These Gorgeous Halal Cheeseboards In SG Are The Perfect Outdoor Picnic Treat


Shasha Dania •  Oct 02, 2020

We've previously covered Singapore's first halal cheese platter company, and we're so excited to find out that another halal cheeseboard business has popped up! ? Chatter Platter'sbright and vibrant grazing boxes and platters are serving up a gorgeous spread with a Singaporean twist. Grazing boxes can be eaten as an appetizer, main meal, or even dessert depending on the goodies included. They're also perfect for an outdoor meal or picnic!

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Don't worry if you've never had halal cheese or a halal cheeseboard before because the beauty of them is that you can figure out your own favourite combinations and flavours. ? Chatter Platter adds their own unique spin on things with their homemade dips in flavours like Lemon Curd with Maple Almond or Salted Caramel Kaya - adding a fun and local twist to every box.

Chatter Platter also has locally-flavoured cheese you won't be able to find elsewhere, including Chilli Padi Cheese and Tempoyak Cheese. ? The Chilli Padi Cheese adds a spicy kick to every bite, whereas the Tempoyak Cheese is a twist on a familiar Malay condiment with a rich durian flavour!

Chatter Platter's boxes come in sizes fit for 1-10 pax, and include items like Signature Brie Brulee (topped with passionfruit seeds for a sweet and tangy taste!), Chilli Padi Cheese, fruits, crackers, and a choice of homemade dip. You can even add on a halal cold cut platter or homemade dip for an extra treat. ?Head over to their Instagram to see what else is in store for you!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price: $58 (1-2 pax), $88 (2-4 pax), $148 (4-6 pax), $168 (6-10 pax)

Order via: Online

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