6 Easy Halal English Dessert Recipes You Should Try Making At Home


Ili •  Dec 02, 2020

So, you've made all the halal French desserts and halal Italian desserts there is to make - what next? Our answer to that would be English desserts! Get ready to don your apron and gather your baking tools as you transport yourself to England from your kitchen with scones, trifles and more ?

1. Scones

Hands up if you love scones! This is a classic English teatime treat that is best enjoyed with clotted cream, jam and of course, tea! Scones also happen to be one of the easiest bakes to whip up in your kitchen. Using basic baking ingredients, you can have a batch of scones baked and ready in less than 45 minutes ? So if you're missing your cafe outings or are just looking for a yummy snack it's time to make the best scones with this simple halal English scone recipe.

2. Victoria sandwich cake

Made of two light fluffy sponge cakes that are sandwiched together with strawberry jam and other yummy fillings, Victoria sandwich cake is the perfect treat to have with tea (even better when you have some scones too!). They look super impressive but are actually considered a beginner-friendly cake to bake in the kitchen and we've got an easy and halal Victoria sandwich cake recipe for you to follow! Traditionally, the cakes were sandwiched with just jam, but nowadays many people add luscious whipped cream and fresh strawberries for an even yummier cake (we've included both options below for you!) ?

3. Banoffee pie

If you love pies, then why not try making a Banoffee pie? Made of layers of cream, banana and toffee, not only is it delicious to eat but it’s simple to make too! So, get your baking mode on and prepare to whip up an awesome dessert with this easy Banoffee pie recipe ?‍?

Note: Traditionally, toffee is used as one of the fillings for Banoffee pies, but other versions have also used dulce de leche (a South American confection made by heating condensed milk until it becomes the colour and consistency of caramel sauce). You can choose to make your toffee with The Daring Gourmet's easy recipe or whip up some homemade dulce de leche using this easy recipe from Serious Eats.

4. Thumbprint cookies

While there's an endless variety available out there, one that's easy and delicious are thumbprint biscuits! Thumbprint cookies get their name from the indentation made in the middle of shortbread-style cookies that gets filled with jam, but you could also use lemon curd or marmalade for an added English touch ? Follow Chef John from Food Wishes' easy recipe and you'll have a batch of pretty thumbprint cookies in no time.

5. Trifle

If you're a hardcore fan of the hit television sitcom 'Friends', then you'll definitely be familiar with the English trifle. But unlike Rachel, you'll want to do it the right way and that's by using fresh berries, sponge cake and custard. It's a simple layer-by-layer step process, giving you a fuss-free dessert that'll be convenient to make during the festive season when you're busy with everything else! Trifles are no doubt one of the easiest things to can make at home and you can start with this easy classic trifle recipe by the Sweetest Menu.

6. Bread and butter pudding

For that perfect blend of sweet and savoury treat, the answer lies in this bread and butter pudding. Known as a classic comfort dessert, its rich and buttery bread goes harmoniously with the custardy filling soaked throughout the bread. One bite of this heavenly bake and you'll find yourself making this over and over again. Take it to the next level by pairing it with toppings like ice cream, maple syrup, chocolate sauce and strawberries. Can't wait to try it? Get started with this easy recipe by RecipeTin.

And just like that, you've got yourself all kinds of delicious English desserts ready for you to bake and savour over the weekend ?

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