Spending 2 Nights Amidst Nature At Lost World Of Tambun: Glamping & Experience At The Malayana Floating Villa


Have Halal Will Travel •  Aug 20, 2020

This story about the glamping in the Lost World of Tambun and the Malayana Floating Villa is written by one of our contributors, Miera Nadhirah. Some parts of the article may have been edited for length and clarity. 

Personally, I have always considered the Sunway Lost World Of Tambun as my most favourite theme park in Malaysia, most probably because of its charming location which seems lovingly cocooned by lush tropical jungle, natural hot springs and 400 million-year-old limestone hills...

Then you have about 88 exciting attractions from 10 different parks that make the Sunway Lost World Of Tambun a unique eco-adventure excursion for visitors of all ages.

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Lost World Of Tambun, after all, is the only theme park in Southeast Asia that offers natural hot springs coupled with an array of attractions and rides, and there is no denying the close to nature and tropical feel about the area.

So recently some of my close friends and I grabbed the chance to spend a couple of nights at the Malayana Floating Villas, one of the few choices of different accommodations you can indulge in here at the Lost World of Tambun.

You can sleep in comfort and safety at the Lost World of Tambun hotel, or you can also choose to sleep under the stars at the edge of some forest minus the fuss of pitching a tent at their Glamping site. Glamping is a fusion of simple luxuries such as a comfortable and cosy bed which is inside a tent, equipped with fans and airconditioning if you want, and pretty fairy lights to illuminate the night, making it seem so magical.... the only downside is your toilet is a short walk away...

Or choose to stay at the Malayana Floating Villa that comes with a King-sized Bed and two Single Beds... The villa offers more privacy and comfort since it also has its own attached bathroom...

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My friends and I loved it here as it was just so perfectly blissful kind of like on a ship or boat or island and you are in the middle of the Boga Lake...

Your staycation at the Glamping site or the Malayana Floating Villa comes with Buffet Breakfast at Garden Terrace for up to 4 pax, Theme Park Entrance 2 Adults +2 Children for 2 days (worth RM 454), Night Park Entrance 2 Adults +2 Children (worth RM 282)

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The Malayana Floating Villas has all the comforts of a hotel room but I just love sweeping the curtains open so that at one side of the room feels magical as the room and the lake is only divided by a clear glass wall...

It is pretty blissful and so calming when you sit at the narrow balcony, especially when the park is closed late in the evening or early morning, and enjoy the lush green surroundings - the limestone hills and the needle of Tambun and watch the fishes swim up to you, hoping for some bread or fish food...

My friends and I opted to have the barbecue dinner. It was definitely an amazing treat since the staff helped cook or barbecue all the food for us. There's milk fish (ikan susu), prawns, chicken, lamb, fried rice etc. All we did was have ourselves a great time, gossiping, laughing and indulging in the spread...

Staying at the glamping site or the Malayana Floating Villas does not mean you have to stay put, if you would like to visit the other side of the park or even go out to Ipoh city, you may do so, they have a buggy on stand by to send you around anywhere around the park or out of the park and bring you back to your "home" at the Sunway Lost World Of Tambun..

There is never a dull moment when you are staying at the Sunway Lost World of Tambun even for a 3-day 2-night stay, as there are activities all around from caving, hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, zip-lining and well other parts of the parks such as soaking your weary body in mineral-rich hot spring waters that come in a variety of warm to scalding hot temperatures.

Then of course, its always such a joy to get close to the animals at the Sunway Lost World of Tambun from the cockatoos, pigeons to Rain the Giraffe, Rosie the Hyena and graceful Juwita the Hippopotamus...

So what are you waiting for, bring your family or best friends over to the glamping site or Malayana Floating Villas for a different kind of holiday, one which you will cherish and remember for a long time to come and let yourself get close to nature ?

Staycation at Lost World of Tambun

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