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6 Home-Based Businesses Selling Halal Sushi Bake In Singapore


Faruq Senin •  Aug 02, 2021


As most of us are staying home more often during this period, we are also celebrating special occasions at home with our loved ones. Home-based businesses in Singapore have gained popularity recently as they offer a variety of food items for the whole family. One of the most popular food trends is none other than sushi bake! For the uninitiated, sushi bake is a combination of sushi ingredients layered in a tray and then baked. Think of it as deconstructed sushi as you'd scoop a serving of the baked sushi on a piece of seaweed, then roll it and eat it. Wondering where to buy sushi bake in Singapore? We've rounded up these 6 Home-Based Businesses Serving Halal Sushi Bake In Singapore.

Halal Sushi Bake In Singapore

1. Cookbook By Ri

All sushi bakes by Cookbook by Ri are mentaiko-flavoured with your choice of salmon, prawn or a special protein of the month. Instead of getting just small or medium-sized trays with the same protein, you can also choose 2 proteins with the Half and Half trays. Plus, you can also order a side of Shepherd's Pie or Deconstructed Gimbab (Korean rice rolls) with beef bulgogi to complete your meal! Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram


Known for their blow-torched takoyaki, TORCH IT SG recently started selling sushi bakes too. The HBB has 4 different fillings for you to choose from - Spicy Tuna Ebiko, Beef Sukiyaki, Salmon Mentaiko and Unagi Kabayaki. But if you feel like it's hard to make a decision, you can also choose their Duo Combo Special where you can get the best of 2 flavours in one tray. Don't miss out on their best-seller, the takoyaki Sharing Platter! Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram

3. Uyami

Uyami's sushi bakes are just too pretty to look at! Their menu includes mentai scallop, truffle scallop, mentai beef as well as spicy versions of their mentai beef and scallop ? They've also recently just started selling their Uyami Special sauce, packed with umami and torched for some caramelisation. Not to mention that Uyami has special seasonal flavours too like salted egg yolk crab for the month of August! Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook

4. JP Kitchen

JP Kitchen is famous for its takoyaki that you'd usually spot at pasar malams pre-Covid. Now, the HBB is also selling sushi bake which are called sushi bowls instead. What's great is the variety of sushi bake flavours that they have; there are 15 of them! You can choose from Samyang Beef to lobster, teriyaki salmon mayo, snow crab, truffle duck, beef satay and more! Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook

5. Emma's Halal Kitchen

Emma's Halal Kitchen specialises in sushi bake alone and their pre-order slots get snapped up pretty quickly too. You can customise your sushi bake - have your own personal sushi bake or get a sharing tray. You can also choose if you want it spicy or non-spicy too! As for flavours, take your pick from salmon, tuna, teriyaki chicken, prawn or mix and match them ? Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook

6. Za Bakes SG

Za Bakes SG started off when the owner's son exclaimed that her food was "very delicious" and that led her to want to share her yummy cooking with others ? Take your pick from salmon kani, spicy tuna, prawn kani, salmon mentaiko and prawn mentaiko. Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram Now you know where to get your fix of halal sushi bake in Singapore! SHARE this with your loved ones and let them know ? Check these other deliveries for your celebratory meal at home: