cuisines in the world. #HHWT Tip: To help you in your foodie adventures, we've rounded up the best halal restaurants in Seoul just for you!
Credit: Murree Halal Korean Food on Facebook If restaurants aren't your thing, there are plenty of Muslim-friendly Korean street food you have to try.
After your hearty meal, stroll arm in arm with your loved one along the riverbank as you unwind together?
8. Experience world-class skiing resorts that you and your spouse will never forget
For your honeymoon with a twist, consider having it at a ski resort! Learning skiing is a great way to indulge in some adventure during your honeymoon. This one's definitely perfect for adventurous couples☺️
Credit: @shinbeato on Instagram Even if you're not into adventure, this is still the place to go for fresh air and breathtaking views? At some resorts, you can indulge in couple spas at the thermal pools too.
Credit: @lindseyvonn on Instagram   P.S. Don’t forget to have a snow fight, build a snowman and make snow angels with your other half?
9. Muslim-friendly all around
Koreans are very friendly and welcoming to visitors. Over the years, South Korea has grown into a Muslim-friendly destination. There are 15 mosques in South Korea, and numerous prayer rooms for Muslims travelers, such as those at the Tourism Information Centre, Lotte World, Nami Island as well as Incheon and Busan airport.
Credit: @herlisahcanes on Instagram There are even Muslim-friendly hostels such as Eid Guesthouse. This new guesthouse also conducts cooking classes that you and your spouse can try!
Credit: Eid Guesthouse on Facebook#HHWT Tip: For halal-certified products, visit the newly opened Halal Mart Korea located at Mapo, Seoul.
10. Amazing cultural retreat, especially for honeymooners
Korea has a rich cultural heritage that one can never get enough of! If you and your other half are history buffs, take some time to explore the many art galleries and majestic imperial palaces Korea has to offer, such as Geyongbokgung, Deoksugung and Changgyeonggung☺️
Credit: Agustin Rafael on Flickr There are also free tourist attractions such as the National Folk Museum of Korea, and Bukchon Hanok Village. Don’t miss this opportunity to dress up in the traditional Hanboks (comes at a small fee)!
Credit: The Hanbok Shop on Flickr With all these reasons, you have no reason to shy away from Korea when it comes to planning your honeymoon! We're sure this would be a great start to your greatest adventure yet - marriage ?