9 Halal Home-Based Businesses To Support In Singapore During This COVID-19 Period


Cheng Sim •  May 21, 2021

While we're staying safe at home, let's lend our support to halal home-based businesses in Singapore during this challenging period! If you're planning to order some home-cooked meals, delicious desserts, and more, we want to show you some places you can start with! ? If you'd like us to feature your home-based business, fill in this form: https://bit.ly/HHWTSGHalal21

1. Da Hai Shan

When it comes to finding halal Chinese food in Singapore, look no further than Da Hai Shan that has been up and running since 2016. Started off by selling their first ever Har Cheong Gai in a bazaar, the menu has grown to over 200 dishes. For must-try signatures, savour Prawn Noodles, Crabmeat Pie Tee, Teochew Porridge, Daging Buaya Malas, Ngau Lam Min, Giamcai Beef and Wolfberry Teh Tarik. Helmed by a Muslim chef with over 20 years of experience in Chinese cooking, do try their premium salted egg yolk stone crabs that have been a hit since its inception.

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: 93955234

Email: [email protected]

How to order: DM via Instagram


2. Char Kway Power

If you're hungry and thinking of getting yu tiao sotong, popiah goreng sayur and lekor platter, make sure to place your orders at Char Kway Power. This Muslim-owned home-based business in Singapore also sells their signature homemade sambal, so you can take the spice level up a notch.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: 87776144

How to order: Call or WhatsApp at 87776144


3. SimpleBakez

Perfect for dessert lovers, time to order some simple yet delectable desserts from SimpleBakez! Led by a self-taught baker, enjoy rich and fudgy brownies, yummy cookie dough cheesecake bars, as well as marble Nutella cake.

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: 97937317

How to order: DM on Instagram or WhatsApp at 97937317

Facebook | Instagram

4. Aflaha Takoyaki

Savour a taste of Japan when you enjoy awesome takoyaki platters from Aflaha Takoyaki! Since 2017, this home-based business in Singapore has been serving tubs of delicious takoyaki. Perfect for sharing, pre-order the Takoyaki Platter with half cheese sauce that's ideal for 4 to 8 people, and it can be a wonderful centerpiece to your stay-at-home family party.

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: 90890510

How to order: Pre-order on theirwebsite

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. 6A's Kitchen

Credit: 6A's Kitchen on Facebook

Planning to take a break from the kitchen today? Order from 6A's Kitchen and get home cooked meals delivered to your doorstep! Led by a full-time mom who has a background in the service industry, their best-selling meals are Sabsuka and Roti Boyan daging. Don't forget to try Ayam Sapit Percik, which sold out every week during Ramadan.

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: 87747369

Email: [email protected]

How to order: DM on Facebook or WhatsApp at 87747369


6. Baking Soba

Keeping desserts affordable while using high quality ingredients, treat yourself and your loved ones to yummy desserts from Baking Soba! Some of their must-tries include stuffed-mochi brownies filled with Nutella, peanut butter, Biscoff, and red beans that leaves a decadent and chewy texture.

Baking Soba also sells Cinnamon Rolls in 12 original and innovative flavours including Snickers, apple pie and toffee walnut. Save some room for their classic and unique Lamingtons made from soft buttery cake coated with icing and coconut.

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: 98375983

How to order: Order on their website

Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Tehwalla

If you're craving for rich and smooth teh tarik, look no further than Tehwalla! Offering bottled ice and hot teh tarik as well as 3-liter hot teh tarik and hot masala teh tarik, it'll be the perfect accompaniment for any meal. The teh tarik is brewed fresh daily from tea leaves imported from Assam, so you'll be guaranteed a strong and unique taste in every sip!

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: 81337746

How to order: Order on Take App

Take App | Instagram

8. Treacle

Perfect for a weekend treat at home, it's time to order some flaky chocolate meringues from Treacle! Filled with cornflakes and chocolate, this home-based business in Singapore uses the finest ingredients for their product without any preservatives and artificial coloring. The team also has experience working in prestigious hotels, so you'll be guaranteed quality at a great price!

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: 91836700

How to order: DM on Instagram or WhatsApp at 91836700


9. Chunking.sg

If you're looking for halal kueh chang in Singapore, you're going to love what Chunking.sg has for you! This home-based business in Singapore brings unique fusion flavours into tradition in the form of a triangular rice dumplings with fillings!

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: 92208344

How to order: DM on Instagram


So, if you're looking to support home-based businesses in Singapore during this time, why not get delicious treats delivered to your doorstep? Share this with your family and tell them what's next on your list! ? If you'd like us to feature your eatery, fill in this form: https://bit.ly/HHWTSGHalal21