6 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids For The June Holidays


Nia Sarah •  May 31, 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, you may be stuck at home with your kids figuring out what to do for the June holidays, apart from letting your eyes be glued to YouTube, Netflix or Disney+. You could go on a staycation in Singapore with members of your household, but with the no dine-in rule, chances are you'd rather stay at the comfort of your home and try to make the best out of it with your loved ones. If you're wondering what to do with your kids this month without school to keep them busy, here's a list of things you can do to keep your little ones entertained! ?

1. Pick up a book

Even though the kids may be taking a break from school, it doesn't hurt to put a little bit more time into inculcating the teaching that learning should never stop! Reading with your child can help improve their knowledge, literacy and thinking skills while assisting their developmental needs. You can spend 30 minutes to one hour every day reading with your child - plus point is that you get to spend more bonding time together! Better yet, have them do a storytelling session with you to let them share a book they're reading and practice those confidence and presentation skills ?

2. Have a baking session

You might be wondering how to get your kids to help out with anything in the kitchen, but once you tell them what they'll get to eat in a few hours, we're sure it'll be all hands on deck in no time!  You can follow this easy recipe and whip up a cinnamon roll, or even follow easy cake recipes we've collated for a sweet treat with your kids ? It's the holidays after all!

3. Have a glamping picnic experience at home

Want to skip a trip to the beach? You can always bring out a tent and picnic mat to give your little ones a picnic experience from home! With the easy bakes you've created with them, you'll even have yummy treats to add on to your spread. There's never a better time for desserts than a picnic, so go ahead and make your own fruit sandwiches, or order home delivery for dessert in Singapore!

4. Get artsy

Time to get creative! If baking's not the activity for your kid, that's okay as every child is different. Try getting them to think outside the box and do a drawing or painting activity together! Let their imagination run wild and you can even use recyclable items around the house like cereal boxes or paper rolls to get crafty too. You can always watch a few videos from YouTube or Pinterest for fun ideas!

5. Exercise or go on a hike

If your kid needs a little nature retreat, you can try exercising and going on a hike outdoors! If you're wondering where to go hiking in Singapore during this Phase Two period, some less crowded spots include Tampines Eco Green, Berlayer Creek Boardwalk, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park and Kranji Marshes, among others. Be sure to split into pairs if you're going with members of the same household and maintain a safe distance ?

6. Visit a local attraction

If you're feeling a little constrained at home and want to do something exciting with your kid, visit a local attraction! Attractions in Singapore are currently operating at a 25% capacity, which means you should book your slots early. If you still have remaining SingapoRediscover vouchers, you're in luck as they've extended the redemption deadline to the end of this year. Take note that the number of people per group is capped at 2 and there will also be no dine-in at F&B outlets in attractions. It's best to stay at home during this period, but if your kid (or you) are itching for some outdoor fun, be sure to observe all mandatory safe distancing measures and mask up!

While the current Covid-19 situation may have dampened our spirits for the June holidays, let's not forget to teach our kids to be thankful to be at home together. They can still have a fun break from school while spending more quality time with family - while staying safe! As we wait for the situation to get better, we hope that parents can also make use of the opportunity to bond with your children. Share this with other parents and guardians and stay safe! ?