This Old Bank In Ipoh Is Now A Book Lover’s Paradise - Here’s Why


Iyesha Maria •  Apr 17, 2019

BookXcess has opened its ninth book store (and its second outside Kuala Lumpur) in a vintage location Ipoh!

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In collaboration with Kong Heng, the large local book retailer now operates within what was formerly known as United Asian Bank at Kong Heng Square. The bank was one of the busiest banks in Ipoh during its days. This is definitely one spot you do not want to miss ?

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The bank's original architecture has been well maintained and the vintage vaults and safe deposits in the basement floor have been converted into unique bookshelves creating a surreal atmosphere for a bookstore. Not to mention it has been decorated with vibrant pop art too ?

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The owner intends not only to attract new readers but also to remind the older generation who may have forgotten the joy of reading because of our modern hectic lifestyles ?

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Book lovers will fall in love with the thousands of books in the refurbished bank. Browse through genres ranging from novels, science fiction, thriller, literature, young adult, art and design books, and a whole lot more! Better yet, the prices of the books are between 50-80 per cent of the current market prices.

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For film lovers, there is also a Yasmin Ahmad museum in the basement showing her Petronas television advertisements and her films. Visitors can also learn more about Yasmin there with her original Mac desktop where she has stored her ideas, and also find copies for her film scripts for 'Sepet' and 'Wasurenegusa' ☺️

That's not all - young visitors will also enjoy the Augmented Reality (AR) books. These books dubbed as 'magic books' create an interactive reading experience for children. Imagine the fun of having characters in books come alive in smartphones or tablets!

Address: No. 91, Jalan Sultan Yussuf (Belfield Street), 30000 Ipoh, Perak.

Opening hours: 9am to 10pm daily

Contact: +603-2726 2438