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33 Best Halal Bakeries In Singapore That Will Have You In Pastry Heaven


Sharifah Yusoff  •  Oct 17, 2022


Singapore is home to many great things - food, shopping, and beautiful attractions! But nothing lights us up more than the scent of halal freshly baked pastries, cakes and more. Wondering which bakery is halal in Singapore? Thankfully, there are many places in Singapore that can satisfy our sweet tooth. We've compiled this list of halal bakeries in Singapore for you! Read on to find out more about where to get your hands on some yummy pastries. Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

Best Halal Bakeries in Singapore

1. Ugly Cake Shop

Credit: Ugly Cake ShopUgly Cake Shop keeps things simple and specialises in buttercream cakes! They are fondant-free, marzipan-free (lower in sugar), and use few artificial flavours, colours or stabilisers. It keeps everything we love about buttercream cakes - sweet, buttery goodness - but guilt-free. Their Mini Pineapple Cake is an adorable choice, perfect for 4 to 6 people. You could also opt for the Melissa cake. This soft Valrhona chocolate (one of the finest chocolates in the world, by the way) cake is layered with strawberry buttercream made with real strawberries, and further drizzled with chocolate.😍 Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours: 10am to 6pm, Mon to Sat; PH - 10am to 1pm; Closed on Sundays Address: 535 Kallang Bahru, GB Point, 01-06, Singapore 33951 Contact: +65 82288300 Order via: WebsiteWebsite | Facebook | InstagramFind out more on Tribes by HHWT

2. Mother Dough Bakery

Mother Dough is an artisanal bakery situated at Jln Kledek. Prior to setting up Mother Dough bakery here in Singapore, its baker, Naadhira spent 4 years in New York perfecting the art of bread-making. They definitely serve some of the best pastries we've ever tried in Singapore, and their freshly-baked sourdough bread is full of flavour. Some of the must-try delights here include their signature Almond Croissant and Chocolate Almond Croissant - our office's personal favourites! 😉 Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

3. All Things Delicious

Credit: All Things Delicious on FacebookAll Things Delicious' desserts are made using organic unrefined sugar, a better (and guilt-free!) alternative to high-fructose corn syrup or refined cane sugar. To quote them, "We do it the old-fashioned way because we wouldn't want to serve you anything less than very good." Make sure to try their scones before you leave - airy with pockets of butter that enhance the taste and texture of this traditional dessert, they're some of the best scones we've had! Another crowd favourite is the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Served with warm toffee sauce that's made from scratch, you've got to give this amazing dessert a shot! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

4. Fluff Bakery

For your cupcake fix, head over to Fluff Bakery! These pretty cupcakes definitely live up to their name - soft and fluffy, you'll want to sink your teeth into these soft pastries filled with delicious fillings that'll make you forget about thunderstorms 😌 The cupcakes come in every flavour from traditional favourites like salted caramel or red velvet, to locally-inspired treats like bandung or goreng pisang chocolate cheese! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

5. Tartbox by Meenbakes

Credit: Tartbox by Meenbakes Tartbox by Meenbakes is a Muslim-owned establishment opened by a pastry graduate who felt that Singapore's halal dessert scene was missing tasty and affordable tarts. Here, customers can enjoy tarts on a casual basis, just like getting a box of doughnuts or cupcakes!
Credit: Tartbox by Meenbakes They have a total of 9 flavours and 3 of them are special ones. You can purchase them in pieces of 3, 6 or 9. Check out their list of flavours: Regular Flavours:
  • Milo Dinosaur
  • Raspberry Swirl
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Bandung
  • Hazelnut Milk Chocolate
  • Coconut Mango
Special Flavours:
  • Coffee Walnut
  • Black Forest
  • Earl Grey Lavender
Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: Tue-Sun; 12PM-7PM Address: 114 Lavender Street CT Hub 2 #01-35, 338729 How to order? Place your delivery or opt for self-collection through their website (Walk-in is available too!) Website | Facebook | InstagramFind out more on Tribes by HHWT

6. The French American Bakery

The French American Bakery is the latest bakery to open in Kampong Gelam! It's run by a team of two - Aishah, who is also the Head Baker, and her husband. Chef Aishah has 15 years of culinary experience in the pastry kitchen. Don't miss out on specialities like its mixed fruit danish, blueberry cream cheese danish, pain au chocolat just the classic le croissant. Their cinnamon rolls, creme brulee and kouign amann are high raved by customers too! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

7. Woodlands Sourdough

Credit: woodlandsssd on Instagram Tucked away in a small shop at Upp Thomson, Woodlands Sourdough has earned a reputation for some of the best sourdough bakes in the area. Its owners - husband and wife pair Nur and Chalith - took some time off to travel and reopened their store in late-2019. Check out their cinnamon buns, decadent brownies and blondies and other bakes on their changing menu. Their Rye Hazelnut Almond Brownie is known for its moist texture and generous servings of hazelnut. Another popular item is their Rye Chocolate Prune Tea Cake which is rich in chocolate and the sweetness of the prune balances out the taste of the cake 🤤 Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

8. Konditori Artisan Bakes

If you've been to Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro and enjoyed the food over there, you'd be pleased to know that Konditori is run by the same people. ☺️ Their gorgeous treats are baked in-house without artificial flavouring, colouring, and preservatives. Be sure to try out the best-seller Semla Bun! Though it may look like a choux puff, the pastry is a little thicker, and the cream isn't as sweet. It's definitely a treat you won't regret! If you have room for more sweet treats, the Swedish cinnamon bun, buttery black forest croissant, and strawberry cream cheese danish are pretty good as well! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

9. Boms & Buns

This bakery is established by Singaporean celebrity couple Syarif and Malaque, the dynamic duo behind everyone's favourite churro place, Chulop!. Adorably called 'Boms', this bakery serves freshly-baked choux puffs in five different flavours: Nutella, salted caramel, kaya butter, susu keju, and Belgian chocolate. Don't miss out on their cinnamon buns too! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

10. East Manhattan

East Manhattan is a Manhattan-inspired bakery that serves daily fresh bakes including sourdough bread, sweet brioche bread, cakes, tarts, muffins and more! They even have gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-less options. With flavours like sourdough olive, sourdough multigrain walnut, and spinach rosemary you can choose between sweeter or more savoury herb-flavoured bread depending on your tastes! Don't forget to try their cakes and pastries too like New York cheesecake, locally-inspired Butter Ondeh Ondeh, and sweeter mousse cakes in Strawberry, Mango, and Chocolate. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

11. The Royals Cafe

Known as Singapore's "no. 1 halal cakes specialist", you'd definitely be spoilt for choice by The Royals' huge selection of cakes. Their gorgeous rainbow cake is made up of multiple layers of light sponge cake layered with zesty lemon buttercream icing that tastes incredibly soft and light. If you're in for something heavier, give their salted caramel cake a shot. It's a marvellous chocolate cake laced in rich caramel buttercream icing; perfect for chocolate lovers out there! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

12. Lynn's Cakes

Looking for somewhere cosy to catch up with friends over a cup of tea and some delicious sweet treats? Lynn's Cakes is definitely one of our top choices as this place gives off a really warm and comfortable vibe that we really like. ☺️ The cakes served over here vary on a daily basis, but we can assure you that the quality of each cake remains top-notch regardless. Classic favourites include their Dark Chocolate Heaven Cake, Rainbow Cake, and Oreo Cheesecake! Lynn's Cakes also offer make-to-order cakes where you get to customize your own cake. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

13. Butter Studio

There's no place like home - and home is what you'll taste at Butter Studio! Despite the modern-looking appearance of the cakes, the recipe used is definitely traditional and has been handed down over generations. If you're a fan of Nutella, you definitely have to try the Sea Salt Nutella Tart too! The sea salt cuts through the sweetness of the creamy hazelnut spread, so it isn't overly sweet 😌 Head over to their bakery cafe at Jalan Besar for a mix of sweet and savoury bites, or pop by any of their outlets to pick up your tasty treats. Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

14. Délifrance

Credit: Delifrance Singapore on Facebook Délifrance has been in Singapore for over 30 years and it's celebrating its 36 years anniversary this year. You might be familiar with their egg and tuna croissant sandwiches, baguettes and madeleines as pastries which you grew up with. But in line with its anniversary, Délifrance will also be introducing new items to their menu, from decadent crown danishes to matcha or raspberry croissants, chouquettes and more! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

15. Breadwerks

It's pretty difficult to find a halal bakery that serves traditional pastries. Located at Joo Chiat, Breadwerks serves some really yummy traditional pastries that not only look good but taste good as well! Despite the unassuming exterior, you'll be amazed at the variety of bakes they have once you step into the shop. We personally love their small fruit tarts which are perfect for munching on the go. You can't leave this bakery without buying their signature Tapak Kuda (cake roll) either. They have a range of unique flavours ranging from Horlicks to Milo, and it's really the generous amount of filling that keeps us coming back for more! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

16. Swee Heng 1989 Classic

Swee Heng Bakery has been around for many years which means that most Singaporeans probably know about it. But they recently started a new line under Swee Heng 1989 Classic, offering premium options which guarantee only the finest and freshest of ingredients! If you're looking for something interesting that blends a traditional treat with a more modern flavour, you might want to try this Polo Egg Tart - a cross between egg tarts and bread. They also have modern fusion twists like Purple Potato Yam Mochi Tarik stuffed with chewy yam mochi and Earl Grey Strawberry cake with Earl Grey mascarpone cream and sweet strawberry compote! Halal status: Halal-certifiedFind out more on Tribes by HHWT

17. Julie Bakes

Nestled along Baghdad Street, Julie Bakes offers some of the most unique and locally flavoured cakes. You'll find flavours such as Badak Berendam, Ondeh-Ondeh, and even Chendol over here! Of course, if you prefer more traditional flavours, they offer ones like Nutella, Kinder Bueno, and Chocolate Milkshake too! There's definitely something for everyone over here 😊 Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

18. Swissbake

You've probably seen Swissbake's retail bakeries in a supermarket or walked past a Swissbake Cafe in the mall. Well, did you know all the bread and pastries sold in this Swiss chain are freshly baked 🤩 And that's not all! They've got a variety of cakes that are perfect for an afternoon tea or a catch-up session with your loved ones. If you're craving something savoury instead, try their gourmet Kraftwich sandwiches! With ingredients ranging from smoked salmon to beef pastrami, these sandwiches are worth the price and will fill you up for the day. Halal status: Halal-certifiedFind out more on Tribes by HHWT

19. Sweet Tooth Addiction

Sweet Tooth Addiction's signature cheesecakes will satisfy your taste buds, but make sure to try their bite-sized dessert jars too! Plus if you can't get enough tapak kuda, get their version that comes in a classic Nutella flavour, the more unique red velvet Nutella, and strawberry Ovomaltine Nutella! For more savoury cravings, you'll be excited to hear that the bakery has a hot kitchen too serving up everything from pasta to pizza to sandwiches. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

20. Shubby Sweets

We've talked a lot about cupcakes in this list so far, but now it's time to look at a bakery known for its choux pastry! Shubby Sweets'Choux au Craquelin is a perfect blend of crispy and fluffy, with sweet toppings like Dulce de Leche and Double Chocolate Lava that will have you craving for more! Apart from choux puffs, they also sell cheesecake, brownies, blondies, and halal tiramisu too! The menu rotates on a weekly basis and includes flavours such as Salted Caramel Peanut Butter, Nutella, and Speculoos Biscoff. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

21. Pita Bakery

Who said bakeries only had to sell sweet treats? ? Located along Bali Lane, Pita Bakery is the place to head to if you're craving authentic Mediterranean goodies like bagels and pita bread in all types of flavours! You can buy a slice to eat as you wander around the area, or sit down for a hearty meal of freshly baked bread topped with vegetables, hummus, falafel and more. Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

22. Fitri Creations Halal Bakery

This tiny bakery in the North of Singapore has everything from cupcakes to waffles to chocolate lava cake, and so much more. Opened in 2019, Fitri Creationsis definitely a welcome addition to the bakery scene in SG for its wide range of flavours and types of pastries! They also take orders for custom cakes, showing off their truly amazing range of skills. We can't imagine being able to get macaronsand chocolate lava cake at the same place anywhere else 🤤 Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

23. Polar Puffs & Cakes 

Credit: Polar Puffs & Cakes on Facebook  If Polar Puffs & Cakesisn't on the radar of your go-to halal bakeries, then that changes today! Drop by this lovely pastry spot with friends and family over the weekend and get ready to fall in love at the first bite of their delicious creations. Have their signature savoury pastry, the chicken pie, or even their all-time favourite, the otah puff. Any pastry enthusiast will agree that these delectable goods are anything but amazing. Don't just stop at the pastries, this bakery also makes cakes that are just as scrumptious! Explore the endless variety of cakes they offer like royal chocolate fudge, mango paradise, the classic cheesecake and of course, their well-loved sugar rolls. Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

24. Wonders Bakery

Operating from their store at Arab Street, Wonders Bakery is a quiet and aesthetic bakery that started out by selling customised cakes and offering dessert table services for special events. However, once they opened a walk-in store, customers could enjoy both their lovely treats and their beautiful outlet all at once! Check out their range of colourful cupcakes, decadent croissants and dessert in a cup. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

25. Annabelle Patisserie

There's always a good excuse to devour sugar and calories, and if you want to indulge in some contemporary treats, look no further than Annabelle Patisserie!  Their macaron boxes are categorised by different tiers of flavours like their classics, premiums, and Marvellous! 😋 With over 40 flavours to choose from including rose, lemonade, matcha, earl grey and premium flavours such as creme brulee, sea salt caramel, tiramisu and hazelnut chocolate, you'll get a whole variety in one box!They also have an extensive list of other flavourful treats like brownies, cakes or even tiramisu! Be rest assured that Annabella Patisserie is halal, and as they are only up for pre-order, delivery or self-collection, you know you're in for a good treat as all the time spent goes into making each piece of dessert with love and care 😍Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT


Credit: BVKED.CO Hidden within the industrial street of Lavender, CT Hub 2, this humble Muslim-owned bakery serves fresh artisanal crispy cookies, palm-sized cookies and loaves daily. BVKED.CO's deep passion for their baked goods and the use of only a select choice of high-quality ingredients guarantee that you will be getting the best of the best 😉 Their dough (either a choice of vanilla or Callebaut dark chocolate) has been aged for 14 days to achieve that perfect cookie; crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The best part of it all? The cookies are sold for as low as $4.50 per piece, it almost feels wrong NOT to enjoy them. With cookies catered to the diverse tastes of different age groups or those with dietary restrictions, it is the perfect treat to enjoy together with your loved ones! 🥰
Credit: BVKED.CO Apart from cookies, BVKED.CO specialises in loaves. They come in 10 flavours, ranging from traditional ones such as Dark Chocolate Banana & Polenta to premium ones such as Biscoff. Their best-seller, the Polenta Loaf, is a flourless loaf made from cornmeal and grounded almonds, suitable for those who have gluten intolerance 😍 Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

27. PrimaDeli

When you want delicious bakes, trust the veterans in the business to get your cravings covered. The homegrown Singapore brand, PrimaDeli, is an award-winning bakery which serves a delectable array of sweet and savoury fares. From Singapore favourites to Western classics, you'll find it hard to leave a store empty-handed! Of course, you can't forget their speciality: the quintessential Singaporean snack pandan waffles 🤤 Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

28. Palate Bakes

Palate Bakes are known for their IG-worthy eclairs, which are a must-have in your goodies stash! They are delicious and their rich texture melts in your mouth with each bite; truly the epitome of a good bake 😍 Pair it up with a nice tea or coffee for a perfect chill afternoon snack! Halal status: Muslim-owned InstagramFind out more on Tribes by HHWT

29. Cat & the Fiddle

Cat & the Fiddle was certified halal by MUIS in November 2019, and their range of flavours include familiar favourites such as classic New York (Over the Moon), Oreo Cookies & Cream (The Modern Duke's Pudding), and Apple Crumble (Apple of My Eye). They even have trendy flavours like basque burnt cheesecake - in fact, here are 8 more places in SG to get your basque burnt cheesecake fix! Halal status: Halal-certified Instagram

30. The Fabulous Baker Boy

Owned by baker and theatre actor, Juwanda Hassim, The Fabulous Baker Boy is a bakery-restaurant concept and you can find artisanal baked goods and an all-day breakfast brunch menu! 😄 The most popular is the Ab Fab Red Velvet which comes with an extra layer of chocolate ganache. The Big Lub Carrot Cake, Nutty Monkey (banana coconut cake) and Lady Marmalade are top favourites too. Their cakes are known to be moist and richly layered.Halal status: Halal-certified Instagram

31. Wondertales

Known for their mirror-glazed and custom cakes, Wondertales offers beautiful and delicious cakes of all shapes, sizes and flavours! Their Chocolate Praline cake is a hot favourite. It’s made of caramel cremeux, milk chocolate chantilly, hazelnut crunch, chocolate sponge and covered with dark chocolate mousse. Perfect for rich dark chocolate cake with a nutty taste. 🤗 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram

32. GAMO

If you've seen the new pastry craze croon, that's taken the TikTok world by storm and have been craving to get your hands on it ever since, we bring you great news: you can now get HALAL versions of this from this new bakery-cum-cafe, GAMO! 🥳 GAMO has come up with 2 unique flavours - kaya and black sesame! First up, the Kaya Croon pays homage to a classic local favourite with a twist! Imagine the sweet, rich flavours of kaya plus crispy, flaky pastry swirling in your mouth; it's no wonder we love our kaya so much. 😍 Halal status: Halal-certified Instagram

33. Missus

With a full-scale central bakery right next to the cafe, it's no surprise that Missus serves up a huge range of bakes daily. Look forward to monthly seasonal specials, freshly baked scones, bombolonis of various flavours, focaccia, sticky pecan buns and of course, not forgetting their signature cheese melts! If you're overwhelmed by so many options, you can't go wrong with the Missus Melt with its 4-cheese blend, truffle paté and served with a side of roasted garlic tomato soup and chilli tapioca chips. Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram So, there you go! Give these bakeries a try, and we promise you won't be two-tiered of them! Which one will emerge as the cream of the crop?