12 Halal Cafes In Singapore To Cafe-Hop This 2023


Syahirah Mazlan •  Aug 08, 2023

There's always something to look forward to on our sunny island. If you plan to do cafe hopping this weekend, we've got you covered! Put on your favourite walking shoes because we'll be introducing some of the new halal cafes in Singapore to bookmark in 2023! ? Read till the end for more bonus foodie spots!

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1. Chiko Pollo

Located in the heart of Jalan Besar, Chiko Pollo is a Western eatery that offers a variety of mouth-watering treats. From XL Salted Egg Sotong to Smoked Duck Brown Butter Pasta, this cafe has something for everyone!

If you're looking for some good ol' comfort food, Chiko Pollo is the perfect spot for you. Run by the same founders of the famous dessert place Lola Faye, this new cafe has just started their soft launch earlier in April, which will be happening all the way till 15 May 2023. The best part? Chiko Pollo is Muslim-owned and uses only halal ingredients! ?

Chiko Pollo

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 28 Madras Street, Singapore 208422

Opening hours: Tue - Sun; 12pm - 10pm | Mon; Closed


2. Wooly's Bagels

The first bagel you should try is the Double Chicken Frizzle. At first glance, it might pass off as your usual McSpicy or even a plain ol' chicken burger, but once you sink your teeth into this chunky burger, we bet it'll change your mind. The star of this bagel would have to be the fried, crunchy chicken cutlets. Paired with the slice of eggy goodness you see in the picture, plus a heady mix of ingredients and sauces like jalepeno, parmesan, and nacho cheese sauce, it's truly satisfying, period ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 89 Rangoon Rd, #01-03, Singapore 218375

Opening hours: 11am-8.30pm daily


3. Pestle & Mortar Society

You’ve heard of beef wellington before, but Pestle & Mortar Society’s Duck Wellington involves a switch of protein and packs on many stronger, richer, earthy flavours ? Tender, juicy, and flavourful duck breast is wrapped in mushroom duxelles (an intensely flavoured mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, shallots, chestnuts, and herbs such as thyme and parsley), slices of turkey bacon, and buttery puff pastry, then baked. Served with a side of honey and red grape vinegar dressing, this sweet and savoury blend is an instant melt-in-your-mouth situation. You won't have anyone complaining about a tender, juicy cut of meat ?

Halal status: Halal-certified
Address: 548 Macpherson Road
Opening hours: 12pm - 10pm daily
Reservation: DM via Facebook or Instagram or Whatsapp +65 6814 8822
Facebook | Instagram


If you've seen the new pastry craze croon, that's taken the TikTok world by storm, and have been craving to get your hands on it ever since, we bring you great news: you can now get HALAL versions of this from this new bakery-cum-cafe, GAMO ? GAMO has come up with 2 unique flavours - kaya and black sesame! First up, the Kaya Croon pays homage to a classic local favourite with a twist! Imagine the sweet, rich flavours of kaya plus crispy, flaky pastry swirling in your mouth; it's no wonder we love our kaya so much ? Their Black Sesame Croon is also a popular choice among patrons, who rave about the warm, nutty black sesame flavor ? However, all good things like these comes in small portions - they only make about 30 pieces every Saturday and Sunday, so head down to get yours early!

Halal status: Muslim-owned (pending Halal certification)
Address: Bras Basah Complex, 01-75, Singapore 180231
Opening hours: Tues-Sun (10am-6pm); closed on Mondays


5. Anna's

Sourdough isn't new to us, but a cafe serving sourdough-based dishes only might be ? The founder, Anna, behind your favourite comfort soup spot, The Soup Spoon, has opened a new cafe in Punggol, called Anna's, with a menu surrounding over the moist, earthy sourdough - think beyond bread (yup, drinks included ?).

Halal status: Halal-certified
Address: 681 Punggol Drive, #01-04, Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681


6. Mondays...

Located just a short walk from Haji Lane, Mondays... is a Muslim-owned café serving various kinds of canelé, crêpe and other dishes in skillets. ? Don't miss out on their Canele. Dark and caramelized crispy crust yet soft on the inside. Gently sweet, incredibly aromatic and goes superbly well with coffee! ? There are five different options: Original (custard), Matcha, Dalgona Espresso, Raspberry Truffle, Valrhona Chocolate Seasalt! ?Canele usually involves rum, but theirs are alcohol-free, a rarity in Singapore, and full of all things sweet and delicious! Caneles requires a lot of patience to make, but the result promises satisfaction - just like how you get excited when Fridays are here ? But do note, though, the cafe is open all days of the week, EXCEPT Mondays. Guess no one has found the cure to Monday blues just yet.

P.S. Check out dUCKS new pop-up on MONDAYS! Check out more here!

Halal status: Muslim-owned
Address: 8 Jalan Kelapa, Singapore 199320
Opening hours: Tues-Fri (10am - 9pm), Sat - Sun (9am - 9pm)
Website | Instagram

7. The Stack SG

Good food and good vibes that’s what The Stack in Singapore is all about! Run by the same masterminds behind Working Title, The Mad Sailors, Tipo Pasta Bar and many other acclaimed brands, The Stack is a Muslim-owned modern and hip brunch spot that offers unique foods and experiences. And now it has reopened to give diners a taste of hearty and crafty food combinations! ?

There are a variety of Sandos to choose from, including Spam and Egg made up of cold egg salad and spam. For more meat on your bread, try Loaded Gun with beef salami, turkey ham, beef pastrami and pickles, Pollo Avo Club with smoked chicken and avocado with spicy aioli and sumac onions, perfect for those who like a touch of spice. ?
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Address: 155 Waterloo St, #01-07, Singapore 187962

Opening hours: 10am-6.30pm open daily
Facebook | Instagram

8. Penny University

Though technically not a new cafe, check out the brand-new Penny University, which has recently relocated to Bugis! Look forward to a bright and airy interior and an expanded menu, including a permanent dinner menu. If it's your first time there, try the Turkish Eggs, Harlem-style Buttermilk Chicken on Waffles or Eggs Benedict. Pair that with a Muddy Espresso and you're good to go!
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Address: 17 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199329
Opening hours:8am-5pm open daily


9. Meokja

Korean food lovers in Singapore would know about the popular HBB m e o k j a, which is run by Korean-Muslim revert Jung Sangwoo! When news broke out that m e o k j a would be ending their operations, many of us were bummed out by such news, but fret not, m e o k j a isn't retiring their aprons just yet - they've opened their first ever physical outlet at Dhoby Ghaut ?
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Address: 1 Selegie Rd, #02-03 GR.iD, Singapore 188306
Opening hours: 10.30am-3pm,5pm-10pm daily;closed on Wednesdays


10. Charr’d

If you’re looking for halal Wagyu, this restaurant in Singapore is firing up prized A5 Kuroge Wagyu beef from the Mie Prefecture. From the same team behind Tomahawk King, Charr’d Steakhouse is located on Changi Road and is the only halal restaurant in Singapore that buys and imports its A5 Wagyu meat from Japan for the freshest and most sustainable source!

You can expect 3 types of Kuroge A5 Wagyu that is Ribeye ($48), Sirloin ($38), and Tenderloin ($58). To enjoy the experience, you can try them as standalone steaks, or go big with the Heavenly Meat Board ($198) which includes the 3 varieties of cuts in one meal, perfect for 3 to 4 people!

Moreover, Charr'd offers delectable sides such as Truffle Fries ($13) and Mentaiko Jojos ($12) and non-beef options like Charr'd Salmon ($22).

With so many new halal cafes and eateries, your cafe-hopping session around Singapore will be exciting! So don't forget to share this with your makan (eating) buddy, cause the foodie adventure scene in Singapore has gotten an upgrade. ?

New Halal Cafes In Singapore

11. Pancake Place

Popular cafe Royz Et Vous opened Pancake Place in Kampong Glam last September, and Singaporeans have loved it ever since. If you're coming to Singapore to taste their pancakes, you have to check out their unique pancake specials! Ranging from savoury to sweet, Pancake Place’s dishes are all-day breakfast delights you will not want to miss. Have a bite of the Black Forest Pancakes. The dish is sweet and chocolatey and will have you craving more thanks to the premium ingredients, like the 73.5% dark chocolate couverture and Chantilly Cream! Order the Grilled Tiger Prawn pancake dish for those who prefer something a little more savoury. Local ingredients and spices inspire this soft, fluffy pancake to give you that mildly spicy flavour. Lightly doused with their Signature Cream Sauce and topped with wilted baby spinach, you’ll never be bored of this incredible pancake dish. Recommended for adults who love a little spice in their life, this is a dish you have to try. Halal Status: Muslim-Owned Address: 56 Kandahar St, Singapore 198904 Opening hours: 12pm-3.15pm, 5pm-9.15pm daily Instagram Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

12. Waffle Place

Waffles are so versatile, they are pretty much perfect for any time of the day! Whether you're having brunch, dinner, tea or supper, there's a waffle flavour that'll satisfy your craving. If you're thinking of where to eat waffles in Singapore, the good folks from Royz Et Vous launched a new halal cafe in Kampong Glam, Waffle Place in 2021!

With 18 different flavours, you'll be spoilt for choice whether you love all things sweet or savoury! If you're dropping by for brunch, try the Country Fried Steak Waffle ($20.90), an interesting take on the classic Southern fried chicken and waffles dish. Japanese foodie fans may prefer the Takoyaki Croffle ($13.90)! Instead of the classic waffle batter, a croissant is used as the base and topped with ingredients such as baby squid, takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and bonito flakes. Halal Status: Muslim-Owned Address: 56 Kandahar St, Singapore 198904 Opening hours: 12pm-3.15pm, 5pm-9.15pm daily Instagram