10 Cat Groomers In Singapore To Get Your Cat Ready For Raya


Qistina Bumidin •  Jul 06, 2023

We bet many of you are busy shopping for your new baju raya now! We all definitely want to look our best for this extra-special occasion this year, but don't forget your furry friends too! You definitely want your entire family to look red-carpet ready this Hari Raya 2023. We compiled a list of cat grooming services that offers everything from brushing, bathing, nail clipping and ear cleaning and more!

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Best Pet Groomers For Your Cats This Hari Raya 2023

1. Pet Lovers Centre

Credit: @nimcothecat for Instagram

The place is known to be the one-stop-shop for all your pet's needs, so you can rest assured that your cat will be left in safe hands! They offer services that include grooming, boarding, and veterinary care! They have two packages for cats; mainly the basic and full groom. Nail trimming, ear cleaning, fur shaving, conditioning, and brushing are among the services provided in their basic cat grooming package.

You can add on their hair styling or cutting services for your cat in the full cat grooming package! Another major bonus is their convenient location! With 13 stores islandwide, you can simply book a slot that's nearest to you.

Average price: $70 for the basic groom, $135 for a full groom

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2. Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon

Credit: @nekomori.co for Instagram

If you're looking for a more comprehensive package for your feline friends, then Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon should be on your list. They are considered to be Singapore's first holistic grooming establishment for every cat breed. It aims to provide cats not only comprehensive grooming services but also a relaxing experience through its spa treatment such as facial cleanses and more! This truly takes pampering your cats to a whole new level! Now your cat is Raya-ready.

Average price: $60 for short-coated cats, $70 for medium-coated cats, and $80 for long-coated cats (exclude costs of additional services)

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3. Hanis The Groomer

Credit: @korewaluna for Instagram

Easties, if you're looking for a convenient cat grooming spot, Hanis The Groomer got you covered. They truly care for your cats from head to toe beans; it's no wonder they've been touted as one of the best cat grooming salons in Singapore! Located in Tampines, they offer comprehensive services such as nail trimming, sanitary butt shave, triple wash, chin cleaning, ear cleaning, and full comb-out services.

They even offer stylish cuts such as customized shaving, trim short, comb cut, lion cut, bear cut and more, so if you want your kitty to be dripping in style this Raya, Hanis The Groomer can do up a unique up-do that's bound to make your guests fawn over how adorable your kitties look!

Average price: $90

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4. Awesome Pawsome

Credit: @awesome_pawsomesg for Instagram

If your pet faces separation anxiety, why not have your cat groomed in the comfort of your own home? At Awesome Pawsome, you can expect high-quality cat grooming services which can be individualised according to your pets' needs. It's also safe and stress-free, so your kitties will have a comfortable experience! So now you don't have to sit around and wait all day at a salon to pick up your cat. It's truly a convenient time-saver when you're busy running Raya errands!

Average price: $100

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5.  Loving Pets

Credit: Loving Pets Singapore for Facebook

Want to pamper your cat with only the best products? Loving Pets offers just that! They solely use herbal and organic products for services like basic baths, full grooming, mud masks, and skin healing treatment, which comes in handy if your cat has sensitive skin! Each grooming room has surveillance cameras and see-through glass panels, so your pets definitely have a friendly face to look. There are two features that are worth highlighting here: their affordable full cat grooming services range between $80 and $90, and they open up to 9 pm on most days, even on public holidays, which benefits furry parents like you who may have busy work schedules!

Average price: Between $80-$90

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6. Pet Pat

Credit: @petpat.sg for Instagram

Using only premium-grade shampoo, your cat will be looking like a star with the softest, healthiest fur at Pet Pat! They also do not restrain or put the cats in cages, so rest assured that they can provide your cat with a stress-free experience from start to finish. Moreover, they even have certified cat stylists that know how to give your feline friends the best hair-do perfect for Raya!

Average price: $75~ for basic groom, $92~ for full groom (depending on your cat's fur length)

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7. Surrpaws Pet Grooming

Credit: @surrpaws for Instagram

For the ultimate grooming experience, check out Surrpaws Pet Grooming! It provides everything your pet needs–from grooming down to medical checkups by veterinarians, which you can opt for to know the current health status of your cat after the grooming session! If your cat is due for a check-up anyway, this feature could be a lifesaver for you, and help cuts down the hassle of having to go to different places for grooming and medical checkups!

Average price: $80~ for a basic groom, $120~ for a full groom (depending on your cat's size)

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8. Hey Good Cat

Credit: @heygoodcatsg for Instagram

Another alternative for ethical shampoos and conditioners is at Hey Good Cat. All of their products do not contain any harmful man-made ingredients, so you'll be rest assured that your cats won't develop any rashes or skin insensitivities. You can also join their grooming workshops to learn how to properly trim nails and de-matt fur so that you can do it by yourself at home!

Average price: $78~ for a basic groom, $95~ for a full groom (depending on your cat's size, fur length, and fur density; prices exclude haircut services) Website |Facebook |Instagram

9. My Pet Image

Credit: @mypetimage for Instagram

If you're looking to style up your cat, even more, this neighbourhood gem is the place to go! Apart from the usual grooming services you can expect, they even offer special leave-on treatments that help with any itchy or sensitive skin, perfect for cats with eczema.

Average price: Unavailable. Do contact 67588675 / 91130738 or DM them at their social media accounts.

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10. Ohana Singapaws

Credit: @ohana_singapaws for Instagram

Worried about your pet's safety while being groomed? Ohana Singapaws give you live updates after you drop your cat off for a grooming session! Their basic package itself is quite comprehensive and affordable, only starting from $65! And if you're busy doing your Raya preparations, fret not: they are also a daycare centre, so you can drop your cat off and not worry about rushing back!

Average price: From $65 for a basic groom; $15 an hour for daycare. Do contact 8298 3378 or DM them at their social media accounts for more details.

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The whole family, including your kitty friends, have to look the best for our first Raya in two years, so hurry and book a slot now!