8 Nasi Ambeng Deliveries In Singapore Perfect For A Hari Raya Haji Feast


Faruq Senin •  Jun 22, 2023

Hari Raya Haji is approaching in a week's time, and if you're looking to order something that's perfect for everyone, why not get some nasi ambeng delivery? With mouthwatering Malay/Indonesian dishes on one huge platter, nothing beats savouring this hearty meal with your family. We've rounded up these 8 nasi ambeng delivery in Singapore that are perfect for any occasion!

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8 Nasi Ambeng Deliveries In Singapore

1. Pu3 Restaurant

Pu3 Restaurant delivers its yummy Ambeng platters (dulang) on a huge plate so it'll feel like you're eating at a restaurant. Choose between the Dulang Ambeng basic or royal sets (for 2-4 pax) and you'll be savouring their delectable dishes in no time. With their generous portions of dishes like beef rendang, sambal goreng, ayam lemak cili padi and more, you'll definitely enjoy your scrumptious meal.

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2. Coba Coba

Satisfy your nasi ambeng cravings with over 10 dishes served in Coba Coba's Nasi Ambeng Sharing Platters! The eatery offers two sets - Classic and Deluxe - and both are served in beautifully decorated plates. Besides beef rendang, sambal goreng and sambal sotong, you can also indulge in authentic Padang dishes like ayam kalio and sambal hijau padang. Their Deluxe sets come with udang belado hijau too which are huge prawns in green chilli paste.

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3. Padi @ Bussorah

Well known for their services in weddings and events, Padi @ Bussorah also serves up tantalising nasi ambeng sets. The eatery offers Ambeng Platters for 2-4 people, including a Mini Ambeng Platter if you're looking to eat solo. Their Juadah Hari Raya Haji (from $100) this year includes Beef Rendang, Sayur Lodeh, Ayam Masak Merah, Sambal Udang, Serunding and Lontong. You can also order other ala carte dishes like siput sedut and ikan bakar (grilled fish) as well as their satay and grilled prawns!

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4. Hajjah Mariam Cafe

Credit: xxnrhyteats on Instagram

Hajjah Mariam Cafe has been serving yummy nasi ambeng to those living in the Jurong but now you can get a taste of it even if you're living far away. Their Dulang Ambeng On-The-Go will make your family celebrations at home more fulfilling. Take your pick from a range of sets like Jumbo Ambeng Standard or Jumbo Ambeng Premium and you'll be enjoying their scrumptious platters in the comfort of your home.

Halal status: Muslim-owned View More

5. Sofnade

If you frequent the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar and other pasar malam (night market) in Singapore, you might be familiar with Sofnade for their meatballs-in-a-bucket but they have expanded their menu to include nasi ambeng sets too! Their Nasi Ambeng sets are perfect for up to 10 people. And you can expect unique offerings like their signature tahu begedil (tofu potato patties), their Chef's chicken curry and even soft-shell crab (for the bigger sets). Did we mention that you can get bubble tea and Ramly burger from them too!

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6. My Spice Affair

Credit: My Spice Affair - Nasi Ambeng on Facebook

My Spice Affair has its origins from a hawker stall in the 1970s and they keep their recipe authentic using self-made pastes from a variety of spices. Their Nasi Ambeng sets include sambal prawns and cuttlefish and are perfect for 3-5 people, depending on sets. If you're not having a big Nasi Ambeng feast or craving something lighter, their Ambeng Light sets and solo ambeng are perfect for you! The best part is that they're also having a Hari Raya Promotion for dishes like Mutton Curry, Sambal Goreng, Lemak Cili Padi and more.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Delivery available on:Website (Islandwide) Find out more

7. Nasi Ambeng Asli Jurong West

Credit: Nasi Ambeng Asli Jurong West on Facebook

Tuck into scrumptious dishes with Nasi Ambeng Asli Jurong West's nasi ambeng delivery. From beef rendang to paru (lungs) and fried fish with sambal, this eatery's generous portions will be just what you and your family need for the perfect celebration! Nasi Ambeng Asli Jurong West's nasi ambeng platters have received a lot of positive reviews from its customers, so rest assured, you can enjoy a fuss-free meal.

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8. Pak Dollah

Credit: Pak Dollah on Facebook

Pak Dollah might be known for its variety of catering and tingkat services but you'd be pleased to know that they offer nasi ambeng sets too. Expect a variety of offerings in the set like fried chicken, sayur lodeh alongside beef rendang and sambal cuttlefish ? If you're looking for other dishes to order with your nasi ambeng, their Briyani set, nasi lemak sotong king and satay platters will be just what you need!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Delivery available via:Website (Islandwide)

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