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The Ultimate Muslim Traveller's Guide To Transiting At Changi Airport


Cheng Sim •  Jan 03, 2024

Transiting may spell boredom for some travellers but not when you’re transiting through the world-famous Changi Airport! Flanked by the iconic Jewel that has been making waves on social media, this is one of the exciting airports to spend your long transit hours. Make the most of your time by exploring what the airport has to offer. From shopping to halal food in Jewel Changi Airport, this ultimate transit guide is perfect for Muslim travellers!

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Jo Malone Changi Airport T3 Gingerbread Land

If you're transiting in Changi Airport Terminal 3, drop by the first-ever Gingerbread Land - presented by Jo Malone London, The Shilla Duty Free and Singapore and Changi Airport Group. Interact with the whimsical Gingerbread house and get gifts for your loved ones!

P.S. You'll stand a chance to redeem cologne samples, travel-size and full-size products at the Jo Malone London Gift Grabber with every purchase!

Can I exit the airport during the transit time?

Transit passengers are allowed to leave Singapore's airport, a process they have often availed of. It's worth noting that this practice isn't necessarily applicable at all airports. Notably, Singapore Airport provides complimentary city tours for transit passengers with sufficiently long layovers. It should be noted that, as transit passengers, they are restricted to a single entry and exit from Singapore during their layover period.

What to do at Jewel

The beauty of transiting at Changi Airport is the opportunity to explore what Singapore has to offer. Whether you’re taking your adventure indoors or outdoors, there’s an activity for every transiting traveller! There are also themed events that happen seasonally at Jewel.

1. Look up at the world’s tallest indoor waterfall

jewel changi airport rain vortex

Move deeper into Jewel’s Forest Valley to catch the cascading beauty of HSBC Rain Vortex. Popularly known as the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, this 40-metre high attraction continues to draw locals and tourists to admire this architecture marvel. Tell your friends how beautiful it is by using these awesome mobile photography tips to capture the best photos of Jewel Changi Airport.

Come between 7.30pm and 12.30am to catch the Rain Vortex dazzle its audience with spectacular light and sound shows. It happens at hourly intervals so that you can time it perfectly for the next show!

#HHWT Tip: Jewel is located outside of Changi Airport's transit area. If you're transiting to Singapore without a tourist visa, you might not be able to visit Jewel.

Location: Heart of Forest Valley

2. Join the Free Singapore Tour

singapore merlion

Credit: @aimie.na on Instagram

If you have at least 5.5 hours until your next flight, explore the city’s sights and sounds with the Free Singapore Tour. An exciting 2.5 hour guided tour, there are two types of tours to choose. The Heritage Tour will indulge you with the culture and stories of Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam and Merlion Park. The City Sights Tour will take you around the modern cityscape of Singapore, which includes the Merlion and Gardens by the Bay.

Free Singapore Tour booths

  • Terminal 2 Transit
    Location: Level 2, Departure Transit Hall (next to Orchid Garden)
    Operating hours: Daily, 7am-6.15pm
  • Terminal 3 Transit
    Location: Level 2, Departure Transit Hall (next to Discover Singapore)
    Operating hours: Daily, 7am-6.30pm
  • How to register for Free Singapore Tour at Changi Airport

3. Catch a movie at Jewel Shaw Theatres

jewel changi airport movie theatre

Credit: @fuikng on Instagram

To fast forward the hours till your departure time, catch a movie at Jewel Shaw Theatres. Designed with Singapore’s first next-generation IMAX hall that features IMAX with lasers, it takes the cinematic experience up a notch.

jewel changi airport family movie theatre

Credit: @lifestinymiracle on Instagram

If you’re travelling with your family, they also have dedicated children and family hall complete with playground, bean bags and open spaces. The kid-friendly theatre is designed with lower brightness and volume, so it’ll be a comfortable movie experience for your little ones.

#HHWT Tip: Jewel is located outside of Changi Airport's transit area. If you're transiting to Singapore without a tourist visa, you might not be able to visit Jewel.

Location: #B2-237, Jewel, Changi Airport

4. Walk across the Manulife Sky Nets

jewel changi airport manulife sky nets

Credit: Changi Airport on Facebook

With many new attractions in Jewel, you might have a tough time deciding where to spend your limited hours at Changi Airport. We recommend bringing your kids to the Manulife Sky Nets, a giant net that stretches up to 250 metres! Scream and bounce among the trees, but remember to wear pants or shorts as well as comfortable covered shoes. Do note that Jewel is located outside of Changi Airport's transit area. If you're transiting to Singapore without a tourist visa, you might not be able to visit.

Location: Level 5, Canopy Park, Jewel, Changi Airport

#HHWT Tip: You’ve done it all, and need a place to stay during a 24-hour layover? Get the Changi Stopover package that includes a 2D1N hotel stay of your choice, a free SIM card and a free one-way airport transfer. Starting from SGD63, book now for this awesome package!

Where to take snapshots

cactus garden changi airport

Credit: @tustago on Instagram

Show how much fun you have at Changi Airport by taking snapshots at their beautiful Instagram-worthy gardens! Start at the Cactus Garden (Terminal 1, Transit Level 3) for snapshots with the barrel cactus, sago palm and century plant. Next, take pictures of the prettiest bloom at the Water Lily Garden (Terminal 1, Transit Level 2). Look out for the amazon water lily and tell your friends that you’ve seen one of the world’s largest aquatic plants.

water lily garden changi airport

Credit: @dharmaputrilubis on Instagram

For more gardens that’ll impress your Instagram followers, the Sunflower Garden (Terminal 2, Transit Level 3) makes a beautiful backdrop before your sunny getaway. Then, be impressed by the Enchanted Garden (Terminal 2, Transit Level 2), an interactive indoor garden designed with fascinating sights and sounds.

Where to eat

When you’re in transit, it’ll probably be lunch or dinner time in Singapore. Before you speed off to shop and visit their famous attractions, it’s time for a quick refuel at these halal-certified eateries!


1. So Pho

Trying to escape the Singapore heat? Pop by So Pho for some refreshing Vietnamese street food such as Summer Rolls, Mango and Papaya Salad, and Banh Mi baguettes. If you're in the mood for something a little more savoury, make sure to try their Pho or Glass Noodles!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Find out more

2. Mamma Mia Trattoria

Craving Italian food? You can check out the newly halal Mamma Mia Trattoria E Caffè! It is a casual-style dining restaurant that serves true and simple Italian fare in an unpretentious and inviting atmosphere! Their pastas are handcrafted with fresh ingredients and made to order, so you can expect a fresh, delicious bowl in front of you! Apart from timeless classics such as Spaghetti with Crab Meat & Burrata Sauce, you definitely have to check out other dishes that are given a local twist such as the Tortiglioni Rustic Beef Oxtail Bolognese and Mee Pok with Chicken Chunk & Onsen Egg.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Location: #04-200


3. Monster Planet

This place is simply heaven for Japanese food lovers! Their demi-glace Japanese curry is made from 14 vegetables and spices cooked over 2 days. You'll also be able to savour this yummy curry sauce with different toppings and varieties! Plus, you can also choose your preferred spice level from 0-5.

Monster Planet's menu has a wide variety of options, including its Signature Chicken Katsu Curry, Beef Shabu-Shabu Omelette Curry or better still, their Cheese Omelette Curry. For an indulgent meal, their Monster Premium Beef Steak Curry or the Supreme Beef Omelette Curry will suit you perfectly. They also have seafood options like Shrimp Tempura or Salmon Fry Omelette Curry.

Halal status: Halal-certified

4. A&W

After much anticipation, we finally got the A&W halal certification in November 2020! Their menu is chock-full of classic American favourites, with everything from burgers and Coney dogs, to fried chicken and waffles. And of course, who can forget about their iconic draft root beer floats? If you love burgers, be sure to savour the thick and juicy beef patty in the Mozza Burger!


Halal status: Halal-certified

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P.S. Looking for more options? Check out our Halal Food Guide To SG’s Jewel Changi Airport!

Where to shop

If you’re still hours away from your flight to Darwin or Bali, you have plenty of time to shop. Jewel is filled with international brands, homegrown stores and pop-up shops to visit, so remember to keep a credit card in your pocket. Do note that Jewel is located outside of Changi Airport's transit area. If you're transiting to Singapore without a tourist visa, you might not be able to visit Jewel.

1. Pokemon Centre

jewel changi airport pokemon centre

It’s a huge deal to shop at the Pokemon Centre because it is Asia’s first permanent Pokemon store outside of Japan! Additionally, it is modelled after the Pokemon Centre featured in the game too. When it comes to merchandise, everything sold in the Japan store is also available here.

jewel changi airport pokemon centre pikachu

Since it’s perfect for souvenir shopping, spot the Pikachu plush toy, Pokemon Nano Blocks and trading card games! Browse the shelves for the adorable Pikachu pilot and aircrew plushies to accompany you on a long flight to Okinawa.

Location: #04-201/202, Jewel, Changi Airport

Psst.. A Nintendo Pop-up is happening as well. Check them all out here!

2. Nike

jewel changi airport nike

Perfect for husbands strolling aimlessly in this retail paradise, Nike has got your back. It may be a familiar brand, but this is the largest Nike store in Southeast Asia. A two-storey store packed with athletic wear and sneakers, something might catch your eye here.

jewel changi airport nike hijab

To leave the store with something cool for your wife, this Nike store sells Nike Pro Hijab in various shades. Designed with a high-performance Nike Dri-FIT technology, this is great if you’re planning something adventurous or outdoorsy on your romantic getaway.

Location: #02-232/233, Jewel, Changi Airport

Where to pray

To perform your prayers before your flight, Changi Airport has many prayer rooms across all terminals. While only some rooms provide prayer mats, it’s best to bring your own along with prayer garments. If the prayer room doesn’t have a wudhu area, chances are there’s a clean and spacious toilet nearby.

airport prayer room

Credit: Abdul Majid Mafot on Facebook

To perform your prayers before your flight, Changi Airport has many prayer rooms across all terminals. While only some rooms provide prayer mats, it’s best to bring your own along with prayer garments. If the prayer room doesn’t have a wudhu area, chances are there’s a clean and spacious toilet nearby.

Prayer spaces at Changi Airport

  • Terminal 1 Transit – Level 3, Departure Transit Hall
  • Terminal 2 Transit – Level 2, Departure Transit Hall North (near Gate E)
  • Terminal 3 Transit – Level 3, Departure Transit Hall South
  • Terminal 4 Transit – Level 2M, Departure Transit Hall

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Where to stay at if its a long layover? [Hotels included]

1) Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza at Singapore Changi Airport offers a seamless blend of modern luxury and convenience, directly connected to Terminal 3 for easy accessibility. With elegant rooms, meeting facilities, an outdoor pool, a fitness centre, and spa services, it caters to business and leisure travellers. The hotel's dining options provide a range of cuisines, enhancing the overall experience. Its strategic location ensures a time-efficient stay, making Crowne Plaza an exceptional choice for travellers seeking comfort and accessibility within the bustling environment of Singapore Changi Airport.


YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport is a convenient and stylish hotel located within Jewel Changi Airport, offering travellers a unique experience for short stays and layovers. With its "SmartBed" cabins designed for efficiency and comfort, YOTELAIR provides a compact yet comfortable space for rest and relaxation. The hotel features modern amenities, self-check-in kiosks, and a 24/7 gym, catering to travellers seeking a hassle-free and comfortable stay within the airport premises. Whether for a quick nap, rest between flights, or overnight layovers, YOTELAIR Singapore Airport offers a smart and practical accommodation solution directly connected to the terminal.

Whether transiting or simply looking to have a good time, the silver lining to your transit is the chance to discover the best of Singapore’s culture, local food and attractions. From savouring the flavours of Hainanese chicken rice to shopping for a Pikachu plush toy, you’ll take home more than just new things and experiences. You’ll fly off with new memories of the journey that happens in between.