6 Best Things To Do In Ipoh On Your Next Road Trip


Cheng Sim •  Aug 08, 2020

A charming city in Perak, Malaysia, there are many reasons why travellers would plan a road trip to Ipoh. From delicious halal food to amazing sightseeing spots, there's never a dull day in this bustling destination. If you're planning a trip, scroll down our list to discover the best things to do in Ipoh!

1. Wake up and explore the halal breakfast spots in Ipoh

Ipoh may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you talk about the major food capitals in Malaysia. But it certainly cannot be discounted for having plenty of delicious local comfort food peppered across the city.

Even early risers who appreciate a good hearty breakfast in the morning can find something yummy to fill their stomachs with and this list of halal breakfast spots in Ipoh is proof of that! From glutinous chicken rice at Canning Dim Sum to nasi ganja at Restoran Yong Suan, it's going to be the best start to your road trip in Ipoh.

2. Visit this unique bookstore that resembles a vintage bank

In 2019, BookXcess opened its ninth book store (and its second outside Kuala Lumpur) in a vintage location in Ipoh! In collaboration with Kong Heng, the large local book retailer now operates within what was formerly known as United Asian Bank at Kong Heng Square. The bank was one of the busiest banks in Ipoh during its days. This is definitely one spot you do not want to miss

Book lovers will fall in love with the thousands of books in the refurbished bank. Browse through genres ranging from novels, science fiction, thriller, literature, young adult, art and design books, and a whole lot more. You can read more about BookXcess in Ipoh here!

3. Take a snapshot at these Instagrammable spots in Ipoh!

Ipoh has always been a favourite for locals and international travellers to visit. And with its amazing array of stunning attractions and tasty food, it really isn't surprising that this charming town is a hit with many travellers.

Not that you're here, why not combine all the amazing photo-worthy attractions and the best food in Ipoh in one trip?  ? You can check out the colourful umbrellas at Market Lane, admire the stunning Chinese architecture at Sam Poh Tong, and more places from our compilation of Instagrammable spots in Ipoh near Muslim-friendly food!

4. Admire the stunning mirror lake in Ipoh

Fancy a visit to Ipoh anytime soon? Why not visit Tasik Cermin while you’re there? Tasik Cermin is a hidden gem in Ipoh that you should totally explore! Literally translated as “Mirror Lake”, Tasik Cermin is tucked in between the many limestone karst formations that are synonymous with the city that is Ipoh in Perak, Malaysia.

If you don’t already know, these limestone hills have earned the city the nickname “Guilin of Malaysia”! Tasik Cermin is situated at Gunung Rapat, a 20-minute drive from the heart of Ipoh. The neighbouring location used to be an active quarry that has thankfully minimized its operations. While it is relatively safe to visit now, you should continue to practise caution and be extra careful when making your way to the lake. You can read more about Tasik Cermin in Ipoh here!

5. Spend a night in an Instagrammable hotel in Ipoh

If you've been thinking of going on a much-needed road trip to Ipoh, there are many Instagram-worthy accommodations in Ipoh that cater to your travel needs. From the popular M Boutique Station 18 to the romantic Ipoh Bali Hotel, it's the perfect place to relax and unwind after a whole afternoon of sightseeing in Ipoh.

6. Get ready for a glamping experience at Lost World Of Tambun

Credit: Miera Nadhirah

Besides the charming towns and delicious street food, Ipoh also has a good dose of nature retreats for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Our contributor Miera Nadhirah always favours Sunway Lost World of Tambun as one of her favourite theme parks in Malaysia. So much so, that she and her close friends grabbed the chance to spend a few nights at the Malayana Floating Villas, one of the accommodations available at the theme park!

Credit: Miera Nadhirah

Complete with a king-size bed and two single beds for her entire group, you can read more about her review on Malayana Floating Villa here! It might tempt you to make a personal trip of your own.

BONUS: Take it to the next level with an Ipoh-Penang road trip!

With the right company and the perfect playlist, any road trip is going to be a fun one. Whether you’re a Malaysian or not, a road trip to the north of the country is always a good idea. Since Penang is a 2-hour drive from Ipoh, planning a trip to Malaysia's street food capital is a must-do! You can even continue your getaway by savouring delicious halal food in Penang, stay in an Instagrammable boutique hotel and more. Need some inspiration? Conquer the best of Penang and Ipoh with this 4D3N road trip itinerary!

From savouring the best halal food in Ipoh to staying the night in an Instagrammable hotel, there are many ways to make your Ipoh trip worthwhile. With this list, we hope you've found some amazing things to do in Ipoh on your next getaway!