4 Cheaper Alternatives To Thermomix In Singapore For Busy Or Beginner Cooks


Faruq Senin •  Sep 27, 2021

If you're someone who cooks regularly or just starting out your cooking journey, you'd most probably have heard of the Thermomix, a smart all-in-one multi-cooker that can do wonders in the kitchen. With incredible functions and thousands of recipes that you can easily follow, one thing that might have put you off from buying the Thermomix is its price. In Singapore, the price of a Thermomix is $2398. If you're looking for alternative options, we've rounded up these 4 cheaper alternatives to the Thermomix in Singapore that are perfect for busy or beginner cooks.

Cheaper alternatives to the Thermomix in Singapore

1. Kenwood kCook Multi Cooker - $1399

Credit: Kenwood

The Kenwood kCook Multi Cooker has 6 pre-set cooking programmes so you can prepare appetisers, desserts or main courses as you please. There's also a wide range of temperatures (30-180 degrees celsius) so you can do everything, from slow-cooking to frying. Not to mention, there's a free recipe app with carefully tailored recipes for you and your family. Watch this video to find out more:

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2. TOKIT Omni Cook - $1081

Credit: TOKIT Omni Cook 

The TOKIT Omni Cook will save you lots of cooking time with 11 cooking modes. It also claims to replace 21 electric kitchen utensils especially if you don't have much space in your kitchen. From mixers to sous-vide machines, slow cookers, juicers and more, the TOKIT Omni Cook has them all. They also have a cloud database recipe platform with thousands of recipes to choose from.

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3. KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor - $1894

Credit: @lindascarimbolo on Instagram

With the KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor, you can cook whole meals in just minutes. Check out their 6 pre-programmed cooking modes from boiling to frying and even making purees and dough. For those of you who like to be a little more hands-on, they also have a manual cooking mode.

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4. ThermoCook Pro - $1755

Credit: @kwatey on Instagram

The ThermoCook Pro has been called the rival to Thermomix with its 20 convenient functions. Its functions include chopping, kneading, emulsifying, whipping, precise heating, grinding and more! There's also a unique DIY function which customises your favourite recipes.

Get your ThermoCook Pro here.

So if you've always wanted to get a Thermomix but you're unable to afford it, why not consider these 4 cheaper alternatives instead? Though they might not be exactly the same as the Thermomix, you can guarantee that they will make cooking more hassle-free and you can whip up amazing dishes in a shorter period of time. For more cooking hacks, check out our articles: