Snow Falls Over Saudi Arabia And It’s Breathtaking


Qistina Bumidin •  Jan 04, 2022

It’s love at frost sight for Saudis as snow falls in Saudi Arabia during New Year! ? Saudi Arabia's northern cities was blanketed in white completely, in particularly, the Tabuk region, which witnessed heavy rain and snowfall since the early morning hours on Saturday (1st Jan).

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Saudi Arabia Is Snowing And We Want To Be There Now

This rare occurrence has gotten many flocking to Tabuk and the pictures flooding social media are simply so ethereal, and hauntingly beautiful, it almost seems like it belongs in a cinematic film! ?

Credit: SPA for Twitter

Credit: SPA for Twitter

Jebel Al Lawz is a mountain in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk governorate, roughly 200 kilometres north of the city of Tabuk, near the Jordanian border.

Credit: SPA for Twitter

While snow does occur in the northern regions of the kingdom, the last time this much snow was recorded was in 2018! ?

This video circulating around the internet shows some Saudis doing the dabke, a traditional Middle Eastern joyful dance, and the tune is dangerously catchy! How we wish we were there! ?

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Meanwhile, the National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) in Saudi Arabia has predicted thunderstorms with showers and hail in Makkah, Al Bahah, Riyadh, Al Qassim, and other parts of the country. 

While we can’t go to Saudi Arabia just yet, mark this article down the next time you’re there! Other than doing our pilgrimage in Makkah and Madinah, you can also visit the deeply historical city of Tabuk! Did you know that the Al-Tawbah Mosque is where our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed when he arrived with 30,000 men for the Battle of Tabuk against the Byzantines? While the battle never took place, the Quran's ninth chapter, Surah At Tawbah, was revealed. 

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For now, let’s wanderlust over these pictures from afar. ?