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9 New Halal Cafes In Singapore To Bookmark 2022


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki  •  May 12, 2022


The SG borders have opened so you know what that means: travel is back! 🤩 We're all scrambling to get to our favourite destinations, meet long lost friends and reunite with our families overseas...not to mention explore new places and enjoy new eateries we missed the past few years 😍 If you're heading to Singapore this year, you might wonder: what's new here to check out? Well no worries, we've gathered these 9 new halal cafes & eateries you might have missed out on while you were away. Time to get ready for your next SG cafe hopping session! 🎉
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New Halal Cafes In Singapore

1. Pancake Place

Popular cafe Royz Et Vous opened Pancake Place in Kampong Glam last September, and Singaporeans have loved it ever since. If you're coming to Singapore to taste their pancakes, you have to check out their unique pancake specials! Ranging from savoury to sweet, the Pancake Place’s dishes are all-day breakfast delights you’re not going to want to miss. Have a bite of the Black Forest Pancakes. The dish is sweet, chocolatey, and will have you craving for more thanks to the premium ingredients used like the 73.5% dark chocolate couverture and Chantilly Cream! For those who prefer something a little more savoury, order the Grilled Tiger Prawn pancake dish. This soft and fluffy pancake is inspired by local ingredients and spices to give you that mildly spicy flavour. Lightly doused with their Signature Cream Sauce and topped with wilted baby spinach, you’ll never be bored of this incredible pancake dish. Recommended for adults who love a little spice in their life, this is definitely a dish you have to try. Pancake PlaceHalal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram | View More 

2. Waffle Place

Waffles are so versatile, they are pretty much perfect for any time of the day! Whether you're having brunch, dinner, tea or supper, there's definitely a waffle flavour that'll satisfy your craving. If you're thinking of where to eat waffles in Singapore, the good folks from Royz Et Vous launched a new halal cafe in Kampong Glam, Waffle Place on 27 November 2021!

With 18 different flavours to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice whether you love all things sweet or savoury! If you're dropping by for brunch, try the Country Fried Steak Waffle ($20.90), an interesting take on the classic Southern fried chicken and waffles dish. Japanese foodie fans may prefer the Takoyaki Croffle($13.90)! Instead of the classic waffle batter, a croissant is used as the base and topped with ingredients such as baby squid, takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and bonito flakes. Waffle PlaceHalal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram | View More

3. Sultana Zwin

Have a taste of exquisite cuisines, with Sultana Zwin, a Moroccan cafe & bistro that opened recently! 🥰 Meaning ‘beautiful queen’, Sultana Zwin’s food is so good it’s definitely fit for royalty. You can expect a variety of yummy dishes like Moroccan Tacos, Quesadillas and more! Do note however that this cafe has stopped physical store operations for the time being, and will be relocating soon: so be sure to stay tuned to their social media channels! Who knows, they might open just in time for your trip to Singapore 😁 P.S. Sultana Zwin's got exclusive deals from now till June, be sure to check it out on Tribes!Sultana ZwinHalal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram | View More 

4. Lolafaye

Dessert cafes are the best way to hang out and dine to catch up with a loved one during this time. Especially when you can stay till late so you can continue the never-ending conversations with an old friend. If you love late-night desserts, Lola Faye Cafeon Hamilton Road is where you should be for your midnight snack run. From desserts like waffles and ice cream to snacks such as wraps and sandwiches, you'll get a full treat here! LolafayeHalal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram | View More

5. Pop's Cafe

The checkered tile flooring complete with comfy chairs while indulging in unpretentious greasy grub we see in American movies and TV shows sounds like a perfect, cosy night out with your squad. And now, you can revive the retro nostalgia of days past with your gang at the classic American-inspired comfort hood, Pop’s Cafe! ☺️ This Muslim-owned cafe opened during the pandemic last year and serves up American-inspired fare that screams comfort and deliciousness! Hot dogs, burgers, milkshakes, fries — you name it, they’ve got it. Pop's CafeHalal status: Muslim-owned Instagram | View More

6. A State Of Affairs

Newly-opened A State Of Affairs is a coffee-lover's paradise! Specialising in signature coffee blends from manual brews to espresso-based drinks, you won't be disappointed. If you're heading over, be sure to have a sip of the Elven Woods manual brew. It comes with hints of nectarine and vanilla notes that are both refreshing as well as addictive. Not into coffee? A State Of Affairs has recently launched their non-coffee menu item: Orange Sweet Tea! So if you're not a coffee person, you have an alternative - and so you won't feel so left out amongst your coffee drinking buddies 😉 A State Of AffairsHalal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram| View More


7. Tipo

Although not an entirely new cafe, this spot is definitely a worthy mention. Our favourite pasta bar, Tipo Pasta Bar, is back with a bigger and better space just in time for the relaxation of  Covid-19 rules! 🤩 Offering build-your-own & set meals of handmade pasta, drinks & starters, there's a little something for every palate. Oh, and don't forget their Bites, Desserts and set House Specials - you definitely won't want to miss this! Tipo Pasta BarHalal Status: Halal-Certified Instagram | View More

8. Talking Stage

Credit: By Harmoni on Facebook Up your modest fashion shopping game with this little pink store in Bugis! The latest brand by Siti Aisyah Ahmad, the founder of fashion brands By Harmoni and Modestly, Talking Stage is a fashion boutique that doubles up as a halal gelato and coffee spot. From speciality coffees and drinks to premium gelatos, your energy won’t run out while you’re shopping for your favourite Modestly pieces. At just $3 a scoop of gelato and $4 for a cup of classic coffee, prices are affordable, too! You won't be breaking the bank here 😍 Talking StageHalal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram

9. French American Bakery

If there's one thing we love, it's none other than the smell of freshly baked pastry. While there are plenty of halal bakeries in Singapore, we're always excited to uncover a new pastry spot. This time, it's at the hip Kampong Gelam neighbourhood! Joining the ranks of Mother Dough, Fluff Bakery and Konditori is The French American Bakery at 49, Haji Lane. If you're heading to Kampong Gelam soon, be sure to check this place out! French American Bakery Halal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram | View More With so many new halal cafes and eateries, your cafe-hopping session around Singapore is going to be an exciting one! So don't forget to share this with your makan (eating) buddy, cause the foodie adventure scene in Singapore has gotten an upgrade. 😋