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The Tokyo Toilet Project's Latest Public Bathrooms Resemble Mushrooms & They're Adorable


Ili •  Aug 03, 2021


Remember the transparent public toilets that were introduced in Japan almost a year ago? That's right, we're talking about the high-tech public toilets that feature see-through walls when they're unoccupied. As part of The Tokyo Toilet project, they've recently unveiled the latest design of their public bathroom series - mushrooms ? P.S. Another fun addition in Tokyo comes in a form of a giant 3D cat!

What is The Tokyo Toilet project?

Credit: @eta.kazama on Instagram Haven't heard of The Tokyo Toilet project before? According to The Tokyo Toilet website, the project aims to create unique restroom facilities at 17 locations across Shibuya in order to provide a comfortable user experience that's accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender or disability. With the help of 16 world-famous architects, this undertaking is also driven by the goal to dispel Japanese stereotypes that public toilets are dirty, smelly and scary. The latest mushroom public bathrooms, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Toyo Ito, are the 11th out of the 17 toilets planned. They're located at the bottom of a staircase that leads to the Yoyogi Hachimangu shrine.
Credit: @eta.kazama on Instagram “I didn't want to use public toilets as much as I could, even as a man,” said Ito. “Therefore, this time, I would like to try a casual design that can be used calmly and with peace of mind, and I was happy to accept it. I hope that the Yoyogi-Hachiman Public Toilet installed this time will be a toilet that gives women a sense of security that can be used even at night and a toilet that has an inconspicuous design and can be used casually." These mushroom-like public bathrooms aren't the only cool designs that are currently around Shibuya. Check out a few others below ?
Credit: @sachiko_7 on Instagram
  • Creator: Kashiwa Sato
  • Theme: Clean and safe
  • Location: Ebisu Station, West Exit
Credit: @kiyoka_tokyo on Instagram
  • Creator: Kengo Kuma
  • Theme: A Walk in the Woods
  • Location: Nabeshima Shoto Park
Credit: @toto.europe on Instagram
  • Creator: Tadao Ando
  • Theme: Amayadori (taking shelter from rain)
  • Location: Jingu-Dori Park
The remaining bathrooms are set for completion through 2021. While it's odd to say, but we truly can't wait to see and visit one of these public bathrooms ourselves the next time we visit Tokyo ? Look forward to these other amazing attractions in Japan: