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5 Halal Steamboat & BBQ Deliveries In Singapore To Enjoy With Your Loved Ones


Faruq Senin  •  Jul 29, 2021


Though you can't dine in with loved ones during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), you can still enjoy celebrations at home! With plenty of halal food delivery in Singapore, ordering a scrumptious meal has never been easier. If you've missed having halal steamboat or halal hotpot, fret not 🤗 We've rounded up these yummy halal steamboat deliveries in Singapore and BBQ delivery. Always wondered where to buy halal steamboat ingredients? We've got you covered!

Halal steamboat delivery and BBQ delivery in Singapore

1. HaHahotpot

The Muslim-owned HaHahotpot serves yummy authentic Sichuan hotpot and even delivers islandwide to you at $8.90. There are 4 packages to choose from and you can take your pick from three different options for your soup paste - mala, mushroom and Haha Collagen Soup! With packages for 3-6 pax, savour beef or mutton shabu-shabu and other meat options like Swedish meatballs, chicken sausage, luncheon meat and cheese tofu! Seafood lovers can enjoy XL prawns, half shell scallop, or New Zealand green mussels. Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook 

2. Power Thai BBQ

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Credit: Power Thai BBQ on Facebook Power Thai BBQ is a Thai-style hotpot spot in the East serving a variety of marinated meats, fresh seafood, and cheesy dips! Dining with family or friends? Order their Platter to get 17 ingredients at once including Beef Brisket, Garlic Chicken, Prawns, and Sotong. The Tom Yum Soup and their homemade Signature Power Sambal is a must for those who love spicy food 😁 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook

3. Chice - The Original Chickata

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Credit: Chice - The Original Chickata on Facebook Serving up Thai-style BBQ, Chice has been around since 2016 and was previously known as Chickata. Savour their marinated meats, seafood, and their signature homemade chilli sauces 😋 If you're a cheese lover, you have to top up for a cheese dip which pairs really well with their succulent chicken or beef. Halal status: Halal-certified Facebook

4. OMOOKASE by Tomahawk King

Credit: @tomahawk.king on Instagram
If you've missed having halal yakiniku and shabu-shabu, there's a new halal yakiniku spot in Singapore - OMOOKASE by Tomahawk King! The good news is that they deliver too. That means you can treat yourself to their A5 Satsuma Wagyu  served in shabu-shabu slices or yakiniku cuts at home! Priced from $118, they will even provide a blowtorch so you can cook the beef to your desired doneness. Besides the meat, you can also enjoy tiger prawns, and  a variety of sides like seafood gyoza, chicken cheese ball and squid rings 😋 Halal status: Halal-certified Facebook

5. Farah Diana Steamboat & Grill

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Credit: Mohamed Farid on Facebook You can count on Farah Diana Steamboat & Grill for a yummy and affordable steamboat BBQ meal! Choose from tom yam or chicken soup and their menu changes daily too. From $68, you can expect an array of fresh seafood, marinated meats, and classic ingredients like egg tofu, crabsticks, and sausages. 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook So, who says you can't enjoy a scrumptious halal steamboat and BBQ at home? With these 5 yummy halal steamboat deliveries in Singapore and BBQ meals, you're all set for any occasion at home! Planning to have a feast with your loved ones? You might like these articles too: