10 Pet Hotels In SG For Your Cats & Other Furry Friends While You’re On Vacation


Qistina Bumidin •  Jun 13, 2023

When you’re planning to go on a vacay, or you want to isolate your furry babies while you recover from Covid-19, stressing over your pets' well-being might be right on top of the list. Why not send your pets to a pet hotel instead? It’ll keep your worries at bay, while your pets will be given a pampering staycation like yours too!

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10 Pet Hotels In Singapore

1. Nekoya Cat Hotel

Credit: @nekoya.co for Instagram

Nekoya Cat Hotel specialises in providing cat boarding services for your adorable felines, with three outlets under their belt. The minimalist Japanese-inspired interior, 24/7 air-conditioning, ambient music will definitely make your cats feel like home. The hotel is also willing to follow your feline’s routine down to the tiniest details, a useful service for those with cats who may have separation anxiety or adjustment issues. Your kitty will be so busy with playtime, endless showering of attention and relaxation, so say goodbye to any worries disrupting your own vacay!

Average price: $33 a night


2. Pets Eden

Credit: @olafinwunderland for Instagram

While this place provides grooming and dental services for dogs, cats and even rabbits, their pet hotel is provided for cats only! ? So now your kitties will have a stress-free, relaxing vacation. There are three different lodging options based on your cat’s manja level, each with expansive floor-to-ceiling vertical space to give your kitty plenty of space to run and climb about freely. It’s so cosy your cats might not want to leave!

Average price: $38 a night


3. Wanderlodge

Credit: @thewanderlodge for Instagram

Prefer the cosy home feeling for your felines? Wanderlodge’s homestay setting is certainly suitable for your cats! They have two locations: one at Sembawang and the other one at Yishun, where only cats will be staying. Keeping up to the homely theme, your cats will be pampered from head to toe. 24-hour vet support, professional groomers, pet sitters with great experience, and even accommodating to each cat’s special needs, whether they are the shy or social types. It’s open all year round as well, so if you’re taking a vacation during public holidays, here’s a place you can check out!

Average price: $35 a night


4. Meow Homestay

Credit: @meowhomestay_cat_hotel for Instagram

Here’s another homestay location your cats will love! Whether you’re planning for a daycare session or an overnight stay, the staff will accommodate your choice! They also offer long term boarding for homeless cats, so if you see any community cats around your neighbourhood that need extra love, contact them to quote a price. 

Average price: $35 a night


5. The Wagington

Credit: @thewagington for Instagram

If you’re going on a fancy vacay, your cats definitely deserve the same level of pampering, and you can get that at The Wagington. There are three different suites suited to your cat’s tastes ? Each room is even more grand and magnificent than the other, with comfortable cushions for your cats to sink into after a tiring day of pampering and amazing wood interior designs. As if that isn’t luxurious enough, your cats will be provided with their in-house extensive fine-dining menu; Chef’s specials they call it. Can us hoomans get in on this too?

Average price: $82 a night


6. The Luxe Meownor

Credit: @theluxemeownor for Instagram

Another luxurious place for your kitties’ getaway that you should check out is The Luxe Meownor. It’s only been open for a month, but the place has been on high demand! The luxury part of this cat hotel doesn’t lie in its minimalist designs and furniture, rather each cat will get their own spacious rooms, or bed chambers as they call it (truly fits the manor theme!).

Credit: @theluxemeownor for Instagram

Each room has ‘invisible’ safety grills and customised cat furniture to cater to cats of different mobility skills. And if your cat wants extra pampering, they will be treated to fur massages by any of their friendly staff using organic coconut oil. Only 15 cats are allowed at any one time, so it’s best to book early!

Average price: $68 a night


7. Kitty Care Haven

Credit: Kitty Care Haven for Facebook

Change up the view and let your cats have a staycay in the countryside! This tranquil facility is the largest cattery in Singapore, and provides both premium and budget cat boarding, as well as ad-hoc cat-sitting services. They also offer relocation assistance for your cats if you’re moving out of Singapore!

Average price: $25 a night


8. Catpurra Cat Care

Credit: @catpurrasg for Instagram

If your cat is always busy moving around and just can’t keep still, Singapore’s 1st adventure cat club might be the perfect place! Each of the 3 cabins at Catpurra Cat Care have a jungle theme going on, filled with tunnels, wheatgrass, and other climbing furniture to let your cats go wild. If that isn’t enough, your cats will be given allocated time to try thrilling activities at the Cat Adventure Club!

Average price: $35 a night


9. BONUS: Wheeky Cavies

Credit: @theorangeduo for Instagram

If you own smaller animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits, and you’re looking for a place for your furry babies to stay while you go on a vacation, check out Wheeky Cavies. Run by two guinea pigs enthusiasts who saw the lack of small pet sitters, you can be rest assured that your pet will fully enjoy their stay. Some features you can expect from WheekyCavies include clean housing in customised cabins for safety and hygiene, regular updates to keep you assured, grooming, medical care, and more!

Average price: Do contact them via their social media to find out more


10. BONUS: Cavy Motel

Credit: Cavy Motel & Spa for Facebook

Another place small pets owners should check out is the Cavy Motel! This guinea-pig only motel offers meals, comfortable paper bedding plus a safe and clean space only at $10 a night ? The team also provides daily updates through photos and videos to keep you assured. If your guinea pigs need any special requirements, just let their helpful staff know!

Average price: $10 a night


Save this list the next time you need to be apart from your furry friends! Let any of these places take care of your pets fuss-free!

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