Singapore Phase 2 Heightened Alert: Can You Go Hiking Or Have Picnics?


Faruq Senin •  May 16, 2021

[Updated: 20 July 2021]

From 22 July to 18 August 2021, Singapore will go back to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) where the maximum number of people allowed in social gatherings is 2. Although you are advised to stay at home, we know some of you might need a dose of greenery. If you're wondering, "Can I still go hiking in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)?" or "Can I have a picnic?", we've rounded up this guide for you!

1. Can I go hiking in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)?

Yes, you may go hiking and visit parks, gardens and nature reserves. However, do note that the permissible group size is now capped at 2. Before you head to the green spaces, remember to check the visitorship levels using NParks' safe distancing portals and avoid those that are crowded.

Do note that there should be no intermingling between groups and you should always keep your mask on, except when engaging in strenuous exercises. Remember to check-in using the SafeEntry QR code on the TraceTogether app or bring your TraceTogether token.

If you're looking to exercise or visiting outdoor spots that might be less crowded, check out our guides:

2. Can I visit nature spots with my family if there are more than 2 people?

Yes, you may, if you're from the same household. But do note that you'll need to split into pairs and maintain a safe distance of 2-metres between individuals and 3-metres between different groups. It's also advised that you bring your IC or any proof of identification for checks by enforcement officers or social distancing ambassadors.

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3. Can I have a picnic during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)?

Currently, eating or drinking in public places is not prohibited but you should only do so if it's inconvenient to return home to eat. While social and recreation activities in parks are allowed for groups of 2, NParks has advised visitors against having picnics so as to curb the spread of COVID-19. If you do need to eat out at parks, just remember to avoid crowded places and practise safe distancing.

4. Can I rent a bicycle at parks during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)?

Yes, you may. But do note that the maximum group size is limited to 2 people. Do note that family bikes might not be available for rent during this period. Check out our article for a list of bicycle rentals in Singapore!

5. Are all facilities opened in parks during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)?

While parks are open, some facilities may be closed. Campsites and BBQ pits are also closed. If you have a prior booking during this period, you can get a refund. Do refer to NParks' website for more updates.

Other facilities like shelters and lawns might also be temporarily closed to avoid overcrowding.

So, if you're really in need of a dose of nature during this period, remember to mask up and practise safe distancing. SHARE this with loved ones and stay safe!