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12 Halal Dessert Boxes In SG To Order For A Sweet & Special Surprise


Shasha Dania •  Oct 26, 2022


Halal dessert boxes are a great way to gift a loved one (or yourself!) a sweet surprise without having to choose between flavours or treats 😍 Especially during the festive season, these are a great idea for a special surprise! Wondering where to buy dessert boxes in Singapore? We've gathered 12 halal dessert boxes in Singapore that are perfect for showing someone in your life how much you think of them! ❤️ Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

1. All Things Delicious

Credit: All Things DeliciousAll Things Delicious is one of our favourite local bakeries, and you can order a selection of their sweet treats to celebrate the happiest moments in your life! You can choose their fruit tart sets, muffins, choux puff sets or even a tray of bread and butter pudding 😍 Additional fees may apply for specific flavours, and do note that 3 days prep time is needed, so get your pre-orders in early. Halal status: Halal-certified Order via hereFind out more

2. Oh, Butter!

Cookie pods, sliced cakes, and cream cheese tarts galore! 😍 Oh Butter SG specialises in brownies and tarts, and their assorted selections will please any sweet tooth. Instead of getting 1 box full of the same flavour, imagine opening the lid up to see Nutella, Biscoff, and salted caramel cookie pods waiting to be enjoyed! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via hereFind out more

3. bakingsoba

Here's a sweet treat fit for a special someone! bakingsoba's Favourites Pack contains brownies and cinnamon rolls in flavours like Salted Caramel Brownie, Strawberry Cheesecake Brownie, and Tiramisu Cinnamon Rolls! Perfect for a festive surprise! 😍 Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more

4. Konditori

Konditori's Box of Treats is full of some of their signature bakes for the pastry-lover in your life! Handpicked by the Konditori team, each box comes with a handwritten note and a gift box. They also have other sets like the Premium Picnic Basket and Gift Basket (subject to availability) that mix sweet and savoury. Note that pre-orders must be done at least 2 days before delivery or pickup. Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via hereFind out more

5. The Gift Box Confections

If you can't choose between cupcakes, doughnuts, macarons or stuffed cookies - why not have a little bit of everything? 😍 The Gift Box Confection has several gift box options to choose from. Their regular Bundle Boxes range in size from Small to Extra Large, and you can customise the flavours to suit your sweet tooth. Limited slots are available for each size, so stay tuned to their Instagram for updates. Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via hereFind out more 

6. Sinfulcakes SG

If you're looking for a sweet treat you can't go wrong with macarons! ? Sinfulcakes' artisan macaron, cheesecakes, and cookies are brightly coloured and full of flavour. Choose between classic macarons crafted to complement their Valrhona chocolate fillings, or 'ch0nky b0y3s' cookies with a crunchy outside and a soft and chewy inside - perfect for a weekend treat! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via hereFind out more

7. bakes by nrul.hda

What's better for a surprise than some stuffed doughnuts? 🤤 bakes by nrul.hda's doughnuts boxes are great for surprising friends and family, especially if your loved ones are chocoholics! Stuffed with a Nutella filling until they overflow, this is a sweet any chocolate lover would adore. Doughnuts are on sale based on availability so stay tuned to their Instagram for updates! Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram P.S. Here are 10 more halal bakeries in SG to get your doughnut fix!


There's something about the crisp shell of a tart paired with a sweet filling that makes them such a satisfying treat 😋 MIXNCO's tarts come in flavours like malibu (coconut mousse), brown butter (banana cake with brown butter sauce), and even salted caramel chocolate. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more

9. Fluff Bakery

If you can't choose between Fluff Bakery's iconic bakes, try a little bit of everything with their mixed boxes instead! The 6-piece box contains their signature flavours (Nutella Red Velvet and Salted Caramel), or an assortment of their weekly flavours. Weekly specials include local inspirations like Durian Pengat, Thai Milk Tea, or classics like Ferrero Rocher! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via hereFind out more

10. Puncak Bakes

Puncak Bakes' Comfort Bundle Box is just what you need for a mid-week boost! 😍 They're not known for their beautiful cakes, but they've also sold out one round of their assorted goodies. You can look forward to their bundle box near festive seasons like National Day, including goodies like lemon pound cake, double chocolate muffins and more. Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook

11. Butteria SG

Eclairs and choux au craquelin in one box? Yes, please! 🥰 Butteria SG's boxes include their signature goodies in flavours like White Chocolate Mocha Eclair or Kaya Choux Au Craquelin topped with homemade Salted Caramel! Bake sales are announced on their Instagram, so look out for the next one. Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via hereFind out more

12. Tartisserie

Looking for something special for your next dessert spread? Tartisserie's exquisite and luxurious tarts are the way to go! Their bakers are qualified by the Culinary Institute of America (New York), and the tarts come in flavours including Strawberry Thyme, Blueberry Vanilla Cremeux, Rich Chocolate, Lychee Rose, and Brown Butter Biscoff 😍 Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more Have we got your sweet tooth going yet? 😋 Remember that many of these home bakers and bakeries have specific delivery slots or pre-order requirements, so if you're planning a surprise delivery, make sure to book ahead of time! P.S. For more pastries and confectioneries, check out these articles: