8 Essential Tips You Need Before Buying Your First-Ever Kitchen Appliances


Shasha Dania •  Oct 16, 2020

If you’re a first-time homeowner (or planning to be one in the near future), one thing you’ve got to pay attention to is the kitchen! Whether you’re an amateur home cook or longtime dabbler in the culinary arts, being able to cook and prepare a meal for your family can be what transforms your house into a real home. ? But if this is your first time picking out kitchen appliances, you might be overwhelmed with technical specifications and jargon. So let’s cut straight to the most important question - how do I pick out the best kitchen appliances for me? ?

Well that’s where we come in! Here are 8 kitchen appliance tips first-time homeowners need to know. Don’t miss out on Bosch Home Appliances’ Year-End Sale from 12 October to 31 December to get the best deals on your appliance shopping! ?

1. Get an induction hob for a fast and efficient cooking experience

Electric and induction hobs are fast, precise, and fuss-free - need we say more? ? Induction hobs have become a must-have for the modern homeowner with their sleek appearance that blends neatly into the stovetop.

The slight downside is that they require specific cookware made with cast-iron, black metal, iron, or magnetic-grade stainless steel. Look out for the symbol on the right when purchasing cookware to ensure it’ll be safe for the stove. ? Nowadays most appliance stores sell induction-compatible cookware so don’t worry about running out of options!


  • Precise control over heat and temperature
  • Energy-efficient
  • Heat up quickly
  • Easy to clean - saving you both time and money in the long run!


  • Can be pricier than gas hobs
  • Requires specific cookware

Bosch Home Appliances’ PPI82560MS induction hob is great for a busy household as it comes with a PowerBoost function that allows for faster heating and greater control over temperature changes. There’s even a timer with switch-off functions for each cooking zone so you can juggle cooking separate dishes with ease. Just set the timer and you’re good to go!

2. Go for a gas hob so you can handle all types of dishes

Induction hobs are pretty cool but don’t write off the traditional gas hob just yet! Gas hobs are great for their flexibility so you can try out any recipe you have in mind without worry! The burner holders can also handle round-bottomed cookware like traditional round-bottomed iron woks so you can stir-fry your zi char to your heart’s content. ?


  • Can handle almost any kind of cookware including glass, ceramic, and round-bottomed woks
  • More affordable than electric or induction hobs
  • Familiar to many of us who grew up with it


  • Tough to clean
  • Can get greasy or oily after a heavy cooking session

Credit: Bosch Home Appliances

The good news is that Bosch Home Appliances’ PBD9331SG gas hob stands out from traditional gas hobs with its modern and sophisticated black tempered-glass design. ? It has a precise-flame burner to give you better control over the heat, and the fuss-free controls and layout are safe, intuitive, and easy to clean!

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3. Know the difference between ducted and recirculating kitchen hoods

If you’re planning to do a lot of cooking with spices or other fragrant aromas (think curry, rendang, steak, or even kimchi fried rice!) or your future home has an open kitchen, you’ll want to pick out a good hood for your kitchen too. Good hoods can be the difference between a lingering smell of fish or charred meat throughout your home or worse still your laundry, or having a kitchen that smells fresh and clean all-day.

There are 2 main types of hoods: ducted, and recirculating. Ducted hoods are usually found in commercial kitchens or landed properties, and they ensure all grease and oil is effectively filtered out. Recirculating hoods are usually okay for everyday cooking or casual home chefs so your home will stay extra-fresh! ?

4. Get a hood with a higher extraction rate if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen

If you’re a serious home cook or running a home-based food business, it’s worth it to get a hood with a higher extraction rate to keep your kitchen and home clean! Bosch Home Appliances’ DWB97CM50 chimney hood filters out over 85% of grease, which is important in a hot and humid environment like Singapore where odours can build up quickly. It even has a TouchControl system including 3 different speeds and an intensive setting for serious cooking sprees.

P.S. Kitchen hoods can sometimes be noisy and distracting, but the EcoSilence Drive in this chimney hood ensures it gets the job done without making too much noise!

5. Look out for telescopic hoods for that sleek and seamless aesthetic

Another thing to keep in mind when buying a hood is whether it blends in with the rest of your kitchen. Bosch Home Appliances’ DHI923GSG telescopic cooker hood is great for smaller kitchens or those who want to achieve a sleek and seamless look. The telescopic steel hood can be slid out only when needed, and neatly camouflages into your upper cabinets for a near-invisible look. It even comes with both ducted and recirculating options!

6. Make sure to get a kitchen hood with removable filters

As grease and dirt build up over time especially if you do a lot of cooking, finding a hood with removable filters make it much easier to deep clean your hood. A great plus point of all Bosch Home Appliances kitchen hoods is that they come with removable grease filters! Simply pop the filters out and put them into a dishwasher or give them a good rinse.

7. Look out for an oven that’s multi-function - and easy to clean!

Grilling, roasting, baking - a good oven can do it all! Ovens are the perfect heavy-duty appliance to handle a variety of cooking styles, and are definitely a must-have for a new homeowner. Even if you’re not an expert cook, having a good oven can help you whip up a variety of simple dishes with ease.

Look out for:

  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Safety/child locks if you have young children
  • Interiors that are easy to clean/self-cleaning
  • Various functions or cooking styles

Credit: Bosch Home Appliances

If you’re looking for a multi-use kitchen appliance to be the star of your kitchen, check out Bosch Home Appliances’ HBF134BS0K built-in oven! Its multifunction heating system includes modes like pizza, 3D hotair, and hot air grilling that cover a variety of cuisines. The 3D hotair function even distributes heat across 3 levels simultaneously, allowing your dishes to cook evenly without any taste transfer! The interior rear wall is coated with EcoClean Direct coating that automatically absorbs grime, making it easy to clean. ?

P.S. If you’ve made up your mind about the HBF134BS0K built-in oven, don’t miss the Bosch Home Appliances’ Year-End Sale where you can get all you need for a sleek and contemporary kitchen fit for any serious foodie!

Credit: Bosch Home Appliances

The HBF114BR0K built-in oven is another great oven option if you’re new to cooking and still trying to find your way around the kitchen. It has similar controls and functions to the HBF134BS0K, with slightly sleeker and more stylish controls. The main difference is the GranitEnamel interior which has a smooth surface and no sharp edges, making it much easier to clean. There’s also a Cleaning Assistance function, which helps you clean any light soiling! If you’re planning to be baking or roasting your food a lot, this will definitely save you the headaches of clean-up time. Trust us, the oven will be an appliance you’ll want to invest in. ?

8. Get a dishwasher to save on cleaning time

Dishwashers aren’t common in Singapore - if you’ve ever used one, chances are it was during a trip overseas! But it’s becoming more common in new households these days and it’s actually a great time-saving tool if you’re planning to cook your own meals daily or inviting family or friends over for mini celebrations or if you and your spouse just hate doing the dishes. Let’s say you spend 15 to 20 minutes cleaning up after a meal - that could add up to almost an hour each day, or much longer than that if you’ve had guests over! ?

With a dishwasher, you just have to rinse off the debris, pop your cookware and utensils into the machine, and then sit back and relax until the timer rings! Bosch Home Appliances’ SMS63L02EA free-standing dishwasher even has VarioFlex baskets that’ll be able to handle everything from the thinnest chopstick to the bulkiest pot.

It even has functions to carefully clean and handle all kinds of materials, with Glass protection for the most delicate of dishes and AquaStop 100% lifetime warranty covering any water damage if necessary. The EcoSilence Drive also ensures you’ll barely hear a sound while it’s running - so you can get started on the dishes even if you have guests over! Plus there’s a 10-year guarantee of quality so you don’t have to worry about the inner tub rusting. ?

P.S. You can even purchase a baby care kit add-on to handle baby bottles - super convenient for new parents so you can spend more time with your little one and less time cleaning up!

For a heavy-duty area like the kitchen that you’ll be using daily, Bosch Home Appliances’ efficient and high-quality home appliances are reliable and long-lasting so you can cook and entertain guests to your heart’s desire without any worry.

If you’ve spotted something you like we have great news for you because Bosch Home Appliances is having a Year-End Sale with amazing discounts! ? You can get attractive discounts and more, so find out more information and start planning your brand-new kitchen today!

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