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5 Yummy Dessert Recipes Using Kuih Raya Leftovers


Ili •  May 11, 2021


Between the kuih raya we bake, buy and the ones may get from family and friends, it's often easy to end up with plenty of leftover kuih raya after the main celebrations. If you're looking for ways to use up your kuih raya, these recipes are perfect for you! From tiramisu to milkshakes, get ready to enjoy entirely new treats with classic Raya flavours at home ?
1. Milkshake
Who doesn't love a good milkshake? With a combination of raya cookies and creme milkshake, you'll have yourself an awesome drink that'll perfectly satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Just follow a regular cookies and creme milkshake recipe (such as this one) but substitute the cookies for your kuih raya. P.S. While you're at it, go ahead and make these 7 easy and delicious drinks from around the world
2. English trifle
Put a local twist on international desserts like an English trifle - a classic dessert where sponge cake (or sponge fingers) are layered with custard, cream and sometimes fruit to form a wonderfully layered pudding. Simply swap out the sponge cake and use your raya cookies instead! Get yourself started using this easy classic trifle recipe by the Sweetest Menu. P.S. Check out these 6 easy halal English dessert recipes you can make at home.
3. Tiramisu
A similar concept to the English trifle but with a slightly different take is the Italian classic tiramisu. Just use Raya cookies instead of the ladyfingers to make this popular dessert. Check out our easy halal tiramius recipe and whip up an amazingly decadent P.S. Treat yourself to these 5 easy halal Italian dessert recipes!
4. Chocolate peanut cookie
Sometimes all it takes to enjoy a new treat is to modify the kuih raya you have, for example making chocolate peanut cookies! All you have to do here is melt some chocolate, coat your cookie (it's best to use chocolate or peanut butter cookie) and sprinkle it with chopped nuts. P.S. Can't get enough of chocolate? You'll love these 8 easy halal chocolate dessert recipes for a taste around the world.
5. Toppings
If you're left with too few cookies to make a new dessert, don't worry! You can still make use of them and that's through toppings. Plenty of desserts call for all kinds of fun toppings - so just crumble whatever kuih raya you have on hand and use on ice cream, oatmeal or yoghurt bowls.