My Awesome Glamping Experience With Friends (& Our Kids!) At Glamz At Genting


Have Halal Will Travel •  Aug 19, 2020

This story and review about the Glamz at Genting is written by one of our contributors, Lana. Some parts of the article may have been edited for length and clarity. 

So we went to Glamz at Genting last week for a 3D2N stay. I went with my ex-university mates and our little families.

We are still contacting till today even after 7 years of graduation. So after a discussion, we decided to stay at Glamz for a glamping (Glamorous + Camping) experience besides a normal beach holiday.

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Ambience at Glamz at Genting

Glamz at Genting is a millennial lodge offering unique opportunities to create unforgettable and first-time experiences.

They have a few types of domes - a luxury type for couples, a simple dome for 2 people; a nice dome for a family with one kid or more, a group of friends or families who want to stay together that can fit 6-8 pax.

You name it, they have it. You can choose based on your preferences. It’s only 8 minutes away from Genting Premium Outlet and if you want to dine out, you can always go to Petron Genting Permai area for so many choices of restaurants. It’s just 5 minutes away from Glamz.

What I like about Glamz is the unique room type (Dome); it’s very chilly at night so you don’t have to switch on the portable air-con and it’s still cold in the day time if you set the portable air-con on high since the room is not that big.

For someone who doesn’t like to be in hot weather, it's very comfortable for my little family.

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Here are some of the facilities:

  • They have a huge jacuzzi if you want to enjoy it at night or day time. We had a great time enjoying the jacuzzi together at night.
  • They have BBQ facilities with additional charges so you can have it with your group
  • They provide board games for free without any charges since they don’t have a television in their room (That’s how camping should be ?)

  • They have a huge chill area covered with artificial grass that your family and your kids can chill together while eating ice cream. In the evening, their staff will blow some bubbles to your kids. Every kid will enjoy it so much. My son and his little friends kept smiling as they really enjoyed it. For parents, their smile is the ultimate mission for a holiday ?

My family and I stayed in the Dome Room, while our other single friends stayed in the Family Dome that can fit 6-8 pax. The price range of the rooms is around RM200 - RM1000 depending on the dome type. It’s cheaper on weekdays and it’s quite pricey for super peak days. So you can always plan your stay okay!?

Since the theme is glamourous camping, the camping vibe is still there. With no TV, you can always bond and talk to each other instead of having so much screen time. Or you can bond playing the free board games. We had fun playing Jenga together. So I recommend you to come with a bunch of friends or family.

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Halal food at Glamz at Genting

The price for every room includes in-room breakfast (due to the pandemic). The main course is Malaysian cuisine and guaranteed halal.

Useful tips for other travellers

  • Budget tips - to me, if you can plan your holiday on weekdays, it's the best time, since the price range for the same choice of room is quite a big difference. You can save 40% compared to the price that's offered on weekends.
  • Muslim-friendly tips - The room is spacious enough to do your prayers. For qibla, you need to install the app in your phone since there’s no qibla direction
  • Specific room requests - You can request for specific rooms, but make sure to check in early before all the rooms are full. Hehe so you can always choose based on your preference.

Glamz At Genting

Address: 1, Jln Meranti, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

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