Hokkaido's Been Snowing & It's Absolutely Magical


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 23, 2021

Travel's a little out of reach at the moment, especially for Japan! Borders are still closed to tourists thanks to Omicron, and we're seeing a little more caution kick in. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the beautiful sights of some of our favourite countries from home!

Hokkaido, Japan has been snowing and it's absolutely magical. Just like a scene out of an anime, you'd wish you were right there enjoying its beauty.

Hokkaido's In Winter 2021

This northernmost island of Japan is undoubtedly blessed with breathtaking and unparalleled views. Add in the subtle glow of snowfall atop rooftops and you'll have an undeniably picturesque landscape.

Credit: Asia Mifune on Facebook

Otaru City on 19 December 2021 was just that. The small harbour city in the Shiribeshi Subprefecture is only half an hour away from Sapporo, Hokkaido's capital. Known for its beautifully preserved canal and unique herring mansions, 2021's snowfall only added to its already ever-present charm.

Credit: Asia Mifune on Facebook

Speaking of Otaru Canal, check it out! Emblematic of Otaru, this iconic site has lamps light up the sidewalk at night, making it the ideal spot for a pleasant stroll. The snow that tops the trees and the old warehouses that line the canal make for a postcard-like picture. The calming reflection that follows the inexplicable beauty of the area definitely doesn't hurt either.

Credit: Asia Mifune on Facebook

At -1 degrees Celsius, the Former Hokkaido Government Office stands magnificent as a backdrop to the falling snow in early winter. Having been constructed in 1888, the building's American Neo-baroque architecture along with the barren snow-covered trees add to the city's already ethereal quality.

Credit: Asia Mifune on Facebook

If you've been to Japan, you'll definitely miss walking along this famous park in Sapporo. Odori park's green leaves have mostly all shed for the winter, and now a blanket of white hides the colours of fall. While the snow might be heavy, the snowfall has definitely enhanced Odori Park's fairytale-like beauty.

Credit: Asia Mifune on Facebook

To end off this magical journey, we have Sapporo's Clock Tower. A symbol of Sapporo, this area holds not only dream-like pathways lined with trees, but much significance to Hokkaido's history.

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Credit: Asia Mifune on Facebook

Only a ten-minute walk from Sapporo Station, this is definitely a must-visit for anyone who loves history and beautiful scenery. Aren't you just excited for Japan's borders to open?

Omicron may have our future travel plans looking a little bleak, but with HHWT and a little bit of hope, perhaps we'll be able to continue enthusiastically anticipating the opening of more travel bubbles in the future? Share this with your future Japan travel buddy to plan your next trip!