South Korea's Nami Island Had Its First Snow And It Looks Like Narnia


Qistina Bumidin •  Dec 21, 2021

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived: winter! Korea’s snow season has begun and beautiful photos of Nami Island blanketed with snow has flooded social media once again! VTL to South Korea has already begun, so we’re hoping these photos might convince you to pay a visit to the ever-so-magical island soon! ?

P.S. Nami Island is still as beautiful now as last year!

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Narnia Comes To Life In Nami Island

Located just outside Seoul, Nami Island, also known as Namiseom, provides a quick escape from city life with its beautiful tree-lined roads and stunning scenery ?.

The classic, iconic drama Winter Sonata featured this island, popularizing it into a must-go tourist spot for every visitor to Seoul! The island itself is peaceful and breathtakingly alluring all year round, so whether you’re a K-drama fan or not, this place can’t be missed at all! But their winter season holds a soft spot for us (we can’t experience winter here ?)!

Credit: @namiisland_naminara for Instagram

Walking down the Metasequoia Tree Lane truly feels like you’re entering another world! You could easily be lost amidst the magnificence of the towering trees and wide avenues! Time seems to slow down here, as you take a stroll which is perfect for a quick escape from city life! How we wish we could simply open up our wardrobe and poof, we could be transported to the magical land of Nami Island! ?

Credit: @namiisland_naminara for Instagram

Credit: @namiisland_naminara for Instagram

One look at this picture, and our stresses just float away (sorry boss, we’re working hard, we promise!). It’s simply so picturesque, and you could almost imagine a little beaver dam at the side, just like in Narnia! Well, they dont have beavers, but perhaps you could spot these little cute ducks waddling along! ?

Credit: @namiisland_naminara for Instagram

Walking between the snow-covered sparse trees seems like a page out of a fairytale! It's like the first time Lucy Pevensie saw Narnia the first time, but for us, every visit there truly is as breathtaking and jaw-dropping as the first time! Take us back now, please! ?

Have we convinced you enough to go to Nami Island, because we’ve pretty much packed our bags by the end of this! If you need more tips, itineraries, or personal experiences while travelling around South Korea, check it out here! ?