14 Affordable Halal Food Spots In Singapore (Under $10)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jul 26, 2023

If there's one thing us Singaporeans love, it's food! The centre of many of our gatherings, halal food in Singapore ought not be trifled with - we've got so many delicious cuisines, flavours and tastes, there's something for every palate ? But with the high costs of living in Singapore, we're not always going to be able to afford expensive cafes or restaurants. So if you're looking for something that's tasty but won't burn a hole in your pocket, check out these 12 cheap halal food spots in Singapore!

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1. Kampong Glam Cafe

We don't think this cafe needs an introduction - but we're putting it in any way! While technically called a cafe, 9 New Halal Cafes In Singapore To Bookmark 2022Kampong Glam Cafe (KGC) has a layout that resembles that of a coffee shop. Located in the heart of the Kampong Glam area, it's definitely deserving of its name. Serving up familiar Malay cuisines like Nasi Lemak, Lontong and Nasi Padang, KGC's food goes for an average of $5-$7 a plate, so you can have both a filling and affordable meal while you're in the area! Kampong Glam CafeHalal Status: Muslim-Owned Facebook

2 & 3. Dahlia Cafe & Sinaran Suria

Credit: Dahlia Cafe on Facebook

Located on the second floor of Golden Landmark Shopping Centre, Dahlia Cafe and Sinaran Suria are popular with the lunch crowd working in Bugis. The two stalls might look unassuming but they serve up some hearty meals. Dahlia Cafe's nasi goreng with fried chicken and ayam penyet are a hit with customers. The nasi goreng also has a slightly spicy version. The crispy fried chicken is a treat to your taste buds, with just the right amount of flavour. Just beside it is Sinaran Suria which serves local 'kampung' style dishes like Mee Soto, Nasi Rawon, and Mee Kuah. Their sweet Jemput-Jemput (fried banana dough balls) is perfect as a snack? The best part? These are incredibly cheap options for those looking for meals that won't break the bank! Their Ayam Penyet goes for just $6. ? Dahlia Cafe & Sinaran Suria Halal status: Both Muslim-owned Dahlia Cafe FacebookSinaran Suria Facebook

4, 5 & 6. Zam Zam, Victory & Al-Tasneem

Located opposite the back of Masjid Sultan are 3 popular Indian Muslim eateries that are famous for one thing - murtabak! Zam Zam Restaurant, Victory Restaurant and Al-Tasneem each have their own loyal fans who swear that their respective favourite’s murtabak is the best. But murtabak isn’t the only thing on the menu at these 3 eateries. Next time, savour other dishes like biryani, mee goreng, and roti prata too! You can get a full meal including a drink at any of these restaurants for less than $10, so it’s also a good way to stick to your budget while exploring the area. Zam Zam Restaurant , Victory Restaurant & Al-TasneemHalal status: All 3 restaurants are Muslim-owned Al-Tasneem FacebookZam Zam Restaurant Facebook Victory Restaurant Facebook

6. Rumah Makan Minang

This restaurant specialises exclusively in Indonesian Minangkabau cuisine. They serve a wide range of traditional Indonesian dishes from the ever-popular Tahu Bakar and Rendang, as well as other delicacies like Botok-Botok (fish marinated in a medley of ground spices and then steamed in banana leaf wrap). With a setup similar to Nasi Padang, you can pick and choose the dishes you want to have before finding a seat and enjoying your meal. We recommend visiting with your friends or family just so you can try a little bit of everything as it's all too good to pass up!?

Plsu, dishes go for an average of $5-$8, making this the perfect place to enjoy a cheap meal in Singapore! Rumah Makan Minang

Halal Status: Halal-certified


7. Hajjah Mariam

Another famous Nasi Padang store, Hajjah Mariam is also known for its Nasi Ambeng and can be found just down the road from Hjh Maimunah, opposite Masjid Sultan. From delicious Nasi Sambal Goreng ($8.30) to local side dishes like Gado-Gado ($6.80) and Pulut Kuning ($6.80), eating here will leave you incredibly satisfied ? If you're going in a group, order their Nasi Ambeng Duet Premium for just $25.50. With enough for 2-3 pax, you won't have to break the bank while you dine in here! Hajjah Mariam Cafe Halal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram

8. Tip Top Curry Puff (Halal-certified)

Looking for a mid-day snack to curb your hunger before dinner? Tip Top curry puff is the answer for you! With its scrumptious, flaky pastry and generous savoury fillings, a Tip Top curry puff is sure to satisfy you!

The local curry puff is like a miniature pie, usually filled with curried chicken and a piece of hard-boiled egg. The semi-circled shaped pastry then has its edges crimped by hand. We’ll take six to share please! These puffs can go for as cheap as $1.70 each and comes with fillings like chicken curry, Nyonya beef rendang and sardine. Halal Status: Halal-Certified Instagram

9. Swedish meatballs at IKEA Tampines

This furniture-filled mall is a real fan-favourite. Savour delicious Swedish meatballs at IKEA but don’t want to order the large portion of 15? Order from the kids’ menu where you’ll get a plate of 5 meatballs for only $3!

IKEA’s halal Swedish meatballs are made from beef and chicken, served with boiled potatoes, tangy Lingonberry jam and a peppery brown gravy. If you’re still feeling peckish, the adult portion goes for $8.50 for 15 meatballs. Still affordable and just as tasty! Halal Status: Halal-Certified Instagram

10. Inspirasi

Inspirasi stall and their signature awesome mee soto is a must-try if you're looking for affordable meals. This steaming bowl of yellow noodles is served in a light chicken broth, topped with succulent shredded chicken, bean sprouts and spring onions is what comfort food looks like. And it’s more comforting to know a bowl costs only $2.50!

Leave the soup plain for a deliciously warming meal or add a spoonful of chilli for a spicy kick! Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

11. Selera Sumang

It's early in the morning and all your favourite halal food stalls have closed. The other halal food stalls don't open so early in the morning and you're craving for a warm meal to start your day. If Indonesian food's in your list of food to try, you have to head down to the North East for a hearty and filling breakfast at Selera Sumang.

Credit: Selera Sumang on Facebook

Nestled in a corner of Punggol at Foodgle Hub, this hidden gem of a halal eatery serves up fresh, halal Indonesian and Malay dishes catered to suit local taste buds every morning - including Nasi Sambal Goreng! Delight in this flavourful Indonesian dish made with fresh, steaming hot white rice for breakfast every morning... As long as you manage to get there on time! Due to their popularity, the snaking queue starts early - but we promise you, you'll want to be part of it. Their dishes go for as cheap as $5, so you can enjoy a delicious plate of fresh, steaming hot rice without burning a hole in your pocket. Selera SumangHalal Status: Muslim-Owned


12. D' Original Bumbu

Heading to Geylang Serai? Enjoy delicious meals with D'Original Bumbu! Found at Geylang Serai Market's hawker centre, this quaint stall's Nasi Sambal Goreng is one that should not be missed. Made up of white rice, Sambal sotong, fried beef lungs, bergedil (potato fritters) and serunding (shredded coconut), you'll leave full and satisfied. To order, drop by their stall or give them a call for pre-orders! D' Original Bumbu's meals start at just $4, so be sure to check them out! Halal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram Cheap food in Singapore isn't always a tough find! With these 12 spots, you can enjoy yummy meals on your next gathering without worrying about your bank account ? P.S. Love halal food? Check out these halal food spots in Singapore here!

13. Qiji

Known for their mouth-watering Popiah and Nasi Lemak, Qiji has become a household name for all! Qiji never fails to deliver on taste and authenticity. Each dish is prepared with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a truly satisfying dining experience. Qiji has earned a loyal following by consistently delivering flavorful and affordable dishes that capture the essence of local Singaporean cuisine. Whether you're craving a quick snack or a satisfying meal, Qiji is the perfect place to dine at!

Qiji Halal Status: Halal-certified

14. Butter Bean

Butter Bean is a renowned sandwich chain that has mastered crafting mouthwatering sandwiches. With a focus on quality ingredients and creative flavour combinations, Butter Bean has become a go-to destination for sandwich enthusiasts. Their menu features a wide range of options, from classic favourites like turkey and cheese to unique creations that cater to diverse palates. Each sandwich is meticulously prepared, using freshly baked bread and generous fillings, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable dining experience. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty meat-filled sandwich or a refreshing vegetarian option, Butter Bean has something to please every sandwich lover.