Top 12 Hijab Labels Every Muslimah Should Have In Their Closet


Sharifah Yusoff •  Nov 14, 2017

Modest fashion has become quite the trend recently as more international fashion houses started releasing collections that do not shy away from loose-fitting garments or launching luxury hijabs. Faith and fashion are certainly not mutually exclusive and every Muslimah knows a good hijab makes the outfit!

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From soft cotton to luxurious silk, matte finish or satin sheen, wide shawls to square scarves, for sportswear or be Eid ready, crystal encrusted or digital prints – the variety of hijabs is seemingly endless (and we haven’t even gotten to all the colours they come in!).

Maybe it's time to store all the black scarves we’ve cautiously repeated for now and invest in some quality and beautifully-made new ones. Here are 12 hijab labels you should know if collecting hijabs is your favourite past-time ?

Luxury hijabs

1. Duck Scarves

Founded by fashion mogul Vivy Yusof, Duck is the go-to brand for stylish and urban-chic Muslimahs keen on growing their collection of luxury scarves. Duck delivers beautifully-made scarves available in fabric materials like satin, mixed crepe, georgette and chiffon among others, and comes in a variety of colours.

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While every scarf is gorgeous, Duck’s Limited Edition designs and prints truly set it apart from other brands. From city skylines to world maps, to scarves encrusted with Swarovski crystals to even getting inspired by traditional Malaysian desserts; every Duck collection is truly one of a kind and each Duck scarf is proudly made to reflect exciting local designs.

Credit: @vivyyusof on Instagram

Bring a little Malaysia everywhere with this KL Duck Merdeka where the skyline of the city is beautifully printed on an ombre scarf.

Credit: @faafirds on Instagram

Or take this Alhambra Duck instead: inspired from Islamic architecture of mosques with intricate geometric shapes printed on an array of coloured scarves.

Credit: @theduckgroup on Instagram

True to its name, each scarf is embellished with an adorable Duck charm. The premium basics are easier to get a hold of but if you’re keen to snap up one from the Limited Edition collections, be sure to follow them on their socials for the latest updates for Duck scarves are known to be sold out within minutes of their launch!

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2. Tudung People

Silk-blend scarves for the perfect drape, Japanese cotton twill ones for lightweight comfort, crepe for the feminine flowy look – Tudung People has it all! Be it wide shawls or square scarves, embellished with Swarovski crystals or left simply plain, heavy chiffon for more opaqueness or mixed cotton lyra for an easy wear, every collection is stunning and has a rightful place in your closet ?

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Tudung People’s latest line is the Alyna which features Japanese cotton twill in the wide shawl style – a light and cooling shawl made suitable for those warmer days.

Credit: @fazrenaaziz on Instagram

For a touch of glamour especially for your Eid outfits, the Arraynaa Diamant features a custom crown design on satin-silk shawl. Everyone deserves some sparkle in their wardrobe!

Credit: @tudungpeople on Instagram

Need some help coordinating your outfits with their scarves? Be sure to follow Tudung People on their Instagram (@tudungpeople) for some inspo!

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Instant hijabs

3. Naelofar Hijab

A household name with Malaysian actress Neelofa holding the reins, this next brand does not need much introduction for it is known to be quite the fan-favourite far and wide. Get effortlessly chic with this highly popular instant hijab line!

Instant hijabs are express versions of conventional head scarves that ladies can slip over their heads without the fuss of pins or draping. They are perfect for those who just started wearing the headscarf or for the busy bees who are after a polished look without the fuss. Semi-instant shawls are also available where you can add your own flair of drapes or twists for that personalised style. Another instant hijab variety is the “dua-muka” (two-faced) scarves – all of which are available from Naelofar.

Credit: @neelofa on Instagram

Credit: Naelofar Hijab on Facebook

Naelofar Hijab’s latest launch is their Helena collection: an instant hijab that is richly adorned with Opal White crystals placed along the curved hem of the scarf. Helena is made from Korean Chiffon for its breathability and cooling nature so no matter the weather or humidity outside, you can still look effortlessly chic.

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4. Cakenis

Started by Malaysian model and actress Hanis Zalikha, Cakenis aims to simplify wearing the hijab by featuring instant hijabs that do not require any pins! Like its tagline “Broochless, Just-Hook”, Cakenis shawls comes with tiny hooks to secure around the face and with a drape over the shoulder, you’re good to go! This approach to wearing the headscarf is especially great for those concerned about ruining their scarves with pinholes from wearing brooches.

Credit: @cakenis on Instagram

This heavy chiffon shawl from the Istanbul collection adds light dainty touch to the tough denim feel.

Credit: @cakenis on Instagram

Cakenis’ lush satin shawl collections deliver the right lustre to glam up any outfit.

Credit: @cakenis on Instagram

Instant hijabs that does not need any pins can be quite the life-saver for days where you have to be out the door as soon as possible. With these colours from Cakenis, don’t mind if we take them all!

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Chiffon hijabs

5. Aamani Hijab

Classy, sophisticated, smart and practical: qualities of the modern Muslim women’s style that Aamani Hijab wishes to reflect in their products. Aamani Hijab produces collections of beautiful hijabs in printed satin as well as Italian chiffon and lace but for everyday wear, nothing beats a good quality chiffon that is easy, breezy and soft to the touch.

Credit: Aamani Hijab on Facebook

The Alma Flow Shawl collection is made from double chiffon so opacity is not a problem here. It has enough structure to hold its shape while maintaining the softness of a good drape flow. The collection comes in 17 stunning colours – just in case you need some colour variety in your life ?

Credit: @nadyawesome on Instagram

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A brand looking to establish a sisterhood of modern and modest women from all walks of life, UMMA presents a collection of comfortable and multipurpose clothing. The UMMA brand carries Jubahs, one set top-and-trousers, menswear, and of course their hijab collections. Deceptively simple, UMMA’s features scarves that are mostly in a single hue but that is what makes them so versatile! The UMMA Basic Scarf, made from premium chiffon, is lightweight. It has a less slippery finish than typical chiffon scarves and with bold solid colours, is easily coordinated with any outfit!

Credit: @umma.my on Instagram

Take a cue from founder Zaireen Azman who adds a pop of colour with her Nawar Basic Scarf in Sand Nude to her otherwise monochrome #ootd. Chiffon scarves are also great for creating the layered look without leaving you stuffy and hot!

Credit: UMMA on Facebook

For chiffon with a little more stretch, try their Fatima Basic scarves that can be worn without pins. Or if semi-instant is more of your vibe, UMMA’s Azra is an easy to wear chiffon scarf that comes with an attached lyra inner. There is a string attached at each of the inner’s ends so you can just tie to secure the inner then drape the rest of the scarf on your head and over the shoulder.

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7. Bidadari Contemporary

Believing that every woman deserves to feel as beautiful as a bidadari (“angel” in Malay) is what got Bidadari Contemporary started as a company. Providing fashionable hijabs and beautiful modest clothing for Muslim women to look as good as they feel thus became the vision for Bidadari Contemporary.

Credit: @bidadaricontemporary on Instagram

One of Bidadari Contemporary’s signature hijabs is their Boneeta Luxe collection. Featuring a cotton chiffon blend, this instant loop shawl brings a lightweight elegance to your look and makes for a beautiful drape cascading down the side as well.

Credit: @bidadaricontemporary on Instagram

Their Melur Scarf line is part of their premium collection. Made from high quality chiffon in a butterfly cut shawl style, Melur offers the soft flowy look accompanied by the floral embellishments running down one side of the shawl.

Credit: @bidadaricontemporary on Instagram

These pretty hues are part of their Boneeta Plain Chiffon collection – instant loop shawls with attached strings.

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Sports hijabs

8. Olloum

Activewear is often perceived to look too casual instead of fashionable but Olloum can attest that activewear can too be sleek and chic. Formerly known as Love to Dress, Olloum strives to produce comfortable and stylish collections for urban Muslims. Time to get off the couch and out of that loungewear and into something more trendy and active!

Credit: @olloum.official on Instagram

This Performance Instant Scarf is made from Olloum’s latest technology: the COOLIO™ fabric that will absorb your sweat and body heat and turn it into cool air. This highly stretchable scarf can also be button together at the sides for a more secured wearing – great for more high impact activities like running!

Credit: @olloum.official on Instagram

Olloum also features an entire collection of activewear that is hijab-friendly without compromising comfort and active performance. From slim pants to collared zip up jackets and long sleeve tops all made from that same COOLIO™ technology, say goodbye to your old shabby workout clothes and hello to these!

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9. Adlina Anis

Adlina Anis houses a wide selection of scarves like snoods, instant shawls and turbans. But one stood out item from this brand is their Ninja Echo - the underscarf that has a patent-pending flap that allows the wearer to use earphones comfortably!

Credit: @adlinaanis on Instagram

The Ninja Echo was inspired by founder Adlina Anis’ interest in keeping fit but was unable to access to music while she runs because her hijab did not accommodate earphones. With the Ninja Echo, there is no more such problem and now anyone can be entertained as they live their active lives!

Credit: @adlinaanis on Instagram

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10. Asiya Sports

Named after a highly revered woman in Islamic history, Asiya strives to be as courageous as their namesake in their support for Muslim girls’ participation in sports. The brand was started when founder Fatimah Hussein saw how athletic uniforms and apparels for Muslim girls that would allow them to compete in public while upholding their religious and cultural beliefs were not easily or widely available. The inspiration behind Asiya was from the girls Fatimah was working with who voiced their wish to be actively involved in sports and so, an activewear that would optimize fit, fabric and performance for these girls began production.

Credit: @asiyasport on Instagram

Asiya Sports Hijabs come in three different styles for different levels of modesty, style preferences, and uses!  For the ultimate sweat-wicking performance and breathability, all of the hijabs are made with their ultra-lightweight and soft ASIYA®Cool Technology Fabric. Now girls can stay modest in comfort, while working for those exercise-induced endorphins!

Credit: @asiyasport on Instagram

All three hijab types feature the pull-on design where no pin is required with mesh fabric detailing along the forehead for extra comfort. The Sport is designed to be tuck-in to your shirt and be out of the way of snags or pulls; the Lite is an inner-headband style; the Fit has a longer front for chest coverage.

Credit: @asiyasport on Instagram

No matter your level of activity, there sure is a hijab at Asiya Sport for you!

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Printed hijabs

11. Kimono Hijab

For a hijab that is truly one of a kind (where there is only one just for you!), Kimono Hijab is where you ought to look at. Kimono Hijab is a subscription box service that will deliver customer a box of hijab made with Kimono material every month. 100% silk, these printed hijabs will feel super luxurious on your skin!

Credit: Kimono Hijab on Facebook

The floral motifs are authentic to Japanese designs and as these are real Kimono material, every print you see on the silk is purely handmade - dyed, drawn or stitched by talented craftspeople!

Credit: Kimono Hijab on Facebook

A subscription with Kimono Hijab means there will be a present for you every month – how exciting! Purchase of individual hijabs is also available if you are not keen to subscribe to them just yet.

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12. Meem Clothings

Singapore-based Meem Clothings is no stranger to the spotlight, having showcase their designs at Tokyo Modest Fashion Show just last year. This fashion brand strives to promote hayaa, where women need not compromise their faith when dressing up. Meem adheres strongly to their key principles of simplicity and modesty that are reflected in the gorgeous designs of their wide shawl collections.

Credit: Meem Clothings on Facebook

Made of the luxe material of satin silk, this digital printed Alacati scarf from the Turkish Collection is something youthful and sweet. A wide shawl measuring 200cm by 69cm, this soft and flowy fabric is great for those who adorn greater coverage both in the chest area and the back.

Credit: @hanisrohayat on Instagram

Meem also draws inspirations from the places founder Hanis Rohayat visits: from whimsical Cappadocia to magical Kyoto. In this Japan Wanderlust Collection, the earthy tones of autumn hues inspired this orange floral design where you can look chic yet feminine too. Wherever else Meem Clothings choose to go, new inspirations for their next Wanderlust Collections awaits!

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While not exclusively a hijab brand, Nike has made progressive strides to be inclusive of Muslim women. Having announced their plans earlier this year to create a sports hijab specifically for female Muslim athletes, Nike Pro Hijab is now available for purchase online and select stores worldwide!

Credit: @amna.s.alhaddadon Instagram

Named as one of Time’s best inventions of 2017, the hijab is made from stretchy mesh, with tiny, strategically placed holes for optimal breath-ability.  So, while you'll definitely work up a sweat running around and burning off those calories, you wouldn't feel too warm wearing the cooling material.

Credit: Running360on Facebook

Currently only available in black, additional colors like white and vast gray, are set to drop in January next year. You can find out more information about the Nike Pro Hijab here!

There are just so many gorgeous scarves in different prints, fabrics, sizes and even functionality to choose from! And with these twelve hijab labels, there will never be an outfit without the perfect matching scarf. Go forth fashion sisters, it’s time to expand our hijab collections!