14 Tokyo Convenience Stores and Marts Selling Muslim-Friendly Food


Luqman Hakim •  Aug 14, 2019

[UPDATED 30 Jan 2020]

Tokyo is home to Japanese pop culture and the mecca for delicious halal Japanese food. Thanks to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there's been a rise of Muslim-friendly options for travellers, including halal supermarkets in Tokyo. Not only that, but there are also several convenience stores selling halal products which are great for travellers as they open till late (a few are opened 24/7).

While there are many halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants in Tokyo, they can be a little costly for the average budget traveller, so if you are not willing to spend much on restaurants in Tokyo then, head to your nearest supermarkets or convenience stores where you can pick up halal snacks or ingredients to cook your own meals!

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Here is a list of 14 supermarkets and convenience stores in Tokyo carrying halal products!

Halal supermarkets:

1. Hayabusa Halal Market (NEW!)

Bringing convenience to the Muslim community and travellers in Japan, this humble market primarily sells and exports halal-certified products to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

Credit: Hayabusa Halal Market on Facebook

Don't be surprised to stumble upon products like halal-certified Japanese curry, Indomie and Mi Sedaap instant noodles, Adabi lamb curry paste, Sefri premium dates, and more in the shelves.

Credit: Hayabusa Halal Market on Facebook

What's great about Hayabusa Halal Market is the availability of halal-certified ingredients and seasonings such as halal Japanese soy sauce, instant tom yam paste, instant rice vermicelli, and chilli flakes. Instead of bringing these halal ready-to-eat meals to your trip, you can free up space in your luggage for delicious Muslim-friendly snacks from Japan instead.

#HHWT Tip: Making a trip to Chiba? Hayabusa Halal Market also has another branch at Chiba Islamic Cultural Centre.

Opening hours: Open daily; 11AM-7PM

Address: Japan, 〒101-0041 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kanda Sudacho, 2 Chome−17−4 山梅ビル 7階

Contact: +81 70-4177-7867

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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2. Tokyo Camii (Mosque) Halal Mart

A mosque with a mart selling entirely halal products? Check out Tokyo Camii, Japan's biggest mosque, located near Yoyogi Park. The mosque’s majestic architecture makes it not just an amazing spot to pray but also a perfect photo opportunity ?

After completing your prayers, stop by the mosque’s halal mart located at the basement of the mosque. You can find halal meat, ingredients and ready-to-eat meals here, making it easier to cook your own meals the next time you visit Tokyo.

What's more, you can stock up on halal snacks to bring home for your loved ones! Plus, if you miss a taste of home, you can get halal products from many Asian countries like Turkey and Indonesia.

Opening hours: Open daily; 10AM-7PM

Address: 1-19 Oyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0065, Japan

Contact: +81 3-5790-0760

Website | Facebook | Instagram

P.S. When shopping in Japan, make sure you know which brands are cheaper than back home!

3. Nasco Halal Food / Green Nasco

Shopping for groceries has never been easier, especially in Japan. Located a short walk from Shin-Okubo Station along the Yamanote Line in Shinjuku, Nasco Halal Food (or Green Nasco) sells halal meat, snacks and ingredients. Most of Nasco’s products have been imported from countries such as the Middle East, Indonesia and Thailand.

Make your life easier with Nasco Halal Food’s online store on their user-friendly webpage. Just sign up for an account, stock up your cart with groceries, pay and have your groceries delivered directly to your doorstep in Japan ?

Opening hours: Open daily; 11AM-12AM

Address: 2 Chome-9-3 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 169-0073, Japan

Contact: +81 80-4086-8631


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4. Al-Flah Supermarket

Al-Flah Supermarket in Ikebukuro is one of the first supermarkets to sell halal products in Tokyo!

Here's where you can find an extensive variety of frozen meat from chicken to beef, mutton and lamb. If you're thinking of preparing an Indian meal, this is the place to go as you'll find bags of spices with reasonable prices too. They also sell Indonesian food pastes so you can cook dishes like rendang, soto ayam and sambal goreng!

#HHWT Tip: You can also order groceries through Al-Flah Supermarket's online portal and have it delivered to your accommodation.

Opening hours: Open daily; 11AM-11PM

Address: 2 Chome-41-2 Ikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo 170-0014, Japan

Contact: +81 3-3985-9784


5. Sunshine Halal Mart

Here's another halal mart in Ikebukuro - Sunshine Halal Mart - which is conveniently located in front of Sunshine City shopping mall.

Credit: Sunshine Halal Mart on Facebook

You can easily spot Sunshine Halal Mart by its kebab store on the first floor. Head up to the second and third floors and you'll be greeted with an array of halal meat, fish, spices, canned food and more. Not only do they have Indian and Pakistani goods, but you can also get Thai curry pastes so you can prepare a delicious Thai meal. Otherwise, check out their Indonesian food products which include popular instant noodle brands like Indomie and Mi Sedaap.

Opening hours: Open daily; 10AM-12AM

Address: 1 Chome-13-12 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan

Contact: +81 3-5952-1313

Website | Facebook

6. Maya Bazaar

Though Maya Bazaar is just a small store, it's perfect if you're in the Meguro area of Tokyo. The store sells halal chicken, mutton, sausages and several other halal processed meat.

Do note that Maya Bazaar sells only Indian goods so this is where you'd want to go if you're thinking of cooking up a yummy Indian feast. Take your pick from assorted spices, ready-to-cook prata, chapati, curry and more!

Opening hours: Mon-Sat; 10AM-8PM (closed on Sun)

Address: 3 Chome-10-1 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 141-0021, Japan

Contact: +81 3-5420-2032

Website | Facebook

Supermarkets with some halal products:

7. Gyomu Super

Gyomu Super carries local and international brands and its stores can be found all over Japan. In Tokyo, you can find the supermarket at popular areas like Ueno, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. They have some imported goods, which are halal-certified. Halal products are clearly labelled on the supermarket’s shelves, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to spot them.

Products include halal beef imported from Australia and imported snacks. If you are looking for a halal, non-gelatine-including pack of marshmallows to munch on, Gyomu Super will satisfy your craving for these sinfully, satisfying pillows of sugary goodness ?

You can also find Samurai Ramen at Gyomu Super, which is a vegan product free from animal-based derivatives. It gives Muslim travellers an option to taste the authenticity of Japanese instant ramen ?

Opening hours, Address and Contact: Click here for Gyomu Super outlets (Webpage is in Japanese, right-click and select "Translate to English")


8. Nissin World Delicatessen

For those who are staying near Roppongi or the Tokyo Tower in Minato, you'd be pleased to know that Nissin World Delicatessen at Azabu-Juban station has a wide selection of halal products. That's because the supermarket caters to an international crowd!

Credit: Keigo Nakagawa on Facebook

Besides halal-certified meat from Australia and New Zealand, Nissin World also sells halal-certified bread, halal Japanese sauces, seaweed and more, so rest assured you're all set to cook your halal meal ?

Opening hours: Open daily; 8.30AM-9PM

Address: 2 Chome-32-13 Higashiazabu, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0044, Japan

Contact: +81 3-3583-4586


9. Nozawa-ya

Located at the basement of the Ameyoko Center Building in Ueno, Nozawa-ya is where you should go for your fix of Southeast Asian goods and ingredients.

Apart from halal beef, chicken and mutton, you can get exclusive items here like kicap lemak manis (sweet soy sauce), santan (coconut milk), vermicelli, basmati rice, tempeh (fermented soy beans), terasi (shrimp paste) and Indonesian instant noodles!

Opening hours: Open daily; 10AM-8PM

Address: Japan, 〒110-0005 Tokyo, Taito City, Ueno, 4 Chome−7−8 アメ横センタービル地下1階 (located at the basement of Ameyoko Center Building)

Contact: +81 3-3833-5212


10. AEON

AEON stores also carry their house brand products, TOPVALU, some of which are certified halal by JAKIM (Malaysia's Islamic authority). AEON has 3 stores in Tokyo – Shinonome, Itabashi and Shinagawa.

Halal TOPVALU products include premix Malaysian coffee, sauces and potato chips which are reasonably priced ? Do note though, not all AEON stores carry these products. Do check with the staff when visiting an AEON store.

Opening hours, Address and Contact: Click here for AEON stores in Tokyo.


Convenience stores with halal products

11. Rogers Mart

A minimart located along Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street, a stone’s throw from Senso-ji Temple, Rogers Mart is the perfect store to head to if you need to stock up on halal-certified goodies!

A must-buy product from Rogers Mart is the halal fresh cream daifuku, a mochi-like dessert filled with cream with a variety of flavours including Matcha and Red Bean ?

You can also find halal-certified frozen bento sets from Royal Deli if you're on a budget and need to grab a bite. Besides that, you can also find other halal Asian products like prata and more. For more details, check out our feature on Rogers Mart.

Opening hours: Open daily; 10AM-9.30PM

Address: 1-22-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032

Contact: +81 3-5811-1736

P.S. Thinking of what other Muslim-friendly items you can get at convenience stores in Japan? Here is a list of 9 Japanese Convenience Store Snacks you didn’t know were Muslim-Friendly.

12. Lawson (Okachimachi Minami Store)

One of the biggest convenience store franchises in Japan, Lawson is frequented by locals and tourists for everyday necessities. Additionally, it has an interesting feature in its Okachimachi Minami Store.

The store can be found in front of Okachimachi Station’s south gate. Visit the store the next time you head to Okachimachi and you will find a halal section. Selling halal products such as rice crackers and instant food, looking for halal food in this part of Tokyo wouldn’t be so much of a hassle ?

Credit: Halal Media Japan

Opening hours: 24h

Address: 5 Chome-27-2 Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan

Contact: +81 3-5812-0679

13. Selected 7-Eleven outlets 

Did you know you can find halal ready-to-eat meals (or bento sets) in some 7-Eleven stores in Tokyo? We've rounded up the 8 spots where you can the halal bento from Royal Deli which are from the same suppliers as those in Rogers Mart.

Credit: Mallika Rojanaridpiched on Facebook

Just pop the bento set into a microwave oven and dig into either the tender, succulent Beef Rice Bowl (or Gyudon) or their Butter Chicken Curry Rice. Yummy!

Department Stores

14. LAOX

LAOX is a Japanese department store chain in Tokyo. LAOX’s Shinjuku, Ginza and Akihabara stores are the more notable ones and these stores are where you will find halal goods. You can find LAOX’s Muslim section on the 6th floor of the Shinjuku and Ginza store and the 4th floor of the Akihabara store.

There are many halal snacks, both sweet and savoury on the shelves including yummy Japanese rice crackers. You can also find halal instant noodles on the shelves. You won’t have to worry about going hungry again as you will be spoilt for choice with their huge variety of halal goodies ? Looking for more Muslim-friendly souvenirs to bring home? Do check out this list of souvenirs to get the next time you head to Tokyo.

If you are looking for prayer spaces, the three LAOX stores have prayer rooms – on the 6th and 7th floor of the Shinjuku store, 5th and 6th floor of the Ginza store and 7th floor of the Akihabara store.

Opening hours, Address and Contact: Click here for LAOX stores in Tokyo.

BONUS: Japanese Vending Machines

Nothing gets more convenient than vending machines and the Japanese even has a culture revolving around the vending machine. You can easily find vending machines all over Japan, whether you are on a metro platform or in alleyways.

You can find all sorts of consumables in Japan’s vending machines from drinks, ready-to-eat meals and snacks to unorthodox items such as clothing, toiletries and even toys (known as gachapons). Food in most vending machines in Japan may not be halal-certified but there are a few, which are Muslim-friendly. We recommend that you do your necessary checks and dine at your own discretion.

Looks like you won’t have to worry about finding halal food the next time you visit Tokyo, Japan. This modern metropolis has many supermarkets and convenience stores with halal products for you to fill your hungry tummy. Not to mention, you can easily find halal ingredients in the places we’ve listed so, you can easily whip up a delicious meal in your accommodation ?