Halal Ready-To-Eat Meals You Can Bring On Your Trip

8 Halal Ready-To-Eat Meals You Can Bring On Your Trip


Ili •  Nov 02, 2023

One of the most exciting things to do when travelling is to eat local food. Whether that’s indulging in authentic South Korean cuisine or hitting up delicious ramen joints in Japan, the experience is something that shouldn’t be missed. However, it can sometimes pose a challenge when you’re faced with moments like scarcity of halal food, breaking budget from constantly eating out and late-night hunger pangs with no eateries operating at midnight. Travelling with ready-to-eat meals will definitely help you overcome these situations when you’re abroad! So, if you’ve never packed a ready-made meal on a trip before, it’s time to jump on it and start with this guide right here.

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1. Brahim’s

As one of the most popular brands specialising in ready-to-eat meals, Brahim’s is unsurprisingly the go-to product among many travellers when it comes to packing food for trips. With all kinds of meals available such as beef rendang, chicken curry with potatoes and anchovies sambal, you’ll be able to find something that will suit your taste. The brand also has a line of ready-to-eat rice that can be eaten with the meals or on its own. From chicken fried rice and tomato rice to biryani mutton rice and salted fish fried rice, simply microwave the packets or leave them in boiling water for five minutes before eating. You can even stir-fry the rice and add an egg for a heartier meal.

Note: While pre-packaged foods are generally admissible, some countries such as Australia and New Zealand have restrictions on what food items can be brought in. We recommend that you check the customs rules and regulations for your destination country beforehand.


KEMBARA is another renowned brand that provides ready-made meals. Catering towards backpackers and outdoor lovers, choose from any one of the four delicious flavours they have to offer: beef rendang with pilaf rice, chicken masak merah with tomato rice, nasi lemak with chicken rendang and lamb kuzi with hujan panas rice. What makes KEMBARA Meals unique is that you have the option of purchasing their self-heating meals that come with a food warmer in the packets. So, if you happen to be trekking through a deep forest or climbing the chilly mountains of Switzerland where there’s no access to heating options, this product is the perfect choice for you!

3. Sharifah

Halal Ready-To-Eat Meals You Can Bring On Your Trip

Bring a taste of home when you travel abroad with Sharifah’s ready-to-eat meals. From the beloved rendang collection to the highly favoured nasi goreng products, you’ll get to savour authentic Malaysian recipes no matter which meal you choose to pack for your trip. With only little preparation needed, tuck into a delicious spread of Sharifah’s ready-made meals within minutes and fulfill that home-cooked food craving thoroughly.


Halal Ready-To-Eat Meals You Can Bring On Your Trip

Convenient, cheap and wholly satisfying? There’s nothing better than slurping on a steaming cup of MAGGI noodles to cure that late-night craving while travelling. Considered one of Malaysia’s all-time favourite noodles, these ready-to-eat meals are also a great alternative when you’re looking to save some money on food during your travel. Having a couple of these on hand will make eating out at fancier restaurants a little more doable.

5. Indomie

For travellers who are fans of Indonesian flavours, consider bringing a few cups of Indomie noodles. With chilli powder included in the packaged noodles, the spicy and aromatic ready-made meals from Indomie is a great option for a pick me up in the midst of your travel. Besides the classic flavour of original fried noodles, make sure to check out their other innovative ones as well such as soto, green chili and chicken curry.

6. MAMEE Chef

Yes, that’s right! From the same brand that popularized MAMEE Monster - one of the nation’s greatest childhood snacks - MAMEE Chef is their line of instant noodles that is quickly becoming a common ready-made meal alternative for many. The popularity of the brand comes as no surprise especially since MAMEE Chef's Curry Laksa Flavour has been applauded for its impressive use of the 'mi tarik' technology which produces a similar texture as hand-pulled noodles.


Halal Ready-To-Eat Meals You Can Bring On Your Trip

Credit: Nissin Foods Malaysia on Facebook

To all lovers of Japanese ramen, make some space in your luggage for some NISSIN cup noodles! Their flavours of Tokyo Shoyu, Kyushu Black and Kyushu White will delight you endlessly with their distinct taste that is authentically Japanese. You can also have a go at their other unique cup noodles such as Korean Army Stew and Seafood Curry.

8. Quaker

If you’re looking for a simpler meal that can keep you full for a longer period of time, then Quaker is your answer. From their wide selection of flavoured instant oatmeal and instant oat porridge, all you'll need to do is stir the oats in a saucepan of boiling water and voila! You'll have yourself a nice, yummy bowl of nutritious oatmeal to fuel up before heading out. If you decide to stick to the plain oatmeal, throw in some fruits like bananas or apples to add your own flavour to it.

Having ready-to-eat meals on your trip can certainly come in handy and with endless options available out there, why not pack some to ensure that your travel can go as smoothly as possible.