Our Non-Muslim Colleague Tries Fasting For A Day And Here's Her Experience


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 07, 2022

Ramadan Mubarak to all! We're starting a brand new segment titled Ramadan Experiences, where we share people's stories and experiences in Singapore and all over the world during this special month ? We're kicking it off with Hilary, our Business Development Executive right here at HHWT, who wanted to take on the challenge of fasting for a day! Here's her story ?

Hilary Tries Fasting For The First Time This Ramadan 2022

1. What made you decide to try fasting?

Credit: Hilary with her iftar meal!

I've experienced intermittent fasting before when I tried to diet ?, and I'm curious to experience how it's like being a Muslim during the fasting month of Ramadan!

2. What were some misconceptions you had about Ramadan and fasting in general and how have they changed now?

I used to work as a travel guide prior to the pandemic, and I've been to Muslim-majority countries such as Turkey and Iran, so I was familiar with what Ramadan is all about. But as I was planning for my fasting, I realised that there's more to this than meets the eye. For starters, I realised I can't drink water! ? When I tried intermittent fasting, water, coffee and other calorie-free beverages are allowed. But I've also learned that while fasting to me was just a way to lose weight, fasting during Ramadan is focused on strengthening faith and spirituality! ?

3. What were some challenges you faced while fasting?

Of course, the main issue for me was the thirst ? I speak a lot for work as I'm doing sales at HHWT, and my throat was quite parched! I drink a lot of water throughout the day partly because of my job as well (writer's note: she carries around a huge water bottle every time, mind you!) My hunger pangs hit me more later in the day and it triggers my migraine, so I was worried I might have migraine episodes.

Credit: Hilary

Well thankfully, I've come prepared. My sahur was filled with lots of water, and healthy, nutritious meals! I had sourdough almond toast, a side salad, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and mushrooms. It was so delicious! ? And also, here's a tip from me if you haven't done so: don't miss sahur! It's really an important meal during fasting and you need the energy to get through the day ?

P.S. We have so many easy recipes perfect for your sahur which would not take too much of your time (and you'll even get a few extra winks ?)

4. What was something you were surprised to discover about yourself while fasting?

I'm quite a water tank myself; I drink up to 2 litres of water every day and that's just the minimum! ?, so as I've mentioned I was quite worried about being completely dehydrated and not being able to do my work for the day. But I realised I do not need to drink that much water as frequently as I thought I need to throughout the day! I could actually survive! ? Will I ever stop drinking this much water after this? I'm not sure though, I really do love water a lot ?

5. Would you try this again and also suggest to other non-Muslims to try as well?

Credit: Hilary's iftar meal (home-cooked steamed fish with sambal, garlic clams and rice)

Personally, I would love to give it another go! Not only will it teach me perseverance, but it also teaches me about diet control and meal planning ? I actually do suggest non-Muslims out there to truly try fasting in Ramadan and understand their religious significance! It has made me truly in awe and appreciative of the persistence of all my Muslim friends who do that for the whole month! Huge respect! ?

Hilary has also taken a video to record her experience of fasting for a day, so stay tuned real soon! Would you ask your non-Muslim friend to take on the challenge?

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