8 Easy Halal Chocolate Dessert Recipes For A Taste Around The World


Ili •  Mar 04, 2021

Hands up if you love chocolate! We certainly do which is why we've rounded up a list of easy halal chocolate dessert recipes ? Not only will you be able to satisfy your chocolate cravings with these yummy treats, but you'll also get to transport yourself to different parts of the world while enjoying them. Whether that's through an Italian doughnut or Australian cake, cure your wanderlust today from the comfort of your home!

1. Eclairs 

Mention chocolate eclairs and a few things come to mind: beautiful airy shells, delicious cream filling and a rich chocolate glaze. It’s all these combined and more that makes the chocolate eclair one of the most popular classic French desserts out there. And while you may think that this delicate treat is hard to make, the truth is that you can make them on your own! With this halal eclair recipe, you’ll see for yourself how simple it can be to whip up an entire batch of it in your kitchen.

2. ROYCE' Nama Chocolate

Missing Japan? Then whip up Royce' Nama Chocolate to cure your travel blues! While you can easily purchase this outside of Japan since it has outlets in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, according to the Royce’ website FAQ section, but their chocolates aren’t officially halal-certified as some of their products contain liquor (this includes several of the Nama Chocolate flavours). If you’ve been itching to have a taste of this Japanese snack without worrying about its halal status, this halal Royce’ Nama Chocolate recipe is just the thing you need.

3. Bombolone

Known as one of Italy's most popular desserts, there's no resisting when it comes to bomboloni! Instead of having the classic hole in the middle, this super fluffy doughnut is filled with a delicious Italian pastry cream that’s just pure heaven. One bite is all it takes for you to fall in love and leave you on cloud nine. So, if you’re planning to treat yourself with something special this weekend, this halal bomboloni recipe will do the trick.

4. Korean mocha bun

Fluffy, buttery and flakey with a hint of coffee flavor, Korean mocha buns are the perfect thing to have whenever you’re in the mood for a sweet and savoury bake. And the idea of having your entire house smell like a bakery with the aroma of fresh bread wafting through the air? We're sold! So, get your baking game on and let's jump right into this easy, yummy mocha bun recipe!

P.S. If you're into breadmaking, try out these 6 easy bread recipes that don't require a bread maker!

5. Hot chocolate from Paris

Hot chocolate isn't uniquely French, but the one from the famous Parisian cafe, Angelina is! Regarded as the best hot chocolate in Paris, this European style drink is far thicker in consistency than most regular hot chocolates which gives it its iconic rich and velvety flavour. With just a whiff and a taste, the combo of its aroma and silkiness is enough to hook you in completely. So if that sounds heavenly to you, go ahead and see how you can fix one up yourself with this easy halal French chocolate recipe.

6. Chocolate chip cookies from New York City

Have you ever had chocolate chip cookies as large as the size of your fists? Located in several locations across New York City, Levain Bakery is famous for their gigantic cookies that are perfectly crispy on the outside with an amazingly gooey chocolate-filled centre. Since flying to New York isn't an option right now, the next best thing is to bake these monstrous cookies! That's right - with this easy recipe, get ready to create some of the best (and largest) chocolate chip cookies at home.

7. Lamington

Head Down Under where a classic Australian treat awaits you: lamingtons ? Known as one of the most popular local specialties, this moist butter sponge cake that’s dipped in chocolate and coated with shredded coconut is an absolute dream to bite into. And while you won’t be able to fly to Australia anytime soon, you can certainly make this fantastic dessert yourself with this easy halal lamington recipe!

8. Scones

While scones don't traditionally include chocolate in its recipe, there's no rule book that says you can't! It's a classic English teatime treat that is best enjoyed with clotted cream, jam and of course, tea. Using basic baking ingredients, you can have a batch of scones baked and ready in less than 45 minutes. Go ahead and learn how can you do that with this simple halal English scone recipe.