Genting, Melaka, Tioman Island, And More Will Reopen On 1 October, Here's What Malaysians Can Expect


Tiara •  Sep 21, 2021

More region in Malaysia is reopening for domestic tourists.

Another good news for Malaysians! Genting, Melaka, and Tioman Island will reopen on 1 October 2021, following Langkawi that has opened its door for tourists under the domestic travel bubble since 16 September 2021. The statement was announced by Tourism, arts, and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri earlier today in a press conference.

This addition is projected to follow the success of Langkawi as the pilot project for domestic tourism reopening in Malaysia. Since its reopening last week, Langkawi has been visited by over 9.500 local tourists that follow the new normal procedure of leisure travel in the state.

The proposal to reopen these three states will be approved tomorrow by the Special Committee on Covid-19 Pandemic Management. The authority is sparing two weeks for these destinations to prepare for the reopening and the operation. Meanwhile, they will be fine-tuning the standard operating procedure for those destinations, especially the testing mechanism as the area is larger than Langkawi.

Furthermore, the minister said that the reopening of Genting, Melaka, and Tioman will be followed by more destinations, including the islands and the mainlands.

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