6 Essential Haircare Tips For The Jet-Setting Traveller


Shasha Dania •  Nov 08, 2019

Once your plans are confirmed you’re bound to get all kinds of advice from well-meaning friends and family: Moisturize your hair before you fly! Don’t wash your hair before a flight! Buy some leave-in conditioner! But which of these tips will actually help you keep your hair healthy and strong throughout the flights, treks, trips, and adventures that you’ll put it through? ?

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To make your vacation haircare routine much easier, we’ve compiled 6 simple haircare tips to cover you from pre-flight prep to post-vacation pampering. ?

P.S. Check out this article for even more hijabi-friendly haircare tips!


1. Don’t use too many hair care products

While you may be tempted to try and compensate for a dry and dehydrating flight, don’t use too many serums or moisturizers first. Give yourself time to see how your hair will react to the climate or water in your destination. Many factors including humidity, wind, temperature, and the ‘hardness’ of the water will come into play. Who knows, your hair might even feel nicer than it does back home! ?

2. Pack flight-ready haircare products

If your hair has any existing issues such as an oily scalp or brittle ends, pack a small bottle of your trusted haircare products into your carry-on. Make sure to check your airline and country’s flight regulations so you don’t get flagged at security!

P.S. If you’re taking multiple long flights with a layover in-between, check ahead of time if the airport has any free or affordable shower facilities. Giving your hair a quick rinse can help get rid of that post-flight greasy feeling!

Serums or moisturizers are a great emergency fix for frizzy hair or if you’re landing in a cold, windy climate. Dry shampoo can also help with oily or greasy scalps, especially if you’re landing early in the day and won’t get to shower until much later.

During your flight

3. Use a silk scarf or silk-satin hijabs

Silky hijabs aren’t just there for making you look fantastic - they’re healthy for your hair too! Wrapping your hair in soft natural material such as silk keeps it from being damaged by the airplane seat static as well as weather changes. Silk wraps can also be used when sleeping in unfamiliar hotel rooms to keep your hair from being damaged by the pillowcase.

These days with so many hijab brands on the market, you won’t have much trouble finding a brand that stocks silky smooth hijabs, turbans, or wraps! Some of the brands that stock such materials include dUCk, TudungPeople, Naelofar.com and Adlina Anis.

4. Stay hydrated

This is a simple but very important rule when flying in airplanes - drink lots of water! The environment in an airplane is very dry, and drinking water helps both your hair and skin stay moisturized. Try to avoid soft or fizzy drinks as they can dehydrate you! Instead, bring along a refillable or collapsible bottle and ask the flight attendants if you get a refill during the flight.

Vacation time!

5. Use hair products that you trust

You might be tempted to leave your haircare products at home and just use what your accommodation provides. However, haircare products from your hotel can sometimes be unsuitable for your own unique hair type! If you have conditions such as dandruff, greasy scalp, or treated hair, definitely bring along products that you trust so that you won’t have to worry about your hair throughout your trip.

If you are unsure what products are best for you, try out 101’s travel-sized shampoo and conditioner. The revitalizing shampoo helps to clear clogged follicles and restore your scalp’s oil secretion, and is suitable for normal to oily scalp. The conditioner is specially infused with herbs that deep condition the hair and help to restore moisture - perfect for all hair types especially dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair! ?


6. Keep your post-vacation hair healthy by going for a scalp check-up

If it’s been a few weeks since you came back from your holiday and you notice your hair or scalp seems a little different, it’s important to act fast to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem!

You can arrange a Scalp Cleansing treatment at 101’s new Funan outlet to rejuvenate and revive your hair back to prime condition. 101 helpfully caters for Muslimahs that require additional privacy - they can provide a secluded area, either by using curtains or private rooms (where available) so you won’t have to worry about how you’ll take off your hijab when going for your treatment.

The treatment uses herbs such as ginseng and lingzhi to promote healthy hair growth, stimulate hair follicles, and tackle hair loss. Sign up now for an exclusive 101 Intensive Scalp Cleansing Treatment for just $40 - it even comes with a free Hair Care Kit and a Pair of Movie Tickets (total worth $640)!

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