5 Easy Recipes You Can Make Using A Thermomix


Ili •  Jun 17, 2021

If you have a thermomix at home and have yet to put it to good use, this list of easy thermomix recipes is perfect for you! From Korean fried chicken to butter cakes, get ready to impress your loved ones with some yummy dishes ?

1. Korean fried chicken

If you love Korean food, one of the things you can make using a thermomix is Korean fried chicken! Spicy, crunchy and flavourful, get ready to sink your teeth into some juicy chicken.

2. Butter cake

For the perfect teatime treat, why not make yourself butter cake Using less than 7 ingredients, one bite of this fluffy treat will have you heading back to the kitchen immediately to make a second batch.

3. Nasi lemak

Yes, that's right - you can make yourself a delicious plate of nasi lemak using a thermomix! From the fragrant coconut rice to the spicy sambal, the video recipe above has got you covered for your next breakfast.

4. Bread

Put your thermomix to good use by making various types of bread. Whether it's Japanese milk bread, buttermilk bread or just simple crusty bread rolls, the sky's the limit when it comes to bread recipes - so make sure to experiment and try all of them out!

5. Pumpkin soup

There's nothing quite like enjoying a warm bowl of soup on a cold night. If you're a fan of sweet and earthy flavours, pumpkin soups should be right up your alley.