Tokyo's New Harajuku Mall Has An IKEA Convenience Store & An IG-Worthy UNIQLO


Faruq Senin •  Jun 10, 2020

When Tokyo's iconic Harajuku Station ceased its operations earlier this year, we were definitely sad to see it go ? As the new Harajuku Station opened its doors recently, there's a new mall just opposite that's making waves! We're talking about WITH HARAJUKU, a cool new shopping complex located just a 2-minutes away from the famous Takeshita Street.

World's first IKEA convenience store

Check this out - WITH HARAJUKU has the world's first IKEA convenience store and it's also Japan's first city-centre IKEA. As if that's not awesome enough, there's a brand new IG-worthy UNIQLO outlet located right next to it.

If you're a fan of all things IKEA, then you'd want to step into this store designed for small spaces and urban living.

This IKEA also has a special pop-up photo spot, and you can take adorable photos in true Japanese fashion ?

But perhaps what sets it apart from other IKEA outlets is its convenience store called the "Swedish combini". It mirrors the Japanese "konbini" (convenience store) and we think this is a brilliant idea! You can buy cute palm-sized eco-bags and plant-based ramen here ?

There's also a tastefully designed cafe where you can enjoy plant-based soft-serve ice cream and IKEA Latte made using oat milk!

IG-worthy UNIQLO store

Besides the amazing IKEA "konbini", the new UNIQLO store at WITH HARAJUKU looks futuristic and has plenty of photo opportunities for you.

At the store, you can check out UNIQLO's graphic t-shirt collection called the UT line as well as cute bear illustrations from Harajuku's famous doughnut shop Higuma Doughnuts. Don't forget to check out the UT Goods section too where you can find tote bags, stationery, stickers and ceramic plates in various designs.

You'll also find this feature wall with touch screens showing their Style Hint app. With the interactive app, you can vote for your favourite outfits and find out where you can find the individual items in the outfit. A map will even show you where the item is located in the store or you can use a QR code to open the map on your phone!

Hangout space at the terrace garden

There's also a wooden deck at WITH HARAJUKU's terrace garden where you can hang out at and spot the famous Meiji Jingu shrine and Yoyogi Park! It'll definitely be a popular spot once Japan is open to tourists ?

So, if you're planning to visit Tokyo once it's safe to travel, remember to add WITH HARAJUKU to your list! In the meantime, check out these other Tokyo guides: