Feast On Authentic Halal Lombok Cuisine At This Indonesian Restaurant In SG’s Kampong Gelam


Shasha Dania •  Oct 13, 2020

Located next to Singapore’s Masjid Sultan in the heart of Kampong Gelam, Taliwang Restaurant is a halal Indonesian restaurant serving up authentic and high-quality Lombok cuisine! ?  We recently got to try their new menu, including their signature grilled dishes and a range of appetizers, entrees, and even dessert. Read on to find out what we loved that set Taliwang Restaurant apart - and why you should dine there ASAP if you haven’t had it yet!

To fully enjoy the dishes at Taliwang Restaurant, it’s best to learn a little history about the city it’s named after! Taliwang is a city in West Nusa Tenggara near Lombok, and it’s most famous dish is Ayam Bakar Taliwang. The owners of Taliwang Restaurant have their roots in Lombok, and decided to bring Ayam Bakar Taliwang and other wholesome dishes to Singapore. Taliwang Restaurant uses traditional methods and only the freshest ingredients to ensure the best flavour in their dishes! They don’t use any artificial preservatives and all dishes are home-made - it’ll feel like you’re on a Lombok vacation with every bite. ?

Start your meal with a selection from their range of sides. The Asian Salad ($9) is a Mesclun salad with an Asian twist, including beansprouts, fried tahu, and fried tempeh tossed in roasted sesame dressing. It’s light and refreshing - perfect for a palate cleanser when your roasted and grilled mains arrive. ?  We loved the Sambal Kangkong ($8) too - it was much spicier than we expected, and each tongue-tingling bite was so addictive! The Crispy Mushroom ($8) was also light and chewy, with a texture similar to calamari rings. No matter what dish you choose, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with just one bite.

If there’s one dish you must try at Taliwang Restaurant, it’s definitely their Ayam Bakar Sambal Golek ($14 for half chicken, $24 for whole chicken). Fresh chicken is infused with a rich and savoury Sambal Golek marinade before being grilled with homemade sauces. Plus the Sambal Golek comes with some serious spice! ?  The sambal is red-hot and slightly sour, going perfectly with the tender and sweet chicken meat.

The standout dish for us was definitely the Iga Bakar Sambal Ijo ($32)! 320 grams of large beef ribs are marinated overnight and slow-cooked to keep the meat soft and tender. It’s then freshly grilled once you order - ensuring the inside is tender even while the outside has a crispy, charred sear! ? The meat fell off the bone without any effort, and every bite was full of a smoky, savoury taste that was made better with the tanginess of the sambal. If you’re a meat lover this is a must-try!

If you’re dining out with friends or family, one great dish for sharing is the Ikan Bakar Red Snapper Kicap Madu ($35). Whole red snapper is marinated and grilled in their homemade sauce, with soft fish meat and a crispy skin! The fish is freshly grilled upon order, and sweet Kicap Madu makes it perfect for younger kids. ?  Taliwang Restaurant really manages to elevate something simple like grilled fish, bringing out the freshness of both the meat and marinade. If you want something spicier, you can order the Ikan Bakar Taliwang ($35) that comes with sambal instead!

With their cozy atmosphere and dedication to bringing you only the freshest dishes possible, Taliwang Restaurant is the perfect place to have a meal for any occasion. ?  Tell your friends and family it’s time to make a trip down to Kampong Gelam for a delicious and unforgettable meal!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Open daily; 12PM - 10PM

Address: 26 Kandahar St, Singapore 198888

Delivery via:Website

Contact: +65 69099776 or +65 81699744

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