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12 Heavenly Halal Cupcake Places In Singapore You Can’t Resist


Izad •  Feb 03, 2016


[Updated 7 Mar 2022] One of our favourite desserts and treats has got to be cupcakes. Whether you're a fan of classic flavours like Cookies & Cream or Red Velvet, or looking for something more unique - Milo Dinosaur cupcakes maybe?😋 - we guarantee there's a halal cupcake out there for you! We've gathered up these halal bakeries and bakers in Singapore selling halal cupcakes so you'll be spoilt for choice once your cupcake craving hits! Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

Halal Cupcake Places In Singapore

1. Fluff Bakery

Fluff Bakeryis probably the first bakery we think of when we're looking for halal cupcakes in Singapore! Starting out as a home business they've now become a household name for their creative cupcake flavours, and other bakes like cakes and doughnuts too. Their signature flavours are Nutella Red Velvet and Salted Caramel but make sure to try locally-inspired infusions like Bandung and Ondeh Ondeh too! Their menu rotates weekly so you'll never run out of new things to try out. P.S. Fluff is definitely one of the most beloved local bakeries in Singapore - here are 16 more halal bakeries in SG to satisfy all of your cravings! From brownies to croissants to fruit tarts 😍Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

2. Butter Studio

The cupcakes at Butter Studio are absolutely adorable! Sink your teeth into their Dinoland cupcakes, Mermaid Fantasy strawberry white chocolate cupcake, or the Frozen-themed cupcake. They even offer custom flavours featuring decorations with Marvel and Disney themes for celebrations and birthday parties! P.S. Here are 12 more halal cake deliveries in Singapore that can cater to your every occasion! Halal status: Halal-certified Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

3. Sweetest Moments

If you're thinking of ordering cupcakes for an event or special occasion, Sweetest Moments is a popular halal bakery that does just that! They have special cupcake designs for weddings, baby's full month celebrations, or even corporate events. Their adorable designs will definitely make an impression on your guests! Halal status: Halal-certified Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

4. Riz Delights

Credit: Riz Delights on Facebook Located at Upper Changi Rd, Riz Delights originally started out as an online business and finally managed to open a physical shop in 2014! All of their cakes are exquisitely decorated, including their cupcakes. Their Classic Cupcakes come in 3 flavours - moist chocolate, Red Velvet, or traditional buttercream. They also do custom or novelty cupcakes topped with elaborate decorations made from fondant and more that are perfect for events like weddings or engagements. Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

5. D'elish Treats

D'elish Treats is another bakery located in East Village Mall that does custom cupcakes and cakes too! You can walk in to buy their doughnuts, sliced cakes and more but when it comes to cupcakes they only take custom orders. But with flavours like SmoresOndeh Ondeh and Butterscotch your sweet tooth will definitely be satisfied. Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

6. Cake Delights Bakery

Credit: Cake Delights SG on Instagram The custom bakes from Cake Delights are some of the most beautiful works of (edible) art we've seen! Their standard cupcake menu includes Red Velvet, Mini Snickers, and Salted Caramel but they also have themed designs like these purple flower-topped Floral cupcakes. You can also put in a request for personalised designs if you're ordering them for an event - your guests will be stunned for sure! Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

7. Petite Bakehouse

Tucked away in Anchorvale, this small bakery's cupcakes, cakes, and pastries are perfect for every occasion! They have a variety of simple but yummy cupcake flavours like Red Velvet and Banana Chocolate, and even a Petite Cheesecake cupcake topped with a blueberry jam swirl. And of course, you can request for custom designs like these adorable unicorn swirls! Halal status: Halal-certified Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

8. Nabila Delights

It's not just bakeries that are bringing us our cupcake fix - now there are plenty of home bakers dishing out cupcakes from their own kitchens! Nabila Delights can whip up cupcakes, customised cakes, brownies, and even tapak kuda too. Her custom cupcakes can be tailored for any occasion with flavours like vanilla, oreo, and Neopolitan. Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

9. The Mixing Bowl

Run by a 23-year-old undergraduate, The Mixing Bowl's cakes, cookies, and cupcakes may look delicate but are full of yummy goodness. With flavours like Coconut Key LimeTriple Nutella, and Sea Salt Caramel, consider your cupcakes cravings satisfied! P.S. Do note that they're on hiatus till June 2022. Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

10. Three Moms Bake

Fair warning - once you take a bite of Three Moms Bake's mini cupcakes you might not be able to stop. From the moist and rich Nutella Buttercream to the sweet (and slightly salty) Peanut Butter Jam, their mini cupcakes will perk up your mood in no time. They also sell a variety of brownies, cheesecakes, and even loaf breads too! Be sure to hit them up for your next intimate event! Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

11. Bites & Crumbs

Credit: bitesncrumbs on Instagram We've mentioned Bites & Crumbs before in our list of halal doughnut deliveries in Singapore but their gorgeous cupcakes are worth a shoutout too! These custom cupcakes can be decorated to your specifications, which makes them an amazing choice for birthday gifts, wedding favours, or engagement presents! Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

12. Wonders Bakery

Credit: wondersbakery on Instagram Operating from their store in Bugis, Wonders Bakery started out by selling customised cakes and offering dessert table services for special events. But they opened a walk-in store in 2019 so customers can simply buy their yummy cakes off the shelf! Check out their uniquely flavoured cupcakes like Vanilla Mango and Earl Grey Lychee for a fresh take on cupcakes, or delight in tasty classics like Chocolate Speculoos and Blueberry Cheesecake. Halal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram | Find out more on Tribes by HHWT Craving cupcakes? Now you'll know where to go to satisfy your sweet tooth!