Yishun Dam: This Sunset Dating Spot In The North Is A Secret Favourite Of Our Parents' Generation


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Sep 29, 2021

There's an ulu spot in the North that our parents used to visit for dates. And if you're looking for somewhere cool and quiet to head to for a date, you should too! Although it's a little out of the way for most of us, it's definitely worth the travel. From cool breezes to beautiful sunsets, you're going to want to bring your loved one to this gorgeous lookout point in Yishun for some quality time!

Yishun Dam

Acting as a way to separate the fresh water of Lower Seletar Reservoir from the salt water in the Johore Strait, this dam is strategically located in an area that's scenic and away from the crowd.

P.S. Looking for more quiet outdoor spaces to go on dates away from the crowd?

Credit: Johnny Yeo on Facebook

Lay out a mat for a picnic or bring your sports shoes for a jog or cycle! You could choose between two spots: along the sides of the dam, or at the park nearby. Rower's Bay Park runs 2km along one end of the dam. It's got tall reeds, willow trees and even an IG-worthy shelter with hanging vines for you to rest and relax.

Credit: Winson Teo on Facebook

If you decide to relax along the sides of the dam, then you're in for another beautiful treat. Head there to watch the sunset and catch sights to behold. Definitely the best way to spend a romantic evening or have a heart to heart talk with your loved one.

Credit: JJ Fu on Facebook

Most drive to Yishun Dam since it's a little ulu, but you can get there easily by buses! Take bus 117 or 103 and alight just before Shell Aviation. It's only a short walk away from this bus stop, so no worries about having to spend a lot of time walking ?

P.S. If you do decide to drive, parking is free of charge every evening. Look out for the stretch of cars along the road, most drivers park there every night before heading out to enjoy the view.

The cool breeze, open space and beautiful sunsets might just be the perfect spot for dates. Share this with your loved one and head on a bus for your next special moment!