Prayer spaces in Changi Airport

5 Prayer Rooms At Changi Airport To Perform Your Salah


Farah Fazanna •  Dec 11, 2023

As an avid traveller, there's nothing more comforting than finding a place to connect with your faith while on the move. Changi Airport, the bustling gateway to the world, understands the diverse needs of its passengers. For Muslim travellers, Changi Airport provides the convenience of a prayer room in each of its four terminals. These rooms are also open to travellers from different faiths. Check out these serene havens to perform your prayers before your flight.

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5 Free-To-Use Prayer Rooms at Changi Airport

1. Terminal 1 Prayer Room

T1 prayer space

The prayer room in Terminal 1 is a place of tranquillity. Step into a space designed with elegance and utmost respect for your spiritual needs. The serene ambience and soft lighting create an atmosphere of calmness, enabling you to focus on your prayers and reflection. Cubby holes, shoe racks, and ablution facilities are readily available, ensuring your convenience and comfort.

How to find Terminal 1 Prayer Room: Located at Level 3, Departure Transit Hall East, near Aerotel

T1 map

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2. Terminal 2 Prayer Room

T2 prayer space

Another prayer room can be found in Terminal 2 near the orchid garden. With its graceful calligraphy and soothing colours, this beautifully adorned space offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling airport environment. There is a dedicated ablution area for use before your prayers. Find solace in the embrace of this prayer room, knowing that you can connect with your faith effortlessly.

How to find Terminal 2 Prayer Room: Situated near the Orchid Garden, Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 3.

T2 map

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3. Terminal 3 Prayer Room

T3 prayer space

In Terminal 3, a gem of spiritual solace awaits you. This prayer room is designed with modern aesthetics, showcasing a harmonious blend of traditional elements and contemporary architecture. Step inside and let the tranquillity wash over you as you embark on your spiritual journey.

T3 amenities

For Muslim travellers, the room is equipped with the essential amenities (such as an ablution area. cubby holes and shoe racks) that you would need for your prayers.

How to find Terminal 3 Prayer Room: Found near Transfer Lounge North, Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2.

T3 map

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4. Terminal 4 Prayer Room

T4 prayer room

Terminal 4 at Changi Airport is home to yet another exceptional prayer room. Located amid the vibrant terminal, this prayer room embraces a contemporary design that seamlessly blends aesthetics with spiritual solace. Step inside and experience a tranquil atmosphere where you can find inner peace and connect with your faith. The prayer room ensures that your spiritual needs are met with utmost convenience. Whether you're departing or transiting through Terminal 4, you can seek out this prayer room and embark on a journey of serenity and reflection.

How to find Terminal 4 Prayer Room: Located near 7-Eleven, Level 2M

T4 map

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5. Jewel Changi Airport

For those of you who are visiting Jewel, there is an unofficial prayer space located at B5 before the carpark where you can conduct your prayers. If you've brought along your portable prayer mats and grabs, this will be a quiet place for you! Head to the nearest washroom first to take your ablution before heading there! Do take note that it's a public area; hence, there might be some disturbance that can occur if people were to walk by the area.

How to find Jewel Changi Airport Unofficial Prayer Room: B5 before the carpark

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Now that you know about the incredible prayer room facilities at Changi Airport, you'll want to bookmark this information for your future travels! To ensure you make the most of your time at Changi Airport, be sure to check the airport's website for any updates or changes regarding the prayer room facilities.

Changi Airport's commitment to the well-being and spiritual needs of its passengers shines through its provision of four remarkable prayer rooms. Muslim travellers can find solace and peace in these serene spaces, while the airport's inclusive approach ensures that individuals of all faiths can utilise them. So, whether you're departing, arriving, or passing through Changi Airport, remember that there are these rooms where you can immerse yourself in a prayerful time.