These Stunning IG-Worthy Boards Are Singapore's First Halal Cheese Platters


Shasha Dania •  Jun 09, 2020

[Updated: 13 June 2021]

Cheeseboards or charcuterie platters are more commonly seen in Western dining, but a Muslim-owned business has finally brought halal cheese platters to Singapore! ? Nomad's Soireeis the first Muslim-owned Singaporean business to do halal cheeseboards, artisan grazing, antipasti, and mezze. They also cater to no meat and vegetarian options!

Each box contains at least 3 types of halal artisan cheese, as well as a variety of fruits, crackers, and other small nibbles. Cheeseboards are usually eaten as an appetizer, with a variety of tastes and textures to combine so that you can get your tastebuds going. ? Nomad's Soiree's boards aren't just full of the freshest and highest-quality ingredients but are also hand-picked and meticulously arranged so that they're visual perfection too!

The Personal Box ($38) is perfect if it's your first time trying a cheese platter. The 3 kinds of cheese in the box are all distinctly different, and they go so well with the pretzels and crackers. Though it's marked as suitable for 1-2 pax, it's a great appetizer for up to a family of 5! ?

Besides cheese and crackers, you'll also be treated to cold cuts as well as fruits and raw vegetables which are really fresh. The best part is perhaps their signature dips that accompany the ingredients. ? One is a savoury and textured hummus with truffle oil dip, and the other is smoked salted caramel.

If you're a cheese-newbie, having so many options will feel like a great way to be introduced to cheese. Trying out different combinations will be an exciting experience. Stack a cold cut on top of a plain white cracker, top it with cheese and a drizzle of caramel to balance out the saltiness. Trust us, you won't go wrong with it ?

Credit: Nomad's Soiree

Besides the Personal Box, you and your loved ones can enjoy the Palm Leaf Platters which are suitable for a larger group. These come with 4-6 types of artisanal cheese, artisan chocolate, sweet nibbles like Turkish delights or noughats and more. You can also have your cheese platter on a chocolate cake with their Graze-On-A-Cake option.

Nomad's Soiree's boxes and platters range between $38 (1-2 pax) to $250 (6-9 pax) so you can order it as an appetizer for gatherings, or even as a unique main meal if you're looking for something new and romantic. They also do customisable grazing tables fit for special events so do contact them directly if you're interested in engaging them in the future.

Their delivery slots are snapped up super quickly so if you want to try them out be sure to pre-order your platter in advance! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price range: $38-$250 (Custom options available upon enquiry)