4 Hijabi Hair Care Tips For Those Who Love Going Hiking Or Doing Outdoor Activities


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Sep 02, 2021

This one’s for our hijabis ? Living in a tropical country with hot and humid weather, many of us probably relate to this - oily, sweaty hair that smells after a long day of being out in the sun. The worst bit? Experiencing hair loss, dandruff and the dry, itchy scalp. From satin silk inners to hair products, many of us hijabis struggle with maintaining healthy hair (which stems from a healthy scalp!). It seems that hair problems such as hair loss don’t just affect older people?

Well to help our hijabi sisters (and anyone else who experiences similar hair problems) out, we’ve got 4 hijabi hair care tips for anyone who loves going hiking, doing outdoor activities, or just hates the effects of our sunny weather on their scalp! 

P.S. These tips apply to anyone who isn’t a hijabi as well!

Hair Care Tips For Outdoor Activities

1. Start with practicing good hair hygiene

Let’s start with the basics! Hair hygiene is incredibly important when it comes to caring for your hair, especially if you’re someone who loves the outdoors. And there’s a reason for this. The enclosed environment from wearing the hijab, the heat, and humidity may leave your hair prone to becoming greasy and filled with dandruff. 

One way to avoid these problems is to practice good hygiene, especially after your shower! Avoid tying up your hair while it is wet, as it can damage or cause your hair to break. You may also want to avoid wearing your hijab while your hair is still damp as it may cause greasy hair. So do remember to dry your hair thoroughly before tying up your hair and wrapping your hijab around it.

2. Wear silk satin hijab scarves or underscarves out

If you haven’t heard, silk-satin hijabs are all the rage at the moment! Since silk is made out of protein fibers that are similar to that of hair, silk hijabs are gentle to the skin and scalp. 

And this is because silk is absorbent! They wick away any extra moisture from your scalp, making it cool and comfortable under the hot weather. You could imagine how helpful this would be when you’re outdoors, playing sports or hiking!

If your precious silk hijab is a little too pretty to use outdoors while you rugged it out, opt for a silk underscarf. They have the same benefits and help you avoid an unhealthy scalp

3. Say no to hot showers before and after being outdoors

Are you guilty of showering with almost scalding hot water? I know I am! This apparently universal preference among many females however seems to have negative effects on our hair ? Hot water cause your scalp to dehydrate, and removes natural oils from your hair. This in turn leads to your hair strands breaking. 

Opt for cold water instead for better blood circulation! This will allow your body to transport more nutrients to your scalp and prevent your hair cells from dying, or your hair shafts from being tightened. Better yet, try Beijing 101 Hair Consultants’ herbal hair wash and herbal tonic application once a week instead to get thicker and healthier hair.

You could also help your blood circulation by going for a Meridian Scalp Massage by Beijing 101! (P.S. This comes free with their Hair and Scalp Treatment. Read on to find out more ?) Beijing 101 has private areas for hijabis and anyone else who loves a bit of privacy to let their hair down with ease and relax ?

Beijing 101’s Meridian Scalp Treatment 

Using specific acu-pressure points to target different issues with your body during the massage, the Meridian Scalp Treatment is both beneficial AND relaxing. You can choose between 4 types of massages:

1. Overall Well Being

2. Tension

3. Stress

4. Sleeping Disorders

4. Invest in a dedicated hair care routine to maintain your hair!

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp - and with so many types of hair, it might be difficult to find a hair routine that suits you. Well if you’re still looking for the perfect way to care for your hair, Beijing 101 Hair Consultants might just be able to help. Not only do they have a state-of-the-art scalp analysis machine to find out the condition of your hair and scalp, they specialise in treatments to promote hair and scalp health!

Beijing 101’s 1-to-1 consultation

One of HHWT’s favourite scalp treatments is Beijing 101’s Hair & Scalp Revival Treatment. Beijing 101 uses a natural, TCM-based method to boost your hair and scalp health! If you do decide to opt for this treatment, you’re making the right choice - it’s super calming and would definitely calm you down after any outdoor activity.

Plus, it’s super helpful for your scalp! Check out the amazing results of the treatment down below. No more oily scalp or dandruff ? Their pre and post scalp analyses give you an entire breakdown of how your hair can be improved and worked on (pre-analysis) and then how it has changed since treatments with Beijing 101 (post-analysis)! Not only will you be able to get customised treatment specially for your scalp, you’ll be rest assured that you’ll see results!

P.S. Here’s a tip: check out their customised puri scalp mask application to help remove dead skin and sebum accumulated on your scalp ?

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It’s so important to maintain a healthy scalp for healthy hair. With scrunchies, cold showers and Beijing 101’s Hair & Scalp Revival Treatment, we’re sure you’ll be able to have soft, luscious and healthy hair in no time! If you’ve enjoyed these tips, check out Beijing 101’s hair care tips as well! From finding out and solving the problems of grey hair to how to help your dry hair, they have incredibly helpful tips to help you resolve your hair worries right from your home ?‍?

This article is brought to you by Beijing 101.