7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Merdeka 2022


Farah Fazanna •  Aug 26, 2022

Merdeka is just around the corner and there’s no better time to celebrate our culture. There are many ways to show your patriotism, and it’s not just by waving Jalur Gemilang in the air! Here’s a list of 7 great ways you can celebrate Merdeka 2022 and even Malaysia Day in September. 

1. Go for a day trip

Merdeka Day falls on Wednesday this year, so no long weekend for us. But, this is the perfect time to make a day trip with your loved ones and enjoy what Malaysia has to offer! Malaysia has endless family-friendly attractions, from zoos to theme parks. If you prefer to take it slow this public holiday, you can go to the beach or take a dip in one of the many rivers we have here. For inspiration, check out our articles here:

2. Go for a staycation

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If you have the budget and time, consider going on a staycation instead. This way, you can have a wonderful time celebrating Merdeka while helping out the hotel and tourism industry. Take your family to glamping spots where there are plenty of outdoors if you’re still worried about crowds, and soak in the goodness of nature. Check out 10 Trendy Hotels In Kuala Lumpur You Need To Check Into This Merdeka Holiday!

3. Cook a delicious Malaysian dish and have a potluck

Credit: Spencer Davis onUnsplash

What better way to spend Merdeka than with family and friends? Host a potluck that’s filled with local Malaysian dishes to remember why we love Malaysia so much! For inspiration, check out: 

So, roll up those sleeves, and do some experimenting in the kitchen!

4. Host a Malaysian movie night

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Okay, okay we know that Malaysian movies have a bad rep, but there ARE some really high-quality ones! Pick a movie (or two, we won’t judge!) and turn your living room into a cosy cinema. We highly recommend the epic fantasy Puteri Gunung Ledang, political drama Rise: Ini Kalilah, or the sweet love story Sepet. Also, you could never go with any Yasmin Ahmad’s films — they have the perfect balance of culture, social commentary and great cinematography!

5. Start a tradition

If you have young kids, it’s a good idea to start a new tradition that you could do every Merdeka Day. Why not start this year by getting the whole family involved in a creative and stress-relieving process of batik painting? You can order your Merdeka Collection Batik DIY Painting Kits from Jadi Batek. Each set comes with a design of your choice, three dye colours, a colouring palette, and a paintbrush. Choose from the 6 designs available priced at RM20 each. You can buy the kits from their website.

6. Enjoy all the Merdeka promotions

Many brands are taking the advantage of Merdeka to give out discounts to their customers. And as consumers, this is your chance to enjoy them! Check out 7 Merdeka 2022 Promos You Should Take Advantage Of This August and if you want to buy a special gift for yourself or your loved ones, check out 8 Small Malaysian Brands You Can Support To Show Your Love For The Country. Enjoy!

7. Enjoy Merdeka and Malaysia Day buffet

Credit: Sunway Resort on website

Malaysians and food are inseparable. The good news is that Resort Cafe, Sunway Resort is having a Merdeka and Malaysia Day buffet where you can enjoy a hearty plate of our national dish, nasi lemak. Chef De Cuisine Afiq Matkhir and sous chef Nora Yusof are bringing the classics with a one-of-a-kind nasi lemak buffet. Traditional favourites comprise the Peranakan nasi lemak pandan, Kedah’s nasi lemak kuning royal, Kelantan’s signature nasi lemak bunga telang and the iconic nasi lemak putih. A plate of this signature dish isn’t complete with some heat. The buffet also provides an extensive range of sambals ranging from slow-cooked sambal bawang to sambal ikan masin. Apart from that, guests can enjoy a variety of fried anchovies and side dishes. For those who prefer an ala carte menu, the cafe offers its own ‘build your own nasi lemak’.

The Merdeka and Malaysia Day buffet lunch is available from 15 August to 16 September 2022, priced at RM138 nett from Monday to Saturday and RM168 nett on Sundays. However, the buffet dinner is priced at RM198 nett on Friday and Saturday nights. Visit the website for more info.

Address: Sunway Resort, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

That said, Happy Merdeka Day to my fellow Malaysians!