This Home Delivery In Singapore Serves Halal Authentic Mala Hotpot From $39.90


Nia Sarah •  May 17, 2021

What better way to spend quality time at home with your loved ones than eating Mala hotpot together? ? For Mala fans who are bummed about not being able to dine out at your favourite restaurants, fret not as you can still get the mouthwatering, alluring Mala hotpot dishes you crave delivered right to your doorstep! If you're already craving for Mala, read on to find out where to get halal Mala hotpot for your next home delivery ?

The Muslim-ownedHaHahotpot serves yummy authentic Sichuan hotpot and even delivers islandwide to you at $8.90. What's great about them is that they offer a complete, hassle-free Mala hotpot experience - from the delivery, to the set up and the cleaning! Each delivery comes with a pot and stove, and you don't have to wash the pots after you're done devouring your Mala hotpot as they'll collect it from you afterwards.

Starting from $39.90, get your options of meat, seafood, vegetables and soup pastes along with instant noodles and a free Haha signature sauce in every package. There are four packages you can choose from, serving up meals for a pax of two to eight people - so there's definitely something for everyone to enjoy! Take your pick from three different options for your soup paste - mala, mushroom and Haha Collagen Soup!

Credit: HaHahotpot

For a pax of 3-4, you can choose from beef or mutton Shabu Shabu while the 5-6 pax package comes with both chicken and beef Shabu Shabu, along with your choice of an additional beef or mutton Shabu Shabu ? Other meat include Swedish meatballs, chicken sausage, luncheon meat and cheese tofu!

Credit: HaHahotpot on Facebook

For seafood lovers, choose your option of XL prawns, half shell scallop, or New Zealand green mussels, along with fish slices, signature prawn paste and white clams. Don't forget your healthy vegetables as well, as you can get up to 9 different options depending on your package pax which includes Chinese long cabbage, egg tofu, enoki and Shimeji mushroom, fried beancurd skin, Shanghai green, potato, corn and Lotus Root Slice.

If you're looking for something a little more bite-sized to share with your family, get their Haha Hotpot Platters and choose from platters of seafood, meat, vegetable and mushroom ranging from $10.90 to $25.90! You can also find ala-carte options of meat, seafood, vegetables and soup pastes ? Get free delivery when your order's worth more than $138!

So, can't wait to fulfil your Mala craving? All you have to do now is take your pick, place your order (2 days in advance) and enjoy halal Mala hotpot delivered right to your doorstep ? Share this with your friends and family to let them know your next stay-home plan!


Halal status: Muslim-owned

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