Sink Your Teeth In Succulent Halal Lamb Ribs From This SG Home-Based Business


Faruq Senin •  Jun 16, 2020

If there's one thing we can appreciate, it's a yummy dish of halal premium meat - such as halal steaks or ribs ? Savouring meat is perfect especially on a special occasion. Since Father's Day is coming really soon, we thought we'd introduce you to a home-based business serving halal lamb ribs in Singapore - TravelingTable!

Credit: TravelingTable

Describing herself as a "traveller turned Chef," TravelingTable's Chef was inspired by her avid travels where she tasted various mouth-watering cuisines from other cultures around the world. Coupled with her love for food and cooking, she decided to replicate some of these flavours and add a local twist to her roasted lamb ribs. Through time and exposure to different culinary experiences, she has managed to perfect the recipe for her ribs!

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As TravelingTable is still pretty new, it is currently only selling slow-roasted lamb ribs as the main dish on its menu. These ribs are marinated with a slew of ingredients and put in the oven over time. Then, it's dutifully observed while it roasts to get a robust flavour. During this time, there will be caramelisation. According to the Chef, the ribs require careful attention as there's a fine line between it being burnt and achieving that melt-in-your-mouth texture ?

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It's no wonder that the slow-roasted ribs have received rave reviews for being succulent, tender and juicy! The meat also instantly falls off the bone which is just what you'd expect from any good-quality ribs. A lot of customers also said that it tastes just like the halal ribs they've tried in Amsterdam!

Credit: TravelingTable

But it isn't just the ribs that are perfectly done. It's also slathered with generous portions of its barbecue sauce which enhances its flavour. While most barbecue sauces are tangy and sweet, TravelingTable takes it up a notch by adding a touch of spice to it. So, if you love both ribs and spicy food, this is one dish you have to try ?

Credit: TravelingTable

Currently, TravelingTable is offering two sets. The MeatMeUp set consists of 250g of lamb ribs, 4 roasted chicken drumlets and 2 sides of potato gratin or pilaf rice with coleslaw. If you're sharing the meat with your loved ones, you'd want to get their RibsDontLie set which is 1kg worth of lamb ribs and 1 side. The potato gratin has also won the hearts of customers as it's rich and creamy without being too overwhelming. As for the price, you'd have to send them a direct message on Instagram or Whatsapp to enquire.

Credit: TravelingTable

TravelingTable is currently focusing on lamb ribs as it's a family favourite though they might sell beef ribs (subject to availability). Occasionally, the Chef changes things up a little by coming up with new offerings like Pulled Beef Brioche Buns. She is looking to add on more items to the menu in the future if possible and keep it open (hence the name TravelingTable!). 

For those of you who would like to satisfy your ribs craving, be sure to get your lamb ribs fix from the TravelingTable ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price: Enquire to find out

Order via:Direct message on Instagram or Whatsapp

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