Halal Eateries In Singapore With Prayer Rooms

9 Halal Eateries In Singapore With Prayer Rooms


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Feb 16, 2024

We've all been there: it's evening and we're enjoying dinner with friends, but it's getting dangerously close to isyak, but we haven't had the chance to maghrib yet! And oh, wouldn't it be convenient if the eatery had a musollah or prayer space? If you're not sure whether the eatery you're at has it and you don't have any other appropriate prayer spaces, no worries. This is HHWT's guide to eateries with musollah in Singapore That way you can plan your dinner session in advance, or head to the nearest eatery for prayers!

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Musollah In Singapore (Eateries Edition!)

1. Sofra Turkish Restaurant

Established in Singapore in 1999, Sofra recently reopened its restaurant at Marina Square after its Shaw Towers outlet shut its doors. The restaurant has 20 years of experience and it promises you the most authentic Turkish experience. Their Chefs are from Hatay, a city in Turkey known for its gastronomical delights that have also been featured in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Immerse yourself in the restaurant’s Turkish ambience. Their decor, customer service and Turkish plates and cups are designed to transport you to Turkey!

Sofra Turkish Restaurant

Credit: Courtesy of Sofra

In addition to an almost authentic Turkish experience, Sofra is also the perfect spot to have dinner in the evenings: it's got a prayer space in its restaurant!

Halal status: Muslim-owned


2. The Shakehouse By Love, Food Club

Need a place with amazing vibes? The Shakehouse by Love, Food Club is a casual-style, Family-Themed dining spot that offers affordable local favourite dishes! Frin Ayam Panggang Belado to Western cuisine, Flammed Grilled Ribeye and more. Plus, it's got a great ambience with great music! Impeccable vibes, we must say.

The Shakehouse By Love, Food Club

So if you're planning to head to the Shakehouse for its tasty food and amazing vibes, not to worry! They have a musollah and accompanying toilet for wudhu too ? That way you can do wudhu and pray with ease before heading back out for dinner with your loved ones!

3. Ryo Yakiniku

Located in Sembawang and Tai Seng, Ryo Yakiniku is incredibly accessible and affordable, not to mention an interesting experience! When you arrive, you'll be seated with a grill and a menu, where you can choose from 9 types of Japanese-marinated meats like Karubi and Gyutan! This Japanese Yakiniku serves very generous portions as well, so make sure to bring a friend.

Ryo Yakiniku

Credit: Courtesy of Ryo Yakiniku

The best part? They have a small, dedicated prayer space for you to do your prayers!

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


4. Tash Tish Tosh

One of Singapore's most beloved food spots in the east, Tash Tish Tosh has recently found another home East Coast Park's Marine Cove! Known for its Tulang Merah and Sabsuka, you'll absolutely be satisfied after a meal here.

Halal status: Muslim-owned


5. Rasa Istimewa Pasir Ris

Tucked all the way in the quieter part of Pasir Ris Park, Rasa Istimewa @ Pasir Ris ticks both boxes for a lovely ambience and yummy food! Whether you're craving sambal stingray, fried fish or chilli crab to share with your loved ones, they've got you covered! Some of their best-sellers include satay, mee goreng sambal, tom yum with coconut milk and a variety of fried rice dishes.

Rasa Istimewa Pasir Ris

Credit: Courtesy of Rasa Istimewa Pasir Ris

Not to mention that the staff here are really attentive and welcoming. Plus, they have a prayer space for Muslims, so you can enjoy your dinner gathering without worrying about rushing off for prayers.

Halal status: Halal-certified


6. Taliwang SG

Located next to Singapore’s Masjid Sultan in the heart of Kampong Gelam, Taliwang Restaurant is a halal Indonesian restaurant serving up authentic and high-quality Lombok cuisine! Using traditional methods and only the freshest ingredients to ensure the best flavour in their dishes, it’ll feel like you’re on a Lombok vacation with every bite. From Sambal Kang Kong to Ayam Bakar, your dinners will be both filling and tasty. Plus, they've got a prayer space which they keep clean and fresh, so you'll know you're in a safe space to pray.

Halal status: Muslim-owned


7. Dad's Corner

If you're looking for a hearty meal to share with your family then you've got to try Dad's Corner. Especially seafood lovers! Their seafood in a tub comes in 3 packages enough for 2-5 pax and includes freshly cooked crabs, prawn, mussels, lala, gonggong, and corn. You can even choose from a list of sauces including chilli crab, tomyum, and creamy garlic butter. Plus they've also got a musollah specially for your ease of prayer and dining!

Halal status: Muslim-owned


8. The Secret Garden by Zeekri Musollah

Pair aesthetically pleasing decor with great food and you'll get The Secret Garden by Zeekri Musollah! It's a beautiful restaurant nestled within the shophouses of Arab Street. Serving French cuisine, it's a perfect place to indulge in good food while you explore Arab Street. Their musollah is shared and wudhu can be performed in the toilet! They have prayer mats and garments available. Do ask the staff for access to the prayer room!

9. Yi Zun Noodle@ Joo Chiat Reservations

When you think of authentic beef noodles from China, you'll be thinking of Yi Zun Noodle! Established by a Chinese-Muslim couple from China, you know it doesn’t get any more authentic than this. Tucked along the streets of Joo Chiat this humble store is a hidden gem that sells authentic Xinjiang-style cuisine. There's a shared musollah in the restaurant itself at the rightmost corner. You can take your wudhu in the toilets and prayer mats and garments are provided too!

Who knew prayer spaces could be so accessible? It really goes to show, I guess sometimes all we need to do is ask!