5 Adorable Things We Learnt About Our Cats Since We Started Working From Home


Tiara •  Feb 03, 2021

It’s been almost a year since we’re spending more time at home due to the pandemic. For humans, this change has been a challenging time as we’re changing all our habits and staying home more. On the lighter side, this hard time has actually brought us closer to our furry friend at home. 

Every day, our cats grow bigger and closer to our hearts. If you’ve been spending more time with your cat during this period, here are 5 things you’ve most likely learned about them and how you can spoil them even more.

1. Sitting on laptops

You’re working from home, fully concentrated, then suddenly your cat jumps onto your keyboard and just sit still, looking cute ?. Many people say that cats do that for attention while others say that cats love the heat of laptops. To keep them close and comfortable, you can put a heated pad or mat near your laptop so they can sit with you without interrupting your work.

2. Demand for meals on time

The more you spend your time with your cat, the less you need to check the time on the clock! Cats that are used to a regular feeding schedule will remind you of their mealtime by meowing all over your feet. Giving the right pet food is the best way to increase their quality of life, especially during this time when they cannot spend as much time outside as before. 

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3. Crashing your online meetings

Cats LOVE attention! That’s why they always want to be in the spotlight, even when you are having a virtual meeting. As long as the participants don’t mind, you can sit your cat on your lap and caress them to show that you are still paying attention to them too. But if it’s an important meeting, you might want to do it in a separate room with your cat ?

4. Doing crazy zoomies

This might be the funniest thing that cats do! Zoomies are a sign that your cat has not gotten enough movement or activity so they have this ‘hyperactive’ period. To minimize this, remember to play with your cat regularly. You can also give them a bouncing toy that they can interact with.

To support their growth and development, cats also need suitable nutrition. Hill’s Science Diet is the perfect choice to ensure that your cats get all the nutrients they need.

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5. Following you around the house

This particular habit might not be the most convenient for us, but it’s a sign that your cats need something from you! ? Every cat has different needs, especially during this time (can be stressful for cats too!). So, you might want to pay more attention to their specific need, whether it’s food, attention, or even personal space. 

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Our cats are a great company that we sometimes take for granted. They are always there for us, so it’s time to do the same for our cats by giving them the best attention and nutrition  ?

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